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The New Neuron:ON CF

Amplified Escape

Ever wondered what’s on the other side of that hill just beyond your usual stomping ground? An epic trail? A great view? Well, there’s only way to find out. A good old-fashioned adventure!

Setting off on foot will only get you so far, though. Therefore, any good adventure needs a companion, something or someone to carry you further, faster. Enter the all-new Neuron:ON CF. Canyon’s most adventure-ready e-MTB yet.

A true adventure bike needs to be reliable and capable enough to handle any terrain, efficient enough to deal with any climb, powerful enough to deal with any obstacle and deliver enough range to be ridden off the map and back whilst being comfortable and light enough not to weigh its rider down and – above all else – be awesome fun on the trails. How exactly does one fulfil such an extensive laundry list of traits and create a bike that’s truly worthy of the adventure-ready moniker? You redesign the entire bike from the ground up. And that’s exactly what Canyon did with the Neuron:ON CF.

Canyon Neuron:ON CF climb

The previous generation of the Neuron:ON was an all-aluminum affair and while an aluminum option remains, the highlight of the newest generation are the new full-carbon frames. Intricate, all-new carbon layup schedules and an even more efficient frame architecture translate to increased strength and a substantial weight reduction of almost two kilograms compared to the previous aluminum model.

Speaking of beefing up the platform’s capability, the Neuron:ON has been completely reworked to make it more capable and fun on the downs and more efficient on the ups. Translated into actual numbers this means, that the suspension was beefed up to 140mm of travel up front and out back to increase the Neuron:ON CF’s offroad capability and take the sting out of those bigger hits that sometimes sneak up on unsuspecting riders out on the trail.

Canyon Neuron:ON CF action

Depending on the frame size, the reach has grown by between 10 and 45mm and the head angle was slackened by 1 to 2 degrees while a reduction in standover height by 15 to 19mm means that the bike can handle even longer dropper posts – all in an effort to boost the Neuron:ON CF’s descending capabilities and give riders more confidence to tackle the unknown on the other side of that hill.

But descending is only half the ride. Climbing is just as important on a bike that is meant to take you anywhere. Therefore, the chainstays have grown by 10 to 15mm to increase balance while the seat tube angle was steepened by 1.5 to 2 degrees (depending on frame size) to move rider weight forward into a better, more efficient climbing position.

Canyon Neuron:ON CF climb

Last, but not least, the Neuron:ON CF now exclusively rolls on 29” wheels and is powered by the 4th and newest generation of the top-of-the-line Bosch Performance Line CX High-Torque Drive Unit which in turn is powered by Bosch PowerTube batteries with a capacity of up to 750 Wh to deliver riders the power and range to chase the horizon without any hint of range anxiety.

Connectivity and Security

No matter if you’re on your home trails or far off the map, it’s handy to stay in touch with rest of the world. With the Neuron:ON CF, that connection is via the Bosch eBike Flow app. It connects the rider to their bike and their bike to the digital world, enabling them to configure their motor settings, navigate and plan routes via Komoot and even keep their bike a little safer.

The Neuron:ON CF offers comprehensive anti-theft and bike tracking functions via the built-in Bosch ConnectModule and eBike Flow app. The perfect complement to a physical lock, the ConnectModule and app work together to turn the rider’s smartphone into a digital key to their e-bike. The eBike Alarm automatically activates as soon as the bike is turned off and will emit alarm signals after registering movements to deter any would-be thieves. Should the bike be moved significantly, the system will instantly notify its owner on their smartphone. Furthermore, prolonged movement of the locked e-bike will automatically start the tracking function, allowing riders to track the position of their trusty steed via the eBike Flow app.

The Bosch BCM3100 ConnectModule is pre-installed in all Neuron:ON CF models and includes a free 12-month subscription to the eBike Alarm function following its activation. The subscription automatically ends after the free 12-month period unless it’s renewed for €4.99 per month or €39.99 per year.

Canyon Neuron:ON CF bosch app


  • Neuron:ON CF 8: 5,599 EUR
  • Neuron:ON CF 7: from 4,799 EUR
  • Neuron:ON AL 6: from 3,799 EUR

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