Emily Horridge

The Chase

Will She Make It To Work On Time?

Emily sent The Chase through to us, and we thought it was a good fun watch!

Take a look for yourself and see if she makes it..!

Here’s what Emily had to say about it:

” “The Chase” is a fun story about overcoming the odds to get to work on time. Action packed from start to finish, this short video is the tale of a commute with a twist.

Emily Horridge lives at the top of a hill covered in mint singletrack, but the ski shop where she works in is on top of another hill 15kms away, and she’s gotta get there fast! Hammering down the trail on her e-bike, panniers flapping everywhere, the chase is on to beat the clock and overcome the hurdles placed in her way by the village troll.

Inspired by real-life events, we set out to create a fun feel-good video with a hefty dose of cheese, designed to put a smile on your face and get you stoked to ride.

The Chase was filmed and edited by a right pair of enthusiastic amateurs (David Billings & Emily Horridge respectively), we hope you enjoy the show!

The Chase Action

Further information:

The Chase was filmed in the Les Arcs/La Plagne area of the French Alps in March 2023.

Emily Horridge works in a ski shop in winter, and occasionally has to ride by e-bike when the car is not available. Sometimes things go wrong on the way, but she usually just about makes it on time. In summer she is a mountain bike guide, skills coach, small YouTuber and downhill racer.

David Billings is a bicycle enthusiast forced to work for free by his wife (Emily) as an amateur videographer for her YouTube channel. He’s the driver and highly-esteemed sandwich maker for her guiding business, and has discovered he loves downhill racing aged 50.


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