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The Brand New Greyp Zaney

The Lightweight Trail Heavyweight

The Greyp Bikes squad has been on a relentless mission to trim the fat, scout out premium grade components, craft the most up-to-date geometry, and fuse it all together in a sleek and funky design with an array of fun colorways. Brace yourselves for the arrival of the latest beast in the Croatian company’s product line: the GREYP ZANEY 🤪. 

Wondering about the name? Just peek at the mischievous winky face on the logo—it perfectly captures the essence of this electrifying eMTB. Prepare for a ride that’s packed with excitement, conquering steep climbs effortlessly and unleashing a playful spirit on thrilling descents. The Zaney is a true embodiment of pure exhilaration and boundless adventure. 

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This full-suspension eMTB boasts progressive trail geometry, a lightweight full carbon fiber frame, and top-tier components. It’s powered by the dynamic FAZUA RIDE 60 Drive System, featuring a formidable 450W maximum power motor delivering up to 60Nm of torque. Complemented by a robust yet lightweight 430Wh battery, the Zaney is optimized for an electrifying riding experience.


With careful consideration given to every angle, the Zaney’s geometry sets it apart from the rest. Sporting a head tube angle of 64.5° and an effective seat tube angle of 76.8°, it strikes a balance between agility and stability. The M Size reaches 460mm, while the XL extends up to 515mm in terms of reach. The 445mm chainstay length offers a fun blend of nimbleness and confidence-inspiring stability. The Zaney’s progressive suspension leverage ratio delivers exceptional small bump compliance, mid-stroke support, and a smooth ramp-up at the end of the stroke. It also features Horst Link suspension, amplifying its anti-rise characteristics and ensuring unhindered suspension performance while braking. Every detail has been carefully considered to deliver a ride that transcends expectations.

Greyp Zaney detail


Upon its release, Zaney will be available in three builds, there will be something to fit every rider’s demand.

The Zaney 310 showcases components such as the SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, a RockShox Lyrik Select 150mm suspension, a RockShox Delux Select+ shock, Formula Cura2 brakes, BlackJack Ready wheels set up with Schwalbe Nobby Nics, and a OneUp V2 dropper post.

Stepping up, The Zaney 510 features the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, a FOX 36 Performance 150mm suspension, a FOX Float X Performance Elite shock, Formula Cura4 brakes, WTB SpeedTerra wheels with 29” WTB TrailBoss tires, and a OneUp V2 dropper post.

For those seeking the pinnacle of performance, the flagship Zaney 710 impresses with its Fox Factory 160mm suspension, Fox Float X Factory shock, SRAM AXS Eagle transmission, NEWMEN Evolution wheels paired with Victoria e-Agarro tires, Formula Cura4 brakes, and the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post. It also features adjustable bar length, which means that the handlebar can be adjusted from 760mm to 810mm width.

Additionally, all builds include a handy steer mini tool and will come with an SP Connect phone mount. The weight, depending on the build and size, ranges from 18 kg to 19kg, and makes it light enough to not feel like an eMTB, but powerful enough to leave your riding buddies eating dust.

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The FAZUA RIDE 60 Drive System, known for its compact and lightweight design, perfectly complements the Zaney’s ethos. Delivering an impressive 60Nm of torque and a maximum power output of 450W, it ensures a seamless riding experience. Even in the most demanding situations, the Zaney’s Rocket Support Level eliminates any worries of breaking a sweat. And when faced with unexpected steep climbs, the Boost Mode can offer an extra 100 Watts of power for up to 12 seconds, providing a burst of acceleration for swift overtaking maneuvers, depending on the situation a rider activates it.   

The FAZUA App enhances the riding journey by offering a Live Rider Dashboard, allowing you to monitor crucial data like speed, cadence, and battery level. It also lets riders customize their motor settings and save unique Rider Profiles for personalized performance. The discreetly integrated 430Wh battery, housed within the downtube, ensures ample power to conquer any mountain.

The Zaney embraces simplicity and functionality with the minimalist FAZUA RING CONTROL HUB set on the handlebar, removing the need for diverting attention to the downtube for info. Featuring an integrated LED display, it places control right at your fingertips. Switch between support modes, activate Boost Mode for that added burst of power, or engage the walk assist – all while keeping your eyes focused on the trail. Equipped with a convenient USB-C charger, you’ll be ready for all your outdoor explorations.

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Zaney’s vibrant personality shines through its non-traditional colorways and thoughtful design details. This eMTB not only catches the eye but also delivers an exhilarating ride. The combination of its geometry and reduced weight allows the Zaney to perform like a regular bike, excelling on descents that leave you craving for more. It strikes the perfect balance between fun and control, delivering an easy yet powerful ride that is sure to bring joy to any rider.

It strikes the perfect balance between fun and control, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking an electrifying workout with just the right touch of pedal assistance. Riding Zaney blurs the boundaries between traditional trail bikes and full-powered eMTBs. It combines the best of both worlds, resulting in a ride that is faster, livelier, and makes it easier to catch air.

Overall, the Greyp Zaney will be there for you on the climbs, and make sure your descents are truly unforgettable, all while looking awesome.


The Greyp Zaney will be available for preorder online from, in late September, and in the Greyp European dealer network in November 2023.


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