With the help of new and long-time sponsors, Wyn Masters’ relentless efforts to support the underdogs, hometown heroes and fan favorites of the World Cup DH circuit grows into it’s very own racer support program for the 2023 season… the Privateer Project. Privateer Project’s goal is to not only increase privateer World Cup DH racer’s overall exposure, it will increase their ability to focus and perform with eased burden by providing essential needs at each round.



  • Wyn Masters will be selecting the most deserving privateer at each round, and will announce that rider in his WynTV post-race show.
    • UK-based Brazilian racer Roger Vieira, “WynTV Privateer Award” winner from last season, has been selected and will be fully supported for round 1 at Lenzerheide, Switzerland.


  • Product
    • 1 Complete “Privateer Project Team Spec” GT Fury for each selected privateer
  • Event support:
    • Pit space
    • Dedicated mechanic
    • Lodging / Meals
    • On-site management
    • Dedicated content creation
    • Continental tire support-free to all independent racers competing at each round
Introducing the Privateer Project from Wyn Masters and GT Bicycles


What went through your head when Wyn gave you the news that you were the first selection of the Privateer Project?

RV: I was super stoked when I first heard about the whole concept, have full factory-level support at a race is something super special and as a privateer my whole life it’s something I’ve been looking for my whole career, so it’s like a dream coming true for a race. Also being supported for a brand as big as GT is something really cool and that I’m really stoked on!

How has the new Fury been treating you?

RV: Fury is an incredible bike that handles the tracks like a machine, and I’m loving it! I felt fast from first run, after a few rides I feel at home and ready for the races!

What does this support mean to you? How will it affect your season?

RV: It means a lot to me, like I said above it’s a dream coming true. Having support from a team like GT will help me focus on the ride and not be worried about my bike and stay till later fixing the bike, I think this is huge!

Introducing the Privateer Project from Wyn Masters and GT Bicycles


What was the catalyst for the Privateer Project?

WM: I would say flying to Europe for my first season in 2008 on a seriously limited budget, only knowing one guy in Portugal and having to find my way to all the races for the season gave me a good perspective of the struggles of being a privateer on the World Cup. And in 2019 I started doing the privateer award on my WynTV post race show, so this is bringing that to the next level and getting GT and all my sponsors on board to tell some great stories and also help out those who need it.

What made you start it in the first place?

WM: I think just seeing guys and girls committed to chasing their dreams, and doing it off their own back is something special so to be able to give back now that I’m in a position to do so is something quite rewarding especially when you then see those riders go on to do great things in the sport.

What is your biggest goal for the project?

WM: To help as many as possible riders to reach their dream of making a career in this sport and help those that need the help. And document it all and be able to tell some great stories along to way too!

How did you decide Roger would be the first racer under the Privateer Project tent for round 1?

WM: Roger is one of those guys that’s been chipping away progressing his way up the ranks for years now and a true journeyman privateer of the sport as to say, so I’m stoked to try help him out and look forward to see what he can do this year!

As you transition into this new role of racer/team manager, content producer, and mentor, what’s the best advice you can give privateers seeking factory support?

WM: Pretty much to keep chipping away, eventually it will all come together if you keep working at it, there were a lot of years there where I had doubts if it was ever going to happen for me but I managed to push through those times and it pays off now. Also I would throw in to no matter how it goes, try take it all in along way and enjoy the ride it’ll go by fast, I’m already in my 16th year on the World Cup circuit now so that’s speaking from experience.

Introducing the Privateer Project from Wyn Masters and GT Bicycles


As the videographer tasked to document the first season of the Privateer Project, what are you most excited about capturing through your videos? What do you think is most important to capture in the videos?

LC: What gets me the most excited working on Wyn’s Privateer Project is all the unique stories I will be able to tell in the videos. There is so much more that goes on behind a simple result sheet and having the chance to dive deep into a rider’s backstory to show just how much they have sacrificed to get to that point is a very important thing I want to achieve. I’m hoping to showcase the highs and lows of the riders, and bring a more intimate look into the rider’s journey aside from the pure racing side of things.

You’ve filmed plenty of Wyn TV’s over the past few seasons, what’s it like working with Wyn? How do riders react when Wyn asks for an interview?

LC: Having worked with Wyn for plenty of times now, I can comfortably say that he is a true “go-getter”. Whenever we have faced issues with our filming process like not being allowed into a certain area or arriving too late to a podium ceremony he will always find a way, pull some strings to get what we
came to film. He doesn’t take no for an answer and you can tell the passion he has for his craft simply with the amount of time he dedicates to it even though he still races like everyone else. I think the riders appreciate Wyn’s interviews because they are more like genuine conversations and not just questions just for the sake of getting the job done. We then manage to get some information from the riders we wouldn’t normally get because they view him as a friend and trust him, I believe.

On behalf of all of the supporting brands, we are excited to kick off the ’23 World Cup DH season, and even more stoked to give back to the sport with the launch of the Privateer Project!

GT Bicycles
Yoshimura Cycling
Pit Viper
Fox Factory

Introducing the Privateer Project from Wyn Masters and GT Bicycles


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