Words by Drew Rohde | Photos Courtesy of Leatt
Video by Max Rhulen

Just as bikes and riders have become more versatile and capable, so too must our protective equipment. The new Leatt 3.0 Helmet is designed to give riders the versatility, adjustability, and protection they need, whether it be a casual 40-mile trail ride or shuttling gnarly DH trails. Built around many of the same safety features we’ve grown the expect, the new Leatt 3.0 Helmet could be a popular hit in the bike scene for 2023. Let’s dig into some of the details and what we really like about it so far.


Well, first and foremost, the helmet is a three-in-one lid, meaning that it can be run as a full-face DH-style helmet, a 3/4 Enduro-style lid with ear protection, or as a traditional mountain bike trail helmet. Each step is quickly accessed, and the parts are included in the package with purchase. No matter what type of ride you have planned for the day, or days, you’ll be able to adapt the helmet quickly and easily to your needs.

Leatt 3.0 Enduro Helmet


Leatt employs their tried and true 360 Turbine Technology, which is their impact and rotational force mitigation technology. The squishy donuts move in any direction and are designed to absorb energy and help with brain acceleration when the head slaps and spins on the ground.

The ASTM-certified chin bar securely clicks into place and is removable via two push buttons on either side. Of all the convertible helmets we’ve tested, this one is among the stiffest when it comes to our in-house flex test, giving us confidence to wear this thing on some gnarlier trails and heavier duty bikes.

Leatt uses a lightweight polymer shell and their Powerbridge construction, which is like a skeleton that goes over the top of the helmet and offers stiffness and support. Inside the shell Leatt uses in-mold impact foam to absorb energy in case of an impact. Between the foam and the rider’s head sits moisture-wicking, breathable, anti-odor inner liners that are washable and come in different thicknesses to allow for further customization of the fitment.

To the rear of the helmet a sunglass docking station and micro-adjust dial allows users to snug the helmet up and can also be slidden up or down on a track to better hug the rider’s skull. Up front an adjustable and break-away visor offers sun and debris protection no matter the time of day. The helmet is secured via Fidlock buckle under the chin for easy fastening and removal.

Safety Certifications: AS/NZS 2063:2008, EN1078, CPSC 1203, ASTM F1952–10

Leatt 3.0 Enduro Helmet


Unfortunately, our helmet only showed up a few hours before the embargo lifted, so we’ve not yet had the chance to ride in the new 3.0 Helmet, however from a fit and comfort perspective it’s not all that different from other current Leatt helmets we’ve put extensive time in. We like comfort, fit and versatility for sure. This should be a great option for riders who never know what sort of mood they’ll be in or where their next adventure may take them.

As riders who are regularly boarding planes or climbing in cars full of people, minimizing our bags and the amount of stuff we have to bring is always a plus. Instead of bringing a full face and trail lid on our next adventure, we like having the ability to just pack this one helmet that gives us three different options of protection.

Stay tuned for a long-term review to see how these helmets treat our crew and ask any questions or things you’d like us to focus on for that review down below.

Price: $269.99 | €289
Weight: 690g Full Face | 360g Open Face
Sizes: S, M, L
Colors: Four Available

Leatt 3.0 Enduro Helmet


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