Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range



4 Patterns, 3 Casings, 2 Compounds

Vee Tire Co was created in order to target a more aggressive, bolder, younger audience that is constantly in pursuit of new adventure. A new brand that was made specifically to reinvigorate these consumers, Vee Tire Co aims to adapt all their knowledge and expertise into producing the best possible tires that suit the needs of this new generation.

We take things further!

Vee Tire Co is launching their all-new Gravity and eMTB tire range, with four tread patterns; three casing options, and two rubber compounds to deliver the ultimate performance for Downhill, Enduro or eMTB riding at the highest level.

The Tread Patterns
Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range
Attack FSX

Fast Xtreme”

  • The Vee Tire Co tire of choice for high speed cornering and full gas descending
  • Attack FSX uses a large knob, flat tread design with aggressive ramping for efficient, high-speed rolling
  • The evenly spaced tread is specifically developed for speed and aggressive cornering but also performs exceptionally once the brakes are applied
  • Available in 29” and 27.5” in 2.50″ width
  • Suitable for front and rear use
Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range
Attack HPL

Hardpack, Loose”

  • The Vee Tire Co Attack HPL has been tested on and off the World Cup circuit by Vee Tire athletes in a variety of conditions all over the world
  • The Attack HPL represents the cutting-edge, high-speed ability, unparalleled precision, and damping qualities that riders of all styles and disciplines appreciate
  • Available in 29” and 27.5” in 2.50″ width
  • Suitable for front and rear use
Snap WCE / MK2

World Cup Elite!”

  • Built to perform at the highest level of competition and excel in every trail condition
  • The Vee Tire Co Snap WCE is an important milestone for Vee, marking the next generation of development into the world of competitive MTB racing
  • The Snap WCE MK2 is still all the things you love from the Snap WCE, but optimized for the 2.50 width
  • Snap WCE available in 29” and 27.5” in 2.35, 2.60, and 2.80
  • Snap WCE MK2 available in available in 29” and 27.5” in 2.50
  • Suitable for front and rear use.
Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range
Snap WLT

Wet, Loose Terrain”

  • For those days that the heavens do open, and the trails aren’t draining so well, we’ve developed the new Vee Tire Co Snap WLT
  • Sitting in the Snap family instantly reveals that our new mid-spiked tire is aimed at riders tackling loose or wet trails
  • Available in 29” and 27.5” in 2.35
  • Suitable for front and rear use
The Casing Options
DH Core

“World Cup Ready!”

  • Developed for the rigorous demands of the UCI world cup, this complex casing combines a 2-ply layup, chafer in bead area, Apex inserts, and Synthesis
    sidewall technology for the highest level of defense
  • The Vee Tire Co DH Core has been developed to give riders confidence and maneuverability for downhill while offering supreme durability
Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range
Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range
GXE Core

“The best of both worlds”

  • Our 1.5-ply casing with Apex inserts, chafer in bead area, and B-Proof Nano is the perfect traction to weight mixture for enduro and all-mountain riding
  • The Vee Tire Co GXE Core’s inspiration comes from our successful Gravity and Enduro Core technologies, taking the best parts, and combining them for a fast and agile construction-fit for the weekend warrior up to the Pros in Enduro World Series
Override Core

“E-MTB approved”

  • Derived from our Override construction developed for fast e-bikes, the Vee Tire Co Override Core is 3 times stronger than our B-Proof Aramid Belt and 2 times stronger than the B-Proof+ Aramid Belt
  • It also features Apex inserts to prevent snakebites, a chafer in bead area to protect against chafing, and uses a lower TPI casing, giving better puncture, cut, and abrasion resistance
Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range
The Compounds
FULL 40 Compound
  • The Vee Tire Co Full 40 Compound is for gravity riders wanting uncompromised grip and control in the most extreme conditions
  • Borrowing from our automotive division, Full 40 uses an ultra-tacky rubber compound originally developed for motorsport applications
  • Legendary grip isn’t the only benefit of this 40a compound though. The Full 40 Compound also boasts slow-rebound characteristics, perfect for elite DH and Enduro racing conditions
Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range
Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range
E-CTRL Compound
  • Vee Tire Co E-CTRL is our all-new e-MTB specific compound providing excellent high-speed rolling resistance with exceptional cornering grip
  • We wanted a tire that can deliver both having long wearing durability for daily use and excellent shoulder grip for aggressive cornering when you’re upriding trails

For 2023, Vee Tire Co will sponsor a number of teams and riders in the Downhill, Enduro and Freeride scenes.

In Downhill, Intense Factory Racing; Propain Positive; Commencal IC Process and the IJ Racing – Chiguiro Extremo DH Team will race on the new Vee Gravity lineup.

In Enduro, the SUNN French Connexion Racing team will tackle the Enduro World Cup rounds with Vee tires.

Freeriders Eliott Lapotre and Johny Salido will continue to use Vee Gravity tires on their bikes.

To learn more about the new Vee Tire Co Gravity range, and pick some up for yourself, head to the Vee Tire Co website

Vee Tire Co Launches New Gravity Range


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