Alpinestars Techstar DH Kit Review


Review by Alex Sardella // Photos by Vinnie Zacha Herthel

Alpinestars may just boast one of the largest collections of products for two-wheel sports, and with offices on three different continents they are truly a global juggernaut in two-wheeled apparel. When I was in the Alps this summer, I noticed Alpinestars had a stronghold in the adventure touring motorcycle demographic, with stylish leather jackets and pants for those motorcycling around the mountains. And, while I have been familiar with the Italian brand for decades now, I barely see their logo out on the trails. For me at least that changed this summer and Fall as I have been enjoying shuttle and bike park laps in Alpinestars’ Techstar DH kit in preparation for this review.

Alpinestars Techstar DH Kit Review


The Techstar collection is high quality and well designed. The Techstar Jersey is incredibly light and airy and can be easily worn in the middle of summer. A highly ventilated mesh is found on both sides of the jersey, running from the cuffs, all the way down the arm pits and ribs, and finishing on the bottom side of the jersey, a super nice touch. There is another hint of ventilated fabric at the front collar of the jersey, so those that wear neck braces may have as much breathability as possible. The cuffs have a nice fit to them with a clean and tight finish. Additional features include a longer rear, and tailored sleeves that fit naturally when the arms are at a bend on the bike. It’s worth noting there are 6 hits of branding of the Alpinestar logo throughout the jersey. The Techstar top runs a standard $64.95 and comes in sizes S-2XL.

The Techstar V2 Pant is filled with as much style and tech as the jersey. The Pants are 89% polyester, 7% elastane, and 4% polyamide. The Techstar pants feature an ergonomic bicycle fit and have built in room at the knee’s where a standard enduro knee pad can fit in nicely. At the rear of the knees there is a lightweight fabric to help with ventilation, and there is TPU rubber on the outside to help with abrasion with some small vents. There are additional laser cut vents in the inner thigh and above the outer knee, making these pads breathe well when pedaling hard. A single pocket on the left thigh is medium sized, offering enough room for a modern cell phone to fit in with little room to spare. There is adjustability on the waist with a tried-and-true ratchet system that is found on other DH style mountain bike pants. A high-grade silicon lines the inside of the pants which helps stick to underwear or bib shorts and keep them in place on wet days. The Techstar V2 pant is only available in one color – named “Green Steel”, costs $164.95, and is available in sizes 28-40 in even increments.

Alpinestars Techstar DH Kit Review


Alpinestars has done a killer job with the overall quality and fit of the Techstar collection. The Jersey is incredibly comfortable and can be worn throughout the summer even on the hottest of days. The fabrics used to create a breathable and ventilated top are top notch, and the massive vents that run from the sleeve to the bottom of the jersey can stand up to the heat of a California summer riding chair lifts. On the flip side, I can see the fabric being incredibly fragile and susceptible to tearing against tree branches, but I have not had this happen, yet. There is a bit too much branding on the top for my liking, with 6 hits of the logo, 2 on each sleeve and a front and back, so unfortunately, it’s a bit too “Factory” style for my tastes. The branding is a bit tamer on the pants thankfully. I typically run XL tops and the XL is a touch baggier than is becoming the norm – I would be curious to see if the Large is better fit.

The Techstar V2 Pant is as dialed in the fit and fabric category as the top. A super ergonomic fit on the bike makes these pants comfortable for all day laps at your favorite bike park. The color is tame, and the branding is simple. The only thing the pants are missing is an additional small pocket for a bike park pass, I like keeping my pass in a small pant pocket. We all know that putting your phone and pass together in the same pocket, means your pass will eventually fall out and get lost, and often your phone will prevent the pass from scanning. I dig the touches of ventilation, especially in the back of the knee, it makes for a more breathable experience all around. The cuff on the bottom is clean and slim, and never gets in the way of the chain or bike frame. Overall, the pants have been solid, and I have had a positive experience rocking these all summer.

The Wolf’s Last Word

It’s been a while since I have sported anything from Alpinestars – there are so many apparel companies these days, it’s easy for brands to get lost in the shuffle. Both the jersey and pants in the Techstar collection are high quality and have fabrics with technical features to justify the pricing and have been pleasant to ride in. I don’t see anything worth warranting a negative comment towards the Alpinestars Techstar pants or jersey. Over the course of several months I had no thread issues, no weird or irritating seams, and everything from a technical standpoint is purposefully built. Overall, the Alpinestars Techstar collection is a solid option if you’re down with a factory racing look.

Techstar Jersey – $64.95
Techstar Pant – $164.95


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We Dig

Overall Fit and Quality
Venting on Pants
Pants Overall

We Don’t

Vanilla Grey Color
Needs one more pocket on pants for bikepark pass
Too much Factory style branding on top


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