Powershift MTB Launch

Powershift – The Next Generation Of Drivetrain Technology

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What is Powershift Technology?

Powershift gearing uses a 2-speed wireless hub that shifts incredibly fast (under 150 milliseconds) and under full load; multiplies the number of gears while providing smaller gear steps; and results in a more efficient drivetrain setup with increased durability.

How does it work?

1. Ringshifter
The wireless Classified Ringshifter sits on the bars, and is used by the rider to send the signal to the rear hub to shift gear.

2. Smart Thru Axle
The Smart Thru Axle at the rear wheel receives the shift signal from the Ringshifter, and triggers the Classified Powershift rear hub to shift using contactless energy transfer.

3. Powershift Rear Hub
The hub shifts between 2 ratios in 150 milliseconds: a 1/1 ratio coupling the cassette directly to the wheel; or a 0.7 reduction ratio, making the cassette rotate faster than the wheel and giving an easier effective gear. This increases the overall gearing range, giving 530% range from the 11-40T Classified cassette.


Ultimate gear range
Powershift increases the gearing range of the compact 11-40 cassette to 530%. Combining the largest gearing range available today with small steps in between the gears to increase rider efficiency. This reduces gear grinding and allows you to find the most efficient cadence when you need it.

Combining a high grade, one piece steel cassette with a 10% bigger chainring, Classified is able to improve the overall durability of your drivetrain. The 11-40T cassette also adds increased stability thanks to a shorter derailleur cage.

Shifting under full load
With Powershift technology, you can shift under full load without any compromise, up to 1000 watts. Thanks to our instant shifting, you’ll never lose precious time during your ride, making every pedal stroke count.

More pedal efficiency
Reduce extreme chain lines, which can help increase your overall efficiency and power transfer. Powershift has the ability to optimise your suspension performance.

Our modular system design protects the hub and technology from the elements, ensuring that dirt and water stay out. This means you can focus on the ride and let our  technology take care of the rest.

Advanced compatibility
Whether you prefer the precision of electronic shifting or the simplicity of mechanical shifting. Our proprietary cassettes create a gear ratio fully tailored to your unique needs and terrain to achieve the ultimate performance and efficiency.

First Ride and Release: The New Scott Genius

Introducing our mountain bike hub: the Boost 148 hub. Designed to take your off-road riding experience to the next level. Built with the rugged demands of heavy-duty terrain in mind, the 148 hub is the perfect companion for the off-road cyclist.

Our dedicated hubshell design is available in 28h straight pull and 32h J-bend options, allowing our wheel partners to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Whether you’re tackling steep inclines or navigating rough terrain, the Boost 148 hub delivers unrivalled performance and durability.


Experience the next generation of shifting with Classified’s latest innovation: the fully wireless Ringshifter. The shifter boasts a sleek appearance and an unrivalled shifting performance – literally a flick of your thumb!

Featuring a unique magnetic spring back mechanism, the Ringshifter delivers unparalleled durability and a smooth, responsive feel.

Position your shifter where it suits you best – whether it’s on the left or right on your handlebar, it always blends seamlessly between the other controllers on your cockpit.

First Ride and Release: The New Scott Genius

Introducing the latest addition to our cassette range: the 11-40 12-speed. With a gear ratio of 530%*, this cassette is designed to take your cycling experience to the next level.

Thanks to our proprietary design, the cassette comes in at just 248 grams. Our proprietary design ensures that this cassette is also compatible with our 142 hub, giving you maximum flexibility in your gear setup.

Whether you’re a XC racer, trail biker or bike packer, this cassette can handle any terrain with ease. Experience the ultimate in cycling performance with Classified’s 11-40 12-speed cassette.


Experience the ultimate in cycling performance with our new M25/30 wheelset. We’ve evaluated the use cases of our innovative Powershift technology and designed the M25/30 wheelset with it in mind. With tailored stiffness and compliance, our wheelset provides the optimal balance between performance and comfort, allowing you to ride with confidence in any terrain or conditions.

The Classfied M25/30 wheelset is rated for XC and light trail riding, with a weight of 1365g. The rims are hookless carbon fiber, with a 25mm depth and a 30mm inner width. There are options for 28H straight pull or 32H J-Bend. Including the Classified Powershift system, these wheels retail for €2,699.

The total system weight for Classified Powershift with their M25/30 wheelset is 2127g. Compared with a similar wheelset using a Shimano XT system (weighing 2053g for wheelset and cassette), there is roughly a 74g weight penalty.

First Ride and Release: The New Scott Genius

1: Powershift Set + Classified Wheelset – €2,699
Buy the Powershift Set in conjunction with a Classified wheelset. This full-package option includes Classified wheelset, the Powershift hub and a Classified cassette of your choice. It’s our no-fuss, immediate installation option.

2: Powershift Set with Hubshell – €1,549
Buy the Powershift Set (with hubshell). You can install it on your new bike or upgrade an existing one. It’s perfect when you want to lace your own wheel of choice around the Powershift hub.

3: Powershift Set without Hubshell – €1,449
Buy the powershift hub system to be combined with your dream wheel build via one of our partners.

Release And First Ride: Classified Powershift Hub Gearing System



First Ride by Robert Johnston

Classified had their Powershift gearing system fitted to some non-brand XC bikes at the Bike Connection Agency Mountain Bike Connection Winter 2023 event in Massa Marittima, Italy. This allowed me to get some trail time on board their product, but certainly not enough time to come to a strong verdict of its durability and performance under extreme riding.

The trails of the Monti Arsenti trail area are undulating, with frequent steep punches of climb to navigate on the way down the hill. This often leaves you pushing a hard gear or crunching your way through a standard cassette to select a better one, which inevitably loses an element of the flow feeling. The Classified system instantly came into its own here, with the ability to very quickly change the gear you’re in by the equivalent ratio of two to three gears of a standard cassette, without having to let off the power at all. Once I became more familiar with the system and the ratio change, I was able to supplement this change with a shift of the rear derailleur too, getting myself into the perfect gear to lay down some hammer on the climb. The ring remote is excellent, with fantastic ergonomics; tactile feedback and a discrete profile that lets it blend into the cockpit neatly.

For the most part, changing gear with the Powershift system was smooth and absent of a large jump. From time to time at lower torques and cadences there would be a slight click or skip as the shift was made, but it was never unnerving. Initially I would lose track of the mode that the hub was in now and then, leading to a couple of failed attempts to shift in the wrong direction inside the hub. If you’re on frequently undulating terrain it’s likely that your mind will be in tune enough to prevent this manifesting, but if it’s been a while since you last changed the hub mode then it can be easy to lose track. I’d love to see an indicator LED to identify the mode easier, though Classified said they had decided not to go down this route as a cycling computer would usually show it instead.

First Ride and Release: The New Orbea Wild

Engagement of the hub was satisfactory, and the rolling was smooth and quiet, if possibly not the fastest. It’s hard to perceive drag in such a short time frame on unfamiliar bikes and terrain so I’ll have to wait until I get a long term test set to confirm. It’s worthwhile noting the changes to the effective kinematics of your bike when using the Powershift system. Since you will likely run a slightly larger front chainring, and spend more of your time in smaller cogs at the rear cassette, most full suspension bikes will see the anti squat characteristics reduced slightly, increasing traction and comfort when pedaling at the expense of efficiency when cranking hard in smoother terrain.

The cassette shifting was okay, but certainly not as polished as the big players. It wouldn’t put me off from running the system, but I’ll look forward to improvements being made by Classified here. One other thing I’d love to see is a wider range cassette, or at least a slightly larger big cog as a bailout gear. At the moment they’ve slightly exceeded an Eagle system gear range, but I’d like to push for an even easier easy gear to offer a true bailout gear for those steep climbs on low energy, especially given that you could still run a shorter derailleur. Burlier prebuilt Classified wheel options for all mountain and enduro bikes would be excellent too, though I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before this happens, and in the meantime you can have a Classified hub laced to the rims of your choice.

First Ride and Release: The New Scott Genius


The Classified Powershift system has left me very hopeful. The functionality is excellent and appears to come with minimal drawbacks. The cassette could shift smoother, but otherwise there’s little to dislike. With a narrower cassette range, bike companies could design their suspension kinematics with a finer window, potentially unlocking improvements to the performance, which can only be a good thing too. Would I prefer the system up at the front, at the BB? Yes, for sure. But given that the weight penalty of the Classified hub is not too severe, I may just be able to accept it back there instead. Stay tuned for a long term review later this year, I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Price: €2,699 (wheelset)
Sizes: 29″

Release And First Ride: Classified Powershift Hub Gearing System


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