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The Long-Awaited G3

Zerode G3 High Pivot Gearbox Downhill Bike

Zerode bikes burst onto the DH scene in 2011 with the launch of the G1, which quickly gained a reputation for incredible suspension performance due to it’s low unsprung mass centrally mounted alfine gearbox and high pivot

Along with the G2 released in 2013 the bikes gained a cult following and introduced design concepts that years later would be emulated by the world’s top manufacturers.

The accolades and success in the downhill world came thick and fast, with Privateer World Championship wins, National titles and the famous Eddie Master whip in jandals becoming the stuff of mtb legend.

In the following years, Zerode’s focus has been taking the principles of low unsprung mass and centralized weight and, with help from German gearbox maker, Pinion and Gates Belt Drive, incorporating them into the world’s most stable enduro riding platforms. 

Drawing from the years of research, development and learnings from the iterations of G1 and G2 and their enduro riding platforms, the Zerode G3 is the embodiment of Zerodes origins and the reason the company started – removing complexity from the riding experience and using simple design and the unequivocal principles of physics to improve suspension performance through the gnarliest of terrain. 

Zerode Releases G3 Downhill Bike

The Zerode G3 is mixed wheel mullet using the pinion C1.6 gearbox, the Gates Carbon Drive belt and a high pivot position with 10 years of experience behind it.

The bike comes in 3 reached-based sizes 435 , 460 and 480. Each size shares a 63 degree head angle and 440mm chainstays. 

With the growth and popularity of Zerode since the launch of their enduro range – the Katipo and the Taniwha – the company has been able to carve out time and space for founder, Rob Metz, to draw from customer experience, World Cup DH riders and learnings from their current designs. ‘’Imagine the G1 and G2, but with 10 years’ experience under our belt.” Metz says. ‘’It’s amazing what time, experience, feedback and greater R&D resources can produce.  I think we’ve made a real statement here (with the Zerode G3).” 

The Zerode G3 will be on show at Crankworx Rotorua from 22nd March and pre-orders will open in April.  Production bikes are due to market in the later part of 2023

Pre-production Zerode G3 bikes were thoroughly thrashed under some of the fastest riders in the world. Testing and feedback showed they pulled away from other DH bikes on rough sections and increased grip under braking means racers are redefining the definition of late in “late braking”. 

When this was relayed to Rob  – he simply said “of course they do  – it’s physics

To find out more visit Zerode Worldwide and Zerode Europe

Zerode Releases G3 Downhill Bike


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