Review: Trek's New MTB Apparel


Review and Photos by: Cole Gregg and Emma Wooldridge

The MTB apparel market has seen brands come and go in recent years, with some new brands stealing thunder from the OG legacy brands – enter the Trek MTB Apparel range. Trek decided to hit back and take the dive into producing riding gear, and the result is a line of subdued, sustainable mountain bike apparel. Knowing the resources and dedication Trek has for developing top-tier products, we were eager to get some laps in while testing out the new line of Trek MTB Apparel.  


Trek is launching with Male, Female and Youth-specific kits, all with a focus on being kind to the environment while still tough enough to stand up to those unwanted dirt naps. All of the main body fabrics across the ranges carry the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification that signifies they do not contain environmentally harmful substances, and are primarily made from recycled materials. In the Trek MTB Apparel lineup, they have carried their classic “Evoke” and “Rhythm” names over to their apparel, with the Evoke line offering all-round trail apparel and the Rhythm line offering Aggressive Trail apparel for “harsher rides”. 

The Evoke Mountain short is the shorter option of the two in the Trek MTB Apparel range, with an 11” inseam for guys and a 10” inseam for the ladies. The shorts main body fabric is made up of 86% recycled Polyester with a healthy amount of stretch. The Evoke shorts come with a removable chamois with plenty of cushion that is made from a mix of 74% recycled Nylon and 26% Spandex. The side panels are 77% recycled nylon and 23% Spandex. For pockets, you get 2 standard front pockets and one rear zippered pocket. Offered in sizes XS – 2X, there are plenty of options for all body types. And if you are in-between sizes, there is a velcro strap built in allowing for more adjustment.  These shorts with their use of recycled materials save between 12 and 21 plastics water bottles worth of material depending on size and gender! The Evoke Short is offered in Black and Dope Taupe (tan/orange’ish) colorways for both men’s and women’s models with both male and female versions priced at $124.99 at the time of launch.

The Rhythm Mountain Short is the longer, more traditional gravity-style short in the Trek MTB Apparel range, which will extend down over your knee pads. The woven outer shell is made from 88% Recycled Polyester and 12% Spandex, saving between 23 and 25 plastic water bottles worth of material with each pair. Same as the Evoke shorts, these are offered in size XS – 2X in both Male and Female cuts, with a daisy chain waistband adjustment that works remarkably well. For pockets, you get two extra-deep front pockets and one zipper side pocket large enough for today’s giant smartphones or a handful of snacks. There are also laser cut ventilation holes to keep the temps down on those long climbs. Did I mention stretch? Even with the amount of recycled material used, Trek was able to retain a two-way stretch in the fabric allowing for plenty of on-bike mobility. The Rhythm shorts are only offered in Black, and retail for $99.99.

Trek went with the casual approach for shirts, using a Tech Tee instead of the classic jersey. With neutral colors and subdued branding, these shirts are a win no matter what brand of bike you pedal. Built with drirelease yarn for a cotton/poly blend, the Tech Tee has a UV 30+ rating for those mid-summer scorchers. These Tech Tees are made from 85% recycled Polyester and 15% cotton, saving 33 – 35 plastic water bottles in material. 

Also new for this drop is a series of fitness shorts focused for those off the bike training sessions. Both the men’s and women’s shorts come in at a 9.5” inseam. Offered in two different colors for $99.99. Just like the technical riding gear these shorts are made from a mix of recycled materials, saving 15 – 17 plastic water bottles. 



Both the Evoke and Rhythm shorts out of the box feel great in your hands, the material feels durable while still retaining plenty of stretch. While I did not get the chance to test their durability (thankfully) I have no doubt these shorts will last when it comes to impacts. The two-way stretch is super comfortable and not limiting in motion on the bike. As far as the Tee’s go, I feel right at home in them, they quickly have become some of my favorite riding tees. I am a big fan of the off-white color option in particular. 

Looking at the updated sizing chart for the Trek MTB Apparel, I opted for the small shorts when I am usually a medium. With that said, most mediums I swim in and must have the waste adjustment synched ALL the way down. The Rhythm shorts fit bang on with all my different liners, the length was solid covering my knee pads when pedaling. I stated this above but the stretch on these is awesome. It was great to have a zippered pocket for my phone but one on both sides would have been a nice bonus. During the test period I found myself grabbing them out of the closet not only to get time in them for this review, but rather because I genuinely felt at home in them. Paired with the Evoke tech tee it’s a solid subdued comfortable day in day out riding kit. 

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When it came to the Evoke Shorts the fit was a bit tighter but still acceptable. If your weight fluctuates alot throughout the year it may be worth sizing up. Since I have been the same true 30” waste for years now, I felt comfortable going with the small. My gripe with the Evoke Short is that they are a little too short in the legs. I am an abnormally hard body shape to size for and I need to take that into consideration on reviews like this. My inseam is nearly 36” with a 30” waste, very weird I know. Ultimately for aggressive trail and park riding shorts these would not be my pick, although my girlfriend would say otherwise haha! Gravel rides and daily drivers is a different story. The fit and shape of these shorts when off the bike are stellar – these will for sure be getting some use this summer paddle boarding. As far as riding goes, they are not my style. If you enjoy a fit with shorts above your knees this is a stellar option. The chamois from the Evoke Shorts worked great when paired with the Rhythms. I am not too picky there, they just worked and became something that was not thought of when out pedaling. 

The Evoke Tech Tee was everything you could ask for in a shirt. Personally, I like the small logo Trek opted with not only on the tee’s but the entire line of shorts. At 6’1” tall I opted for the large. I probably would fit better in a medium if we are getting super specific but in a riding tee, I want it to be loose fitting allowing for plenty of room to move around in. I am thin with broad shoulders so the medium may have been a little cramped up top. The off-white color is rad and having a closet with probably 95% black or gray tops, this was a welcomed addition that I’m going to enjoy for many rides to come.

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Since I work in the environmental industry, I was excited to see yet another brand put an emphasis on sustainability. Trek didn’t just slap on some earthy colors to a basic material to make you look good – they sought fabrics made out of recycled materials AND received certification that the fabrics don’t contain any harmful substances. Carrying the STANDARD 100 label means that Trek wants you to look good and feel good when you’re wearing their apparel. 

Honestly, when you’re out riding in the Evoke Tech Tee and Mountain Bike shorts, you’d never guess you’re wearing water bottles (approximately 50 for women). Even on the first real spring day of the year, the Tech Tee was heavy enough to feel protected from the sun and the trail, while also not causing me to sweat profusely. The Evoke shorts were smooth and sturdy, with added ventilation at the knees that doubled as a fashionable flare. The combo felt like the perfect spring outfit. 

I generally have to pay close attention to any brand’s sizing, as I seem to bounce around between multiple sizes. I came out of my winter hibernation with a 28-inch waist, and although this will fluctuate and drop slightly during full riding season, I saw that I was spot on for a size Small in Trek’s sizing even with my normal variation. The removable padded liner fit perfectly. It wasn’t too snug and it wasn’t wiggling its way down. The chamois has a really clean look – smooth, all black exterior with the interior red padding. I enjoyed the repeating Trek logo around the waist band. The liner was easily removable, with a small button snap in the Evoke shorts to attach the chamois to with its tiny loops. The chamois truly felt wonderful to the touch and out on short pedals, but it isn’t my go-to. It literally did not sit right with me, but this likely isn’t a universal issue. 

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The Evoke Tech Tee fit nicely around my broad shoulders, but I did feel like I was swimming in it. It was fairly long and roomy on my short stature. It’s not that it was boxy or baggy on me, it’s that I felt it could be slightly more fitted for my body and give some shape (it does say semi-fitted). The sleeves hit at a flattering spot on my arms, slightly above the bend. Although it didn’t fit my specific body in my ideal way, it was comfortable enough to spend a long afternoon in the sun attempting several new rock features. I opted for the Olive color in the Tech Tee, mainly because I feel my wardrobe needs something other than black and olive is such a neutral color. The olive meshed well with the black shorts and I’m excited to be able to pair it with khaki-colored bottoms at some point (which the Evoke shorts do come in Taupe). I wasn’t a fan of the large lettering. If it were up to me, I’d have the same small Trek logo that you can find on the black Tech Tee. 

So much stretch! The Evoke Mountain Bike shorts were playful and forgiving. With a super clean style and one small natural logo on the back, these will certainly be worn all summer long. The ventilation slit at the knee gave a nice breeze and a flattering shape. They fit slightly large on me, but the adjustable waistband worked well. It also didn’t cause any weird bunching in the crotch area when the waistband was tightened. If I were on the smaller end of the size Small in Trek’s chart, I’d probably order the extra-small, as these have plenty of stretch. The waistband is soft and doesn’t dig in anywhere, but will likely soak up a lot of sweat and dirt over time. These shorts rise slightly above my knee pads when I’m sitting or pedaling (10-inch inseam). For me, I didn’t feel like I had a good spot to store my iPhone. The front two pockets aren’t zippered and although they could fit the phone, it just didn’t feel secure enough for my preference. The back pocket that’s zippered can fit some important keys or IDs, but won’t fit a standard cell phone. The Evoke shorts are sporty and perfect for trail days at the local mountains, but not quite designed for bike park days. This seems to be in alignment with Trek’s intentions for the apparel line. 

Cole rarely serves as the durability tester for anything but shoes – it is mainly my job to see if apparel products will stand up against body slams to the ground and brushes with tree branches. I can tell you that Trek hit the mark with “trail-tough” apparel. Just from touch alone, I could tell that the Tech Tee could handle more than most of my biking tops. And while the shorts are deceivingly soft, they can withstand the occasions where you send it a little too much. 

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The Wolf’s Last Word

With this being Trek’s first foray into technical riding apparel, we would say it’s a win all around. Trek managed to focus on sustainability while serving up subdued branding, mellow colors, and tough fabrics. If you value stretch in a pair of shorts, both the Rhythm or Evoke will be a solid pick. And if you prefer loose-fitting, comfortable tech tees, the Evoke Tech Tee is out waiting for you. Trek set out to launch an apparel line that could withstand the test of time and trail and they’ve certainly achieved that, as we think anyone could find something to like in their earth-toned lineup. 

Price: varies

We Dig




Sustainable, non-harmful fabric

We Don’t

Women’s jersey runs slightly large 
Short inseam on Evoke Men’s Shorts


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