The Mega Volt eMTB Festival Recap




Location: Naramata, South Okanagan, BC Canada
Trails: Three Blind Mice
Photo Credit: Chris Stenberg & Jens Klett

The Okanagan reverberated with the electrifying energy of North America’s premier multi-day eMTB festival, the Mega Volt. The sun-drenched town of Naramata became the epicenter of e-bike excitement, with over a hundred riders flocking to experience three days brimming with exhilarating rides, insightful talks, valuable industry connections, and, of course, the well-deserved reward of raising a glass with new friends after conquering the trails.

Friday kicked off with the registration buzz, setting the stage for an unforgettable weekend. The anticipation soared as riders prepared for the opening act: Stage 1, presented by GasGas. Participants ascended from the valley floor, embarking on an ebike adventure to defy expectations.

The course led riders to a 6 km lapped course of previously untrodden dirt bike trails of Smethurst, surprising local and visiting riders alike with steep, technical, and loose terrain that few mountain bikes had ever crossed.

Each lap featured challenging climbs and a thrilling descent with panoramic vistas of the glistening Lake Okanagan.

The Mega Volt eMTB Festival Recap

These 6 km laps not only delivered adrenaline-pumping moments but also provided an ideal opportunity for riders to master the art of managing their ebike battery levels – an invaluable skill for the event.

Riders pushed their limits, immersing themselves in the joyous pursuit of conquering the course as fast as possible, before descending back to Naramata for a well-deserved feast at the Friday Night Pizza Blitz, generously provided by Devinci.

Saturday emerged as the highlight of Mega Volt, offering a mega-day of exhilaration with two spectacular stages. Stage 2, presented by Husqvarna, showcased the technical prowess of both riders and their eMTBs as they tackled the famed Three Blind Mice Trail Network in the hills above Naramata.

Riders soared up the challenging Rattlesnake trail, navigating through rocky chutes and drops with precision.

They found themselves ascending once more, conquering formidable climbs before experiencing the sheer exhilaration of riding berms uphill at 30 km/h—such an experience exclusively reserved for an eMTB.

The Mega Volt eMTB Festival Recap

Just when riders thought the Three Blind Mice had revealed all its secrets, they were met with one final technical descent—Slabs—ensuring the stage ended on an adrenaline-fueled high.

Returning to Naramata Centre, riders indulged in a buffet lunch presented by Specialized and soaked in the sunshine on the nearby lakeshore—a well-deserved beach interlude amidst the thrill of the Mega Volt.

The excitement continued with Stage 3, as riders ascended into the hills in search of over 1000 meters of vertical ascent. Guided by Yellow Brick Road and Neverland, riders carefully managed their battery levels while navigating rocky obstacles.

A mix of flowy trails put a punctuation mark on the day as riders made their way to the timing tent, ending their stage before the roll back to town.

Depleted bike batteries and bodies marked by the day’s combined efforts rolled back to Naramata Centre. A sizzling burger dinner presented by Yamaha greeted riders, alongside brews from Cannery Brewing.

The Mega Volt eMTB Festival Recap

The Saturday Symposium Panel featured esteemed experts from the eMTB industry, discussing critical questions around trail design, trail access, ebike technology, and more.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the vibrant atmosphere drew the ebike community together around a crackling fire. Stories of epic trail conquests flowed freely, and friendships blossomed as riders relished the bonds forged on the trails.

Sunday dawned with scorching temperatures, offering a fitting backdrop for the grand finale. Riders embarked on a social group ride, climbing to the zenith of Three Blind Mice and traversing the captivating Rainbow trail.

Steep, rocky, and loose terrain challenged even the best rider’s line selection.

The Mega Group Ride ended at Origin Winery, with riders being handed their well-deserved finishers medals while overlooking the South Okanagan’s best scenery.

Mega Volt had achieved its mission: bringing ebike riders together, promoting the sport’s boundless potential, and shaping the future of riding a mountain bike with this community. The memories created and connections forged over four Mega Stages would continue to inspire riders long after the sun set over the Okanagan vineyards.

The ebike movement continues to thrive – the wheels of progress continue to turn – and the legacy of Mega Volt is just beginning.

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The Mega Volt eMTB Festival Recap


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