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Words by Emma Wooldridge | Photos by Cole Gregg

Founded in 2012 by Ashley Rankin, SHREDLY emerged as the avant-garde apparel brand for women who mountain bike. Grabbing inspiration from her surroundings, Ashley names bold prints after the places and faces she whizzes by on trail and in life. Comparatively, her brand crosses over from the outdoor apparel industry into fashion. But SHREDLY isn’t just in it for the looks – they’ve spent time and money listening to real women, cycling feedback into their designs, and have launched a Spring/Summer 2023 Collection that features sustainable fabrics, unique details, and performance-ready products that keep women pushing the boundaries in mountain biking.

I tested out a classic spring kit from SHREDLY earlier this year and now that the weather has taken a drastic turn soaring into the 90’s, I’ve had to ditch the pants and long sleeves for an outfit that has just a tad more airflow. Read below to check out some of SHREDLY’s apparel that’s best suited for sweet, sweet summer.


Formerly SHREDLY’s MTB Short, the All Time 11” Zipper Snap Mid-Rise Short has been rebranded but hasn’t lost any of its flash or comfort. Crafted with SHREDLY’s signature ecoMove fabric (recycled polyester/spandex), the All Time shorts perform well on the trail with a combined zipper-snap and stretch-knit waistband that keeps you looking technical and fashionable. Even the harshest critics can’t complain about the selection when the shorts are offered in a whopping 12 colors and prints. The fabric is quick-drying, stretchy, and sturdy. Straying from the classic long, baggy look, the inseam hits above the knee for ease of movement and varies according to the size.

Shredly Pocket Tee Review | Women's MTB Apparel


Another showcase for SHREDLY’s proprietary fabric blends is the Pocket Tee made with ecoFab. Featuring a chest pocket and a scoop neckline, this tee isn’t limited to the activewear category. Its silky soft feel and breathability will have you wearing it so often that you’ll be putting the antimicrobial fabric to the test. But with a little extra length to the tee, it’s a perfect fit for riding bikes. The tee is offered in three fresh colors and one print in the Spring/Summer 2023 Collection for $58.


For its classic chamois, SHREDLY elected to construct a lightweight short that rises higher on the waist without a true waistband, intended to increase comfort. The Biker Cham comes in five colors for $98. Designed beyond the run of the mill chamois, the Biker Cham screams versatility. Silicone grippers keep the shorts in place on the legs and are hidden underneath the scalloped edges. Small laser perforations on the edges add to the unique details of the chamois. The pad itself is low-profile and antimicrobial to keep the stink away. It has varying levels of thickness and density, providing more cushion in areas of vulnerability, and is made of 91% polyamide and 9% elastane material to wick away moisture and provide durability. On both sides of the shorts is a large pocket that’s big enough to fit your phone and deep enough to ensure its secure storage. With a 7-inch inseam on all sizes, the Biker Cham can be worn underneath shorts for comfort on the ascents or worn alone for style points.



SHREDLY’s simple Sock 6 is a black sock with a six-inch height and features the SHREDLY logo on the front and “SHREDLY” in bold white lettering on the calf. Crafted out of Aireator mesh, the socks keep air flowing for maximum comfort. Comprising 60% nylon, 39% recycled polyester, and 1% spandex, the Sock 6 comes in at 1.6 ounces, keeping your feet light for $20.

SHREDLY Women's MTB Apparel


After spending so much time in the Limitless pants, reveling in their yoga-style stretchy waistband, I had already made a pact with myself to burn all pants with buttons and zippers. But once I slid on the All Time shorts in the color Mara, I realized that it wasn’t the buttons or zippers that deserved all my rage – it’s all in the waistband. I haven’t experienced any digging, rubbing, or even too much stretch from the waistband. That’s probably because SHREDLY decided to use a wider-style band but left the portion that sits across the lower stomach unbanded. The fit of the size 4 was unbelievable and the size chart did not do me dirty. Many of my other shorts fit well in the waist while standing, but as soon as I lean over, everyone gets a peek to see if I’m wearing the same chamois as yesterday. The waistband of the All Time shorts seems to adjust and move with your body, so I didn’t have the usual gap in the back. It has been stretchy, comfortable, and hits my body at a flattering spot. The actual band has been maintaining its shape through wear and washes. I’m not here to tell you that I wear these shorts on my coffee shop strolls or while grabbing drinks with friends – I have been scarred by the Bermuda shorts of the 2000’s and I will not go back – but as far as mountain biking shorts go, they are fairly cute. The shorts in the color Mara look like they’ve been steeped in a juicy bottle of red wine, and the delicate rouching below the waistband adds to the classy aesthetic. When I’m out riding, the All Time shorts move well with me on the bike. The tailored fit is flattering and doesn’t snag. I don’t spend any time yanking my shorts up or down. I do wish the SHREDLY logo tag was slightly smaller.

Another well-used part of SHREDLY’s design is the little loop incorporated into the envelope-style button pocket on the right side. I clip my key fob onto it and I feel secure knowing it won’t fall out on the trail. Out of personal preference, the main pocket I use for my phone and snack wrappers is the zippered pocket on the left hip. I’d prefer another zipper pocket instead of the button one, but at least there’s no shortage of pockets, as there are two front hand pockets as well.

SHREDLY Women's MTB Apparel

An all-around look, the pocket tee is not an ordinary riding jersey. While I wouldn’t want to wear the All Time shorts beyond the mountain, the tee is truly versatile. The sweet scoop neckline and casual pocket allow the tee to pair well with jeans, casual shorts, or leggings. I’ve been wearing the tee in color Krisie and my favorite off-trail outfit with it is tucking the tee into a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and throwing on sandals to run errands. It’s almost like I’m not a dirty mountain biker and I can blend in with the rest of society. How does it perform, you ask? The tee is great for a little extra coverage from the sun on hot days and isn’t overly hot. The length covers my butt well when riding (no peekaboo chamois). Slightly longer than a cap sleeve, the sleeves are fitted, and the cut of the tee is semi-fitted through the body. I have broad shoulders and unfortunately I don’t find the tee flattering on my body type. I’d prefer a sleeve that is just a tad longer and looser, which would give me less restricted movement when riding. The tee also hugs me at my widest point on my rib cage and gives me a boxy look. For me, the tee doesn’t accentuate my favorite parts of my body, but it gets the job done on warmer days. The material has held up well, remains as soft as it did on day one and hasn’t retained any smells.

If I could point to one thing SHREDLY does well, it’s waistbands, or even the absence of one in the case of the Biker Cham. I ordered the chamois short in Midnight Pine: a deep, gorgeous green that takes me back to a childhood spent roaming Oregon’s coniferous forests. Pulling it out of the box, I marveled at the chamois for a solid minute before starting my attempt to try it on. I measured myself and compared to SHREDLY’s online sizing chart, linked conveniently on each product page. I ended up in a size small but, like always, was nervous about the chamois digging into my waist at that size. I want to give a helpful tip to anyone putting these baddies on for the first time – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  I yanked these as much as I thought I could to try to fit them over my quads and it was a struggle, albeit brief. I gave up for a second, as they felt much too small to clear my rear end. Finally, I was able to do a shimmy and snap them up into place. The initial effort to get the chamois on was 110% worth it, even though I was left thinking that’s what shapewear must feel like. I strutted over to my boyfriend and gestured at the scalloped edges, saying, “Do you see this?!” and “Look at these pockets!” He did not get my enthusiasm. Which didn’t matter, because I had enough enthusiasm for the both of us when I was decked out in the SHREDLY kit.

SHREDLY Women's MTB Apparel

I’m not a gravel or road rider and I also wouldn’t dare to descend my local trails without another layer of protection, so you won’t catch me wearing the Biker Cham as stand-alone shorts. But I have been consistently wearing the chamois underneath my mountain bike shorts and I’ve noticed that the low-profile padding is just enough cushion to keep me going, even on my latest 6,000 foot excursion. The silicone grippers are tiny and don’t possess sufficient grip to keep the shorts from rolling up when I pull on my mountain bike shorts or throughout a ride. That section of the chamois has fairly thin, stretchy fabric though, so I haven’t found it to cause discomfort or excessive bunching. The two pockets would be useful if you wore just the shorts, but I would personally be wary of stuffing my phone in one without a zipper, although the pockets are fairly deep and aren’t loose. The non-waistband waistband has been a game changer. The top of Biker Cham never moves an inch during my rides and sits comfortably at my waist, not too snug and not too roomy. I do find that when I take off the chamois, there’s more perspiration than usual on my stomach. I’ve never found the chamois to not be breathable, but the material at the top of the shorts doesn’t absorb well or let much sweat escape.

I think that all you can ask for in a pair of socks is to be unremarkable. They fit well, haven’t ripped or rubbed, and I wear them at least once or twice a week. The front logo is pretty, yet subdued, and the socks pair with all my riding outfits. My feet sweat quite a bit and the socks feel like they have enough ventilation that my feet aren’t overheating and are quite comfortable on both short and long rides. Thinner and on the lighter end of most of my socks, I didn’t expect them to hold up as well as they have. They are my number one pick for socks during this season of warmer weather.

The Wolf’s Last Word

SHREDLY’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection is a vibrant twist on mountain biking apparel. Not just limited to clothes suited for the trail, you can find anything from a playful romper to sleek running shorts. The intentional design is what sets SHREDLY apart from others and they’ve demonstrated that fashion can still be functional. While SHREDLY apparel may not be best suited for intense bike park laps or a rider who hates bright colors, it’s a worthy investment for those of us who spend significant time on our local trails and prefer fun, expressive outfits to give that extra boost of confidence.

All Time Short – $108
Pocket Tee – $58
Biker Cham – $98
Sock 6 – $20


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Large logo tag
Limited solid color options
Fit of tee


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