Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Repair Stand Review


Photos by Max Rhulen

Stands, tools, trainers, and more, Feedback Sports has been creating high quality goods in the cycling industry for quite some time. We recently received their new Pro Mechanic HD bike repair stand and have been putting it through its paces. The Pro Mechanic HD is meant for riders working on heavier bikes such as e-bikes, enduro bikes and DH bikes, or for those simply looking to improve their maintenance capability. Check out what we think of this new and improved stand below!


Feedback Sports has designed the new Pro Mechanic HD stand with input from previous generations of their award winning lightweight and portable work stands. This HD stand is built with oversized, anodized 6061 T6 aluminum tubes; a wide and stable base; stronger clamp jaws, and a faster closure mechanism. Those upgraded features have Feedback claiming that this stand is 145% stiffer, has 45% increased clutch capacity, 60% faster clamp closure and 30% reduction in release button force when compared to their Pro Elite stand. With these improvements it makes sense that they suggest that the Pro Mechanic HD is for working on heavier bikes. 120 pounds (54.4kg) is the weight limit on the stand, and that sure says HD to me! There are very few bikes that weigh in above this sort of figure.

With 45% more clutch capacity, the clutch design is strong enough to hold the bike at any angle for making repairs. That makes it easy and convenient for getting to those hard-to-reach places or bleeding brakes. The new ratcheting and rotating crank for jaw closure makes the process of loading a bike into the stand faster and one-hand operable. The clamp opening reaching 2.6 inches allows all seat post diameters to fit, and the majority of frame tubing too. Replaceable rubber pads secure and protect the surface of your components or frame.

When it is time to store or transport the Pro Mechanic HD, it folds up to a footprint of 5”x 8”x 45” and has a weight of 18 pounds (8kg). Folding up the stand is easy due to the quick release fitting on the tubes, allowing you to be on the go in seconds. A travel bag is available to purchase separately to aid in keeping the stand looking fresh and to make it easier to carry. While this stand boasts heavy duty, so does the price, coming in at $495.00. However, Feedback includes a 3-year warranty with purchase to help ease the concerns with shelling out this sort of money on a stand.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Repair Stand Review


In an effort to “Go Green,” Feedback ships their Pro Mechanic HD repair stand 100% complete using pressed pulp packaging to keep the stand in its cardboard home, foregoing the use of any plastic bags, zip ties, foams and tapes. Since the stand is ready-to-go out of the box, the Pro Mechanic HD set-up takes very little time before being ready to accept its first client. Taking it from collapsed and compact, to ready to work on a bike, is done in a matter of seconds, and the same is true for collapsing back down. Its overall size is not ultra-compact, and the 8kg weight will prevent you from wanting to carry it around all day, but it’s portable enough to stick in the trunk of your car or stow in the corner of your workshop until it’s called upon.

The Pro Mechanic HD repair stand replaced our tired and beat up Pro Elite stand. Everything about the HD stand is bigger and better, making the upgrade a welcomed addition, especially with all the eBikes we have been working on lately. The clamp on the Pro Mechanic HD stand is better shaped, covering more real estate on the seat posts. Being able to easily crank the clamp down with one hand is a noticeable highlight and one of the best features on the new stand, leaving the other hand free to help balance the bike, or hold your beer. The clutch mechanism provides a very secure hold to whatever angle you desire without having to crank the dial down hard, making the fiddly jobs all the easier.

We’ve had a number of bikes in the Pro Mechanic HD repair stand being built up or torn down since we received our stand and thus far and have had no issues with the stand tipping over. Its robust construction and wider stance are likely key factors contributing to its solid base. All the clamps hold strong, with a smooth operation that gives the impression of durability for a long life of wrenching bikes. You’d hope so with that price tag, but for real dedicated bike-fixers it’s likely an investment that’ll be justified with its stellar functionality.

The Wolf’s Last Word

At the end of the day, Feedback’s Pro Mechanic HD is an excellent option if you spend more time working on bikes than you do riding them. It’s also a great option if you have a fleet of eBikes in your garage that need the occasional tune-up, as the stand works well with these bikes added weight. It’s well thought out, has a solid build and offers some nice features. However, the $495 is a lot to chew if you, well…aren’t a pro mechanic. Feedback does have other options in their catalog that might suit you better at a lower price point.

Price: $495

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Robust / Well-built
Single hand operation
eMTB friendly
Seatpost Clamp Improvements

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