Can’d Aid Serving Kids and Creating Inclusion With Jeff Lenosky


Words by Drew Rohde

Long before “YouTubers” were a thing, Jeff Lenosky was known around the world for his mega-hops, street riding style and being one of the most bad ass trials and street riders around. There is no doubt his video segments inspired me and plenty of other kids to go out, hop off loading docks and bang up their shins trying to recreate the big moves he made look effortless. With competitions and feature videos in the rear view Lenosky, better known by his YouTube handle, Trail Boss, now travels around making YouTube videos, hosting ride clinics and inspiring another generation of kids in a different way. He’s a very active ambassador for Can’d Aid, a non-profit that helps kids in a variety of ways, but most importantly to Jeff, they’ve given out nearly 10,000 bikes in 10 years! Hearing about Jeff’s passion for helping underserved kids in urban environments get on two wheels was touching and something we also hold close to our hearts.

When Can’d Aid reached out to let us know they are approaching their 10 year and 10,000 bike goals, we felt it worthwhile to reach out to Jeff to hear some stories and learn about how we can help Can’d Aid crest that peak in 2023!

Can’d Aid Serving Kids and Creating Inclusion With Jeff Lenosky

The Loam Wolf: You’ve been a part of the Can’d Aid program for 10 years now, what’s it like having been at the first ever bike giveaway to now knowing you’ll be part of giving away 10,000 bikes in 10 years?

Jeff Lenosky: It’s an amazing feeling to help the program grow and to be part of an organization that is working hard to make cycling more accessible to kids all around the country.  Bike riding has provided me with a great life full of rad opportunities, I was lucky, my parent’s bought me my first bike but lots of kids aren’t as fortunate. Being able to provide kids with a healthy, positive that’s changed my life is the most important thing I’ve done in my career.

TLW: What has been the most memorable or special experience you’ve had during a bike delivery, or bike show?

JL: Every time we donate bikes it’s amazing.  The look on the kids’ faces is priceless, some will display their emotions outwardly more than others, but you can always get a feeling of pure joy.

Can’d Aid Serving Kids and Creating Inclusion With Jeff Lenosky


Can’d Aid is a nationally recognized nonprofit that rallies volunteers from all walks of life to build thriving communities. Through their unique integrated approach, they distribute water, increase access and opportunities for underserved youth to experience music, arts and the outdoors; and protect and restore the environment. Since inception in 2013, more than 3 million cans of water have been distributed, over 13,000 skateboards and bikes have been built for underprivileged youth, more than 3,000 instruments have been donated and the equivalent of 73 million aluminum cans have been recycled. To donate, volunteer or learn more, please visit


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