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Experience Center coming to Bentonville

YT Mill comes to Arkansas

YT Industries is proud to announce that a new “YT Mill” will be opening in Bentonville, Arkansas in early 2024. Following the success of the YT Mill consumer experience centers in San Clemente, CA, Surrey Hills UK and Hausen, Germany, YT Industries will open a new flagship Mill in the heart of the OZ Trails mountain bike network in Northwest Arkansas.

“It really is incredible to see the amount of energy and focus that the sport of mountain biking is getting in Bentonville and we’re super excited to be bringing YT there. The YT Mills are more than just demo centers they are immersive brand experience centers meant to elevate, educate and engage the mountain bike community. What better place to do that than the mountain bike capital of the world? Jeff Taylor, President YT Industries USA

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YT Industries will welcome the first mountain bikers to its new venue in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, in Spring 2024. The immersive, 2floor showroom with easy trail access will showcase the entire range of YT mountain bikes, host community events, and feature a unique rider’s lounge area with pre and postride beverages and entertainment. A prolevel workshop will allow YT customers to get their bikes built, set up, and serviced onsite.
YT is a fan favorite at mountain bike festivals, where they show up with the unique Rolling Circus YT’s bike demo tour. The resoundingly positive response from the mountain bike community fueled the idea of creating hubs where riders can hang out, ride bikes, and get to know the brand better. 2019 saw the first footprint in the USA appear with the opening of the YT MILL in San Clemente, California.

“It has proven extremely successful in giving customers access to the brand and an understanding of our vision, and to see our bikes ‘in the flesh’ on a great trail network,” explains Matthew Wale, Director of Global Retail.

YT Mill coffee

Brand experience is a cornerstone of the YT philosophy, and the YT MILLs are the physical manifestation of that ideology. Each showroom gives customers full access to the YT brand, bike demos, expert consultation, merchandise, brand activations, and events. “Building relationships with customers offline is a key enabler for trust and credibility. Being a primarily online DTC brand, physical connections are invaluable, and the MILL allows us to introduce the brand and our bikes to customers in person,” Wale claims and continues, “As customers enter the MILL, we want them to immerse themselves into the world of YT, become part of the YT Family and start living uncaged. We want to introduce the same experience to Bentonville. It’s a mountain biker’s paradise with a growing mountain
bike community, a city with a passion for music, art, and awesome coffee… It feels like a natural home for YT to expand and position our next MILL. We want to be part of and contribute to this community.”

“We are thrilled to welcome YT Industries as they open the newest YT Mill in Bentonville. As more cyclingrelated businesses relocate to the MTB Capital of the World it furthers our vision of Northwest Arkansas as a premier hub for cycling and cyclingrelated businesses in North America.” Aimee Ross, Runway Group

OZ Trails is a worldclass trail system that attracts worldclass partners and businesses. The YT Mill will be a vital piece of our burgeoning cycling ecosystem and we are excited to welcome them to Northwest Arkansas.” Gary Vernon, Runway Foundation

YT will be recruiting for this new MILL location in Fall 2023. The latest jobs can be found on For everyone that can’t wait until Spring 2024, be sure to visit the Rolling Circus at Bentonville Bike Festival or at some of the other planned stops.


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