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The 2023 Giga, Mega, and Reactor

Same, But Different

Over the past year, the Giga, Mega, and Reactor have proven themselves in media tests, on the race course, and as the bikes of choice for countless mountain bikers across the globe. So, we figured, why mess with a good thing?

For 2023, the main changes on our core line of carbon full suspension mountain bikes are spec changes and some glorious new coats of paint. Mid and top-tier specs feature the New SRAM AXS Transmission for the latest in shifting and other no-compromise componentry.

The Giga earned several nominations of enduro and bike park bike of the year from a number of publications, and continues its winning ways at the Enduro World Series and in countless national victories. It has also been put to thetest by several of our freeriders in some of the biggest terrain in the world.

Historically our flagship enduro model, the Mega is our best selling model in the full suspension range. It has proven itself as the Nukeproof-SRAM Factory Racing team’s bike of choice, and it’s the weapon Dan Booker is using in his hunt for the overall Enduro World Series title.

The Reactor is our Goldilocks trail bike: It’s not too big, not too small—it’s just right. A firm favourite among Nukeproof riders, the Reactor climbs with ease and descends like a hooligan. It defies its “short travel” status in the Nukeproof line up and is a great option for big days in the saddle.

The Giga:
The Nukeproof Giga came to be because we wanted a bike with a little bit more; something that could still comfortably pedal uphill but would descend like a hooligan. Thus came the Giga, a long-travel weapon designed around an evolution of the Dissent Downhill bike’s fallout suspension linkage.

It’s hugely capable, equally at home on the Enduro World Cup as it is lapping the gnarliest downhill trails in the park. The monocoque UD carbon frame is internally piped for easy-fit cable routing, the downtube is sculpted to easily fit a water bottle, and the seat tube is designed to maximize post insertion depths, allowing riders to run longer dropper posts. To ensure the Giga is protected, the frame comes fitted with 3D-Molded rubber protection and a factory-fitted clear paint protection kit.

Available in both 290 and 297 mixed-wheel options, the Giga features ultra-tuneable geometry and a top-notch component package.

Available builds and pricing:

GIGA 297 / 290 RS: £6499.99 GBP / $7699.00 USD / €8099.99 EU
GIGA 297 / 290 Factory: £5999.99 GBP / $6999.00 USD / €7399.99 EU
GIGA 297 / 290 Elite: £4999.99 GBP / $5999.00 USD / €6199.99 EU
GIGA 297 / 290 Comp: £3599.99 GBP / $4199.00 USD / €4499.99 EU
GIGA 297 / 290 Frame: £2599.99 GBP / $3099.00 USD / €3099.99 EU

The Mega:

An Enduro bike built on the tenets of balance, precitability and absolute speed.

Originally designed as the “downhiller’s trail bike” made specifically to tackle the infamous Megavalanche enduro in France, the Mega frame has evolved with the sport over the years. No matter the version, its performance remains consistent: the Mega keeps racking up enduro stage wins and press accolades. With no less than four Enduro World Championship titles to its name, the Mega has become an icon synonymous with enduro racing.

The latest iteration of the bike – the Mega V4 – is built around a Horst Link suspension design. No matter the terrain, it inspires confidence with a supple feel in the top of the travel that remains progressive and predictable through to the end of the stroke.

The frame sizing is designed around our “Dynamic Saddle Offset Geometry” to optimize seated riders weight distribution on each frame size, with sizes available ranging small to XXL.

Available in both a standard 290 and 297 mixed-wheel configuration, riders can choose which version of the Mega suits them best.

Available builds and pricing:

Mega 297 / 290 RS: £6399.99 GBP / $7299.00 USD / €7999.99 EU
Mega 297 / 290 Factory: £5899.99 GBP / $6899.00 USD / €7299.99 EU
Mega 297 / 290 Elite: £4899.99 GBP / $5899.00 USD / €6099.99 EU
Mega 297 / 290 Pro: £3799.99 GBP / $4499.00 USD / €4799.99 EU
Mega 297 / 290 Comp: £2999.99 GBP / $3399.00 USD / €3799.99 EU
Mega 297 / 290 Alloy Frame: £1799.99 GBP / $2199.00 USD / €2199.99 EU
Mega 297 / 290 Carbon Frame: £2499.99 GBP / $2999.00 USD / €2999.99 EU

The Reactor:

A trail bike that thrives in technical terrain – both up and down – it’s the ultimate option for the rider looking for one bike to do it all.

From concept to design, the Reactor is built from the ground-up to be the ultimate aggressive trail bike. It’s an uncompromising build with a full-carbon frame and suspension designed to maximize pedalling efficiency and traction. Specced with a built that leans towards aggressive and with it’s “Trail or Rail” geometry-altering flip-chip, the Reactor is the perfect go-anywhere and do-anything machine.

The Reactor’s UD Carbon monocoque frame comes with 3D-contoured frame protection and is factory fitted with a clear paint protection kit to keep the bike looking fresh.

It’s a bike built for all-day epics in backcountry terrain, where a 2,000-foot climb will inevitably lead to a 2,000-foot descent and you need a bike that’ll handle both equally well.

Available builds and pricing:

Reactor 290 RS: £6299.99 GBP / $7099.00 USD / €7899.99 EU
Reactor 290 Factory: £5299.99 GBP / $6499.00 USD / €6599.99 EU
Reactor 290 ST: £5299.99 GBP / $6499.00 USD / €6599.99 EU
Reactor 290 Elite: £4399.99 GBP / $5499.00 USD / €5599.99 EU
Reactor 275/ 290 Pro: £3799.99 GBP / $4299.00 USD / €4799.99 EU
Reactor 290 Comp: £2999.99 GBP / $3299.00 USD / €3799.99 EU
Reactor 290 Alloy Frame: £1899.99 GBP / $2299.00 USD / €2299.99 EU
Reactor 290 Carbon Frame: £2499.99 GBP / $2899.00 USD / €2999.99 EU

The new Giga, Mega and Reactor bike models will be available to purchase on August 7th in North America, and are available now from dealers in the rest of the world.

To learn more about the Nukeproof Bikes range, and find out where to demo or buy one for yourself, head to the Nukeproof Bikes website.

Nukeproof Giga And Mega


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