Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe Review


Words & Photos by Robert Johnston

Versatile shoes that can hang both on the trails or around town are hard to get right, but very handy for days where anything can happen, and Endura hopes that their Hummvee Flat Pedal shoes will be able to fill that spot for many riders. The Hummvee is one of three shoe models that Endura launched last year, and we’ve been putting their casual flat pedal shoes to the test for the last few months. While they may not take the top crown in terms of their ultimate performance for aggressive mountain biking, they have proven to be a stellar option to serve multiple different duties both on and off the bike. Read on to learn all about them.


The Hummvee range in Endura’s lineup aims to provide versatile offerings that work equally well in the saddle as off the bike, and the Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoes are no exception. Using their Sticky Foot rubber, the Hummvee shoes should offer sufficient traction on the pedals to let them happily support any style of riding, be it BMX or enduro mountain biking, but there’s flex built into the shoe to ensure it’s comfortable for walking – with a bike or not.

The main bulk of the shoe is built with a 100% PU outer skin to offer abrasion resistance, with perforations made in key locations to allow heat to escape and the foot to stay comfortable inside. Inside is a polyester quick dry lining to aid in keeping the shoes fresh following a wet or sweaty ride. Under the foot is an Ortholite comfort footbed made from recycled materials, boosting the foot’s comfort when walking or riding and the eco credentials of the shoe.

The Hummvee Flat Pedal shoes come with a choice of “mild” or “wild” laces, which can be kept tidy with the elastic lace stash built into the padded tongue. Endura offers the shoes in a choice of five colors in sizes EU38 – EU47 (US 6-13) with half sizes from US 7-12, and they retail for £89.99 / €99.99 / $119.99.


Slipping my feet into a pair of Hummvee shoes in my usual size for the first time highlighted their fairly roomy fit overall, but nothing too extreme. Thanks to the minimalist padding the Hummvee’s have a fairly low profile overall, letting them avoid looking too much like a bike shoe and so happily serve dual duty off the bike. The sole stiffness is on the lower side too, making them very comfortable to walk in and avoiding the classic biker’s shoe awkwardness with each step. The laces cinch up neatly and the elastic loop to keep them secured out of harm’s way is very handy. On the foot they’re not the airiest shoes ever, but the laser perforations allow for enough airflow around the foot to avoid them from being completely stifling, and the material otherwise does a reasonable job at fending off light puddle splashes and rain. Make no mistake though, these are not waterproof shoes.

On the pedals, there’s a healthy amount of padding between your foot and the pedal, avoiding any severe pressure hot-spots at first. This goes without fully isolating your foot from any feedback through the pedals, giving plenty of dexterity to “feel” the trail below. Unsurprisingly, for more aggressive riding on sustained descents some discomfort can begin to set in as your foot gets fatigued due to the flexible sole, and there’s very limited protection for your foot against any impacts with rocks or stumps on the trail. This is a shame as there’s enough grip from the Sticky Foot rubber sole to support some relatively aggressive riding – roughly an 8-8.5/10 compared to the stickiest on the market – so the Hummvee flat pedal shoes are best saved for a casual dirt jump, pumptrack or light trail riding duty…or time spent in the pub. Endura makes their MT500 Burner shoes for “proper” mountain bike duty with a stiffer sole and more protection, so the Hummvee shoes should be forgiven for this, and the comfort and casual looks they instead provide retain their usefulness as a product to fill that duty.

Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe Review

Though the Hummvee Flat Pedal shoes haven’t – and probably shouldn’t – have a huge amount of aggressive mountain bike abuse, they’ve been holding up solidly so far for the rides that they’ve found themselves called into action, and the soles are holding up well to abuse from pedal pins and a solid number of miles around town and some hikes in rocky terrain too. The details are well covered and the material and construction appear to be durable, so the Hummvee’s are likely to serve their duty for the long haul.

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you’re in the market for a shoe for less aggressive mountain biking or dirt jumping on flat pedals, that can also hang comfortably around town or for shorter hikes, the Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoes are a high quality and well-made option that’ll likely keep you happy. Riders looking for a “real” mountain bike shoe will likely be better served by Endura’s MT500 series or another option.

Price: £89.99 / €99.99 / $119.99
Website: Endurasport.com

We Dig

Casual looks
Solid grip and comfort
Well made

We Don’t

Flexible sole
Minimal protection


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