Race Face Indy Pant Review
Race Face Indy Pant Review


Review by Dario DiGiulio

Riding pants are so hot right now. From the technically-not-a-skinsuit tights you see on the World Cup circuit, to the enhanced pajamas at trailheads around the world, pants are having a moment. I for one am certainly a fan, and it’s been great to see the category improve year after year with healthy competition. By no means a new player to the game, Race Face is back at it with a refreshed lineup, including a refined version of their Indy Pants. With so many dedicated apparel companies in the market now, how do the offerings from a generalist like Race Face stack up?


Race Face’s entire apparel line is an exercise in simplicity, from graphics to features to fabrics. This definitely isn’t a negative though, as mountain biking has seen no shortage of overcomplicated and garish designs in its clothing over the years.

The newest iteration of the Indy Pant has plenty of features, but a cut and look that doesn’t scream technical apparel. Here are the key points:

• XS-XXL plus M&L “Tall”
• 3 colorways
• Adjustable ratchet front closure
• Nylon/Spandex blend
• Two zippered pockets
• DWR coating
• $140

Race Face Indy Pant Review


Simple, durable, and with a killer fit. I’m a big fan of these pants, and after many rides they continue to be amongst the first I grab when laundry gets done. Although the feel is relatively light and comfortable for sustained pedals, they have held up quite well to abuse, both in crashes and in general wear and tear. They fall in the middle of fabric weight when compared to other pants I’m currently using, and that tends to put them right in the sweet spot of temperature range as well. I’ve spent plenty of hot days in them, and while no pant is going to be as cool as a pair of shorts, they do a pretty good job of ventilating through the perforations in the thighs, as well as wicking through the fabric, keeping them comfortable for long days in the saddle.

The fit is on the slimmer side, but without the ridiculously tight lower legs we’re starting to see on many pants these days. This means better airflow, and generally freer feeling movement. There are two very functional zippered pockets, and although I’d like to see more carry spots on the pants, you can manage to fit a lot in the spots provided. The crotch gusset is large and well-placed, so things remain comfortable sans-chamois, even on long days. The simple ratchet closure works well, and though it initially seemed odd to omit a zipper, the cut of the pants makes it a nonissue.

The Wolf’s Last Word

The Race Face Indy pants are about as simple as they get, but they leave nothing on the table when it comes to actual performance. They’re comfortable, durable, and feel great on and off the bike, making them one of my top picks.

Price: $140
Website: Raceface.com

We Dig

Great fit
Light but durable fabric
Comfortable pedaling

We Don’t

Only two pockets


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