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Search For The Slop | 90 Day Dash

Join the Dudes of Hazard (Liam Moynihan and James Shirley) as they embark on a big South to North trip of Europe, taking in many of the finest spots and riding with top class riders on their local trails.

We took the opportunity to learn a little more about the trip, and figure out the places we should add to our must-ride list and people who we should ride with. Check out what the Dudes had to say below.

Video and Interview: Search For The Slop

The Loam Wolf (TLW): Hey Liam, thanks for taking the time to chat with us about your latest film, Search For The Slop. For those who haven’t watched it yet, how would you sum it up in a few words?

Liam Moynihan (LM): Hola! Thanks for having me.

It’s a big South to North road trip across Europe meeting up with some really fast and incredible riders on their local trails along the way!

TLW: What spot surprised you the most along the way?

LM: Remouchamps in Belgium. I’ve ridden there before so knew what to expect, but remember the first time I visited without many expectations and the place is incredible!

A lot of the other spots on the trip are world renowned for being amazing mountain bike destinations, but most people probably wouldnt think Belgium. I’d thoroughly recommend it as a stop-over for anyone driving from the UK to the Alps on a summer trip!

TLW: And where’s the place you’d like to return to the most?

LM: Verbier/ La Chable! Ludo showed us a big 1000m vert Alpine singletrack after we stopped filming. It was a relatively short pedal from the top of the bikepark to the path and it descended right to the very bottom of the valley below! SO GOOD! Need to get back there and see some more of the area!

TLW: What rider brought the best times along the way?

LM: Everyone was amazing in their own way and I would really struggle to pick one. We purposefully tried to stop in with friends who are not only amazing bike riders but also good comedy and fun to spend the day with.

If you really pushed me for an answer….. The post filming bike ride with Ludo was something pretty special so it might just edge it!

TLW: You encountered a wide range of conditions along the way, does anything beat the Scottish Slop?

LM: There is absolutely nothing quite like a good dose of Scottish Slop! Hahaha!

TLW: What does the Winter hold for the Dudes? Any exciting projects we can look forward to?

LM: A lot of filthy weather and mud riding. Haha!

We have another video to come out very soon from a venture to Romania earlier in the year which was one of my favourite trips ever. Although we don’t to give the game away too much on the quiet paradise that Romaia currently is for bike riding so maybe don’t watch that video when it comes out ha!

I’m sure as the winter goes on and the Slop gets to waist deep we’ll be inspired to get the cameras out for some more of that too!

You can keep up with the Dudes on Liam’s Youtube channel here.

Video and Interview: Search For The Slop


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