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Our goal for the new EKANO 2 AL was clear: A performance mountain bike which is THE absolute fun machine on every climb and descent. The handling of the E-Freerider was our first priority in the development. The bike should really feel at home on the “big stuff” without conveying in any way the otherwise accustomed unwieldiness of E-Bikes. With more travel, a significantly optimized weight distribution, a more efficient drive unit, more battery capacity and a completely new frame design, we have definitely succeeded!

The Future of Freeride – Spindrift DNA, Uplift included.

Propain Pro10 Concept and Geometry


The new EKANO 2 AL is the next evolutionary step of the first PROPAIN E-Bike. We have been able to transfer our proven PRO10 system to an e-mtb. This results in a significantly lower center of gravity and improves the kinematics considerably.

Handling and downhill performance were absolutely paramount in the development. That’s why we didn’t engage in the “who has the biggest battery” competition. A relatively low overall weight with optimal weight distribution gives the new EKANO a playful and agile “spindrift-like” behavior on the trail. The new Shimano EP801 delivers 80 watts more peak power than its predecessor and that over a wider cadence range. Paired with the 3.3 kg lightweight 626 Wh battery and the from the ground up new frame design, this hits exactly the sweet spot for maximum fun both uphill and downhill.

170 mm of travel at the rear and optionally 180 mm or 190 mm at the front, reach values adapted to our product range, a slightly flatter head angle of now 64° and a steep seat angle of 78° result in the modern geometry of our E-Freerider. The EKANO 2 AL is available exclusively in a mixed-wheel setup. The small rear wheel and the medium length chainstays of 445 mm round off the playful handling.

No matter if party laps in the bike park, exploring trails far away from where you usually ride or even on more mellow home trails – the EKANO 2 AL is the absolute fun machine no matter in which direction.

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The new EKANO is available exclusively in mixed wheel setup. For our E-Freeride bike it was important to us to ensure a maximum range of motion with good rollover behavior at the same time. Therefore, “business in the front & party in the back” is without a doubt the best option. The EKANO 2 AL is available in sizes S, M, L and XL. The stack is deliberately kept higher across all four sizes to achieve ideal handling despite the extra weight of the motor and battery.


We are convinced that our PRO10 system represents the best frame concept. To now transfer it entirely to an E-Bike for the first time has opened up new possibilities. The 205/60 trunnion mount shock makes efficient use of the space between the redesigned links and the EP801 motor. This raises the kinematics to the level of Tyee and Spindrift, while taking into account the higher weight of the E-Bike.

Due to the repositioned shock and the optimal integration of the motor and battery, the EKANO 2 AL has a maximally low and central center of gravity. This makes the weight very inconspicuous and the handling of the bike super close to our non-motorized models.


The frame consists of at least three different alloys, which in combination create the optimum between stiffness, strength and weight. On frame parts such as links and axles, 7075 T6 aluminum is used, which has a very high strength. For the tubes of the frame, a more fatigue-resistant 6066 T6 aluminum is used. Milled and forged parts, in turn, are made of 6061 T6 aluminum. Blend Alloy thus stands for our special and unique manufacturing process and ensures the optimal performance of the lightweight frames.


Our Integrated Cable Routing “ICR”, developed together with Sixpack is also featured on the new EKANO. The stem is CNC-machined in Germany and forms a molded fit to the top composite spacer. The cables therefore do not pass through the stem, but through a pinch-through seal underneath the stem into the top spacer, through the headset, and into the frame. Thus, the stem can be replaced effortlessly if necessary and the cockpit height can be adjusted by clip-in spacers, without having to remove the stem.

To make the system as durable as possible in addition to the seal at the cable entry, an additional IPS seal is mounted on the upper headset bearing. To make the system absolutely bullet-proof stainless steel bearings are used exclusively in all frames. Wear in the headset is therefore absolutely no issue with our ICR system.


With the new EKANO, the 200 mm Post-mount brake mount is integrated into the rear triangle. In addition to the sleek aesthetic aspects, this also achieves better transfer of braking forces into the frame.

Propain eKano 2 AL Launch


Silence on the trail makes an unexpectedly big difference. The EKANO 2 AL always wants to go faster and conveys an enormous feeling of confidence through absolute silence. To make this happen in addition to the cable integration at the headset, we optimized cable routing, going directly across the main pivot points of the rear triangle. We also developed new chain and seat stay protectors that are made of a soft TPR rubber with excellent damping properties, similar to the ones on the Tyee 6. Air-filled nubs with an outward tilt stop chain slap with great efficiency, keeping the bike quiet on the roughest trails. The new and improved EP801 also plays its part in the virtually silent ride.


When it comes to the selection of components, we continue to rely on a large and high-quality variety from which every customer can configure his dream bike. Proven suspension options from RockShox and Fox, brakes from SRAM, Magura and Formula and wheels from NEWMEN and Crankbrothers, as well as various options for handlebars, stems, seatposts, saddles and tires offer countless possibilities for customization.

To make it a little easier for customers to build their dream bike, in addition to the individual configuration, we offer three build kits. The build kits are recommendations from us to the customers, because this is exactly how we would configure our own bikes.

The starting price of the EKANO 2 AL is 4,994.00 €/$/£.

Propain eKano 2 AL Launch


The EP801 fitted by us is the new top model of the Japanese manufacturer. The intelligent drive unit delivers superbly controllable high power with a maximum torque of 85 Nm and 600 watts peak power over a wider cadence range than before. The balanced power delivery and optimized control provide a very natural feel on the trail. These features in combination with the low weight of only 2.7 kg made it easy for us to choose the EP801 as the drive unit of our new E-Freerider.

To provide a more affordable entry into our E-Bike world, we also offer the 300 gram heavier EP600. Apart from the extra weight of the aluminum housing, it delivers the same performance as its bigger brother made of magnesium.

Propain eKano 2 AL Launch


A powerful 626 Wh battery comes into play in the EKANO 2 AL. The new 21700 lithium-ion cell generation achieves a remarkably high energy density. The cells store more energy in less space and weight. This makes the battery of the EKANO 2 AL significantly slimmer, more compact and lighter than other batteries in this class and exactly the right energy storage to achieve the best trail performance.

Propain eKano 2 AL Launch


Words by Sourpatch

It seemed that Crankworx Whistler was primed to be the perfect setting to get some big dirt miles on the new Propain Ekano 2 AL. Unfortunately for us, mother nature had plans of her own, cutting our scheduled ride day down to just a couple of laps. A couple of laps in Whistler can tell you a lot about a bike, but is in no way enough for an official review. We look forward to getting a long term Propain Ekano 2 review bike in the near future, so we’ll all have to stay tuned for that. Until then, here’s our first impression.

Prior to meeting up with Patrick Thomas – Propain USA’s Marketing Coordinator – I knew nothing about the bike other than it was meant to be the “Freerider’s eBike.” One they pulled the Ekano 2 AL (Shred2 build) out of the van, the updates over its predecessor were apparent. The electronic integrations were cleaned up in part by opting for the new Shimano EP801 system, and the 626wh battery is a welcomed upgrade to the previous 504wh battery. Aesthetically, the Ekano 2 AL frame is a vast improvement over the OG Ekano frame. The biggest changes, however, come in the form of the suspension and geometry, and address Rob’s criticism of the original Ekano that he reviewed earlier this year.

Propain recommends setting the rear shock up with 28% sag, so that’s where I set it, and after some tweaking of the cockpit to my preferences it was time to hit the gondola. Trail conditions were less than optimal, starting out wet and only getting wetter. But even so, after the first few feet I was already in tune with the bike. Maybe it helped that I had been riding the Propain Tyee the day before, but the Ekano 2 was noticeably faster and had me feeling confident right away. The mixed-wheeled rig flowed and flicked through the tight berms, maintaining speed throughout and accelerating quickly on the exit.

Even through more technical sections of trail, the Ekano 2 AL maintained its poise, tracking exactly where it needed to go. The Pro10 suspension platform soaked up root ball landings and heavy g-outs begging for more. There were only a few instances where the bike broke traction and it almost always involved the Rock Armor found on many of Whistler’s black trails. The Rockshox Ultimate suspension spec was absolute butter on every trail, hell, even the braking bumps were muted to essentially nothing, which was much appreciated to keep my body that little bit fresher.

You might be asking; how did it climb…it’s an eBike afterall? Well, you will have to wait for the long-term review to come out, as we didn’t have any time to pedal some ascents. That said, the Tyee has the same Pro10 design, and that bike has a very supportive and efficient pedaling platform. So, one can deduce that with a motor, it will likely be a master climber ready to get you to the top of your favorite rowdy descent.  We’re excited to welcome one into our test fleet to see how it stacks up against the competition.

Visit to learn how to get yours. 


Propain Ekano 2 AL Price2Ride

MSRP: 5,889 $/€/£

Drive Unit: Shimano EP801 without Display
Fork: RockShox ZEB Select + 180mm
Shock: RockShox SDLX Select Coil-R Trunnion

Wheelset: NEWMEN Evo EG 30
Tires: Schwalbe Magic Marry/Big Betty

Drivetrain: SRAM GX Eagle (1×12)
Crank: Shimano FC-EM600 165mm
Brakes: Formula Cura 4 220/203

Handlebar: Millenium 805 35mm
Stem: Millenium 35mm 35mm
Saddle: Sixpack Kamikaze
Seatpost: Bikeyoke Devine

Propain Ekano 2 AL Shred2

MSRP: 7,579 $/€/£

Drive Unit: Shimano EP801 with Display
Fork: RockShox ZEB Ultimate 190mm
Shock: RockShox SDLX Ultimate RCT Air TR

Wheelset: NEWMEN Evo EG 30
Tires: Schwalbe Magic Marry/Big Betty

Drivetrain: SRAM GX Eagle Transmission AXS
Crank: Shimano FC-M8150 165mm
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC 220/200

Handlebar: Millenium 805 35mm
Stem: Millenium 35mm 35mm
Saddle: SQ-Lab 6OX Infingergy
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb AXS

Propain Ekano 2 AL GoldRush

MSRP: 8,999 $/€/£

Drive Unit: Shimano EP801 with Display
Fork: Fox 38 Factory Grip2 180mm
Shock: Fox DHX2 2-Pos

Wheelset: Crankbrothers Synthesis Carbon i9 Ebike
Tires: Maxxis DHR2 DD/Assegai MaxGrip

Drivetrain: SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission AXS
Crank: Shimano FC-M8150 165mm
Brakes: Magura MT7 220/203

Handlebar: Millenium 805 35mm
Stem: Millenium 35mm 35mm
Saddle: SQ-Lab 6OX Infingergy
Seatpost: Fox Factory Transfer


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