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VISION Chapters EP2

Vero Sandler and Carina Cappellari Lenzerheide

Following her ground-breaking feature film VISION in 2019, Veronique Sandler brings a fresh look at the sport in a brand-new series that takes a deep dive into MTB and her influences. Episode 2 takes a look back at the start of her career and explores the influence that downhill racing has had on her freeride career.

“VISION Chapters is a chance for me to bring a collective of the most influential riders I know into one series and showcase how far the sport and the women’s freeride movement has come in thelast 4 years, it’s crazy to believe the level of progression that has happened in such a short time. I wanted to make this series available to everyone, for free and to try and hype as many people as possible to get out and ride” – Veronique Sandler

In Episode 2 of VISION Chapters, Vero is joined by old friend and Swiss National Champ, Carina Cappellari as they relive their World Cup race days at Bike Kingdom in Lenzerheide. Famed for it’s historic races and world class DH track, Lenzerheide hosted the opening round of the 2023 downhill World Series, challenging the world’s best to the limit.

“ I have always loved coming to Switzerland and the Lenzerheide World Cup has always been up there as one the best races of the year. As a racer I could never quite make it click but I wanted to come back to such an iconic track and ride it for fun, I wanted to see if I could bring my own style of riding to a world class track, explore lines and push my riding without the need to watch the clock” – Vero Sandler

Vision Chapters EP2 big air

Vero is joined by 3 x Swiss National Champ and close friend Carina Cappellari who is local to Bike Kingdom. Together they revisited the iconic race run and took a trip down memory lane.
“Vero has proven that there is a place for women in the freeride community as a professional athlete and opened the door for so many to follow. Before her, the only option for many women was racing. Times have changed but DH racing holds a place in both our hearts, and it has influenced the face of the sport. I’m proud to have been a racer with Vero, but I am more excited for the opportunity that bike parks like Bike Kingdom and riders like Vero have created for the next generation” – Carina Cappellari

There is no denying the influence DH racing has had on the sport of freeride but after tackling the steeps of the UCI World Series track the pair take on the rest of the Bike Kingdom.
“Bike parks like Bike Kingdom in Lenzerheide are making the sport so much more accessible and helping to breed a new talent of riders across all disciplines, including freeride. It’s an exciting time for the sport on so many levels!” – Vero Sandler

Taking inspiration from what the Swiss mountain resort had to offer and her history between the tape, Vero gears up to take all she has learnt to her home in the UK – Watch this space.

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