Wolf Tooth Waveform Aluminum Flat Pedals


New Waveform Aluminum Pedals


The new Wolf Tooth Waveform Aluminum Pedals are designed for all-mountain riding, from XC to downhill. A dual-concave profile paired with 11 grip pins on each side locks in your foot, while a large tapered leading edge deflects pedal strikes. These pedals come in two sizes and are proportionally scaled to provide a supportive platform that matches the silhouette of your shoe. They are now available in four new colors: espresso, olive, red, and raw silver.

Waveform Aluminum Pedals are designed to cradle and lock in your feet while providing a supportive platform for power transfer. A dual-concave profile is at the literal center of Waveform Aluminum Pedals. The center of the pedals is 12.5mm thick while the perimeter is 14mm thick. This creates a concave profile front to back and side to side. Each side of the pedals has 11 stainless steel rear-loading grip pins to further keep your feet in place, even in wet and muddy conditions.

The shape of Waveform Aluminum Pedals is designed to match the silhouette of a shoe. Each size is proportionally scaled to match that shape. Size small is 105mm x 99mm at 373g per pair and size large is 112mm x 106mm at 384g per pair. The two sizes are available for riders who select pedals based on foot size and for those who prefer to have larger or smaller pedals regardless of foot size.

A key feature of quality pedals is consistent, reliable performance. This means smooth, free spinning without binding or resistance. To achieve that, Waveform Aluminum Pedals have a stainless steel axle, three bearings, and an igus bushing. They are sealed on both ends to protect the internal components from contaminants on the trail. All-mountain riding also means riding in all conditions. Expect consistent, reliable performance while riding in rain, mud, sand, dirt, and snow.

Wolf Tooth believes in the Right to Repair. All individual components of Waveform Aluminum Pedals are available as replacement parts, including the pedal body, stainless steel axle, bearings, and more. An additional six grip pins are included in the package with the pedals. An owner’s manual and video guide are provided on the Waveform Aluminum Pedals webpage for customers to disassemble, service, and reassemble the pedals at home. These new pedals also have a five-year warranty that covers defects in material or workmanship from the date of purchase. Pedals can also be sent to Wolf Tooth for service.

Wolf Tooth Waveform Aluminum Flat Pedals

Waveform Aluminum pedals are designed, machined, assembled, and shipped from Wolf Tooth in Minnesota. Each 6061-T6 aluminum pedal body is machined one at a time in our CNC mills. These are the same mills that create our chainrings, multi-tools, and more. The 17-4 PH stainless steel axles come from our lathes which also make Wolf Tooth headsets, seatpost clamps, and axles. The Wolf Tooth assembly team compiles all the parts and assembles each pedal by hand. The entire manufacturing process has multiple quality-control checks along the way to ensure that each pedal meets our high, precise standards. The pedals are available in eight colors: espresso, olive, red, raw silver, black, blue, orange, and ultraviolet purple.

The new Wolf Tooth Waveform Aluminum Pedals are available now. Price per set is $199.95 USD. Find them on WolfToothComponents.com and with bike shops that stock Wolf Tooth.

About Wolf Tooth: Wolf Tooth is a Minnesota-based bicycle accessories and components company built on the foundation of innovative engineering, precision design, and local manufacturing. Founded in 2013, Wolf Tooth began with chainrings and has since expanded to headsets, tools, dropper posts, axles, seat collars, grips, and other components and accessories. In 2016, Wolf Tooth launched Otso Cycles with the purpose of building versatile, performance-first bicycles. Wolf Tooth sells to distributors, dealers, and direct to customers.

Wolf Tooth Waveform Aluminum Flat Pedals


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