ncharted Society Unlocks A New Level Of Exploration With The Launch Of The Mountain Bike Collection



Welcome the Mountain Bike Collection

Explore the extraordinary with Uncharted Society’s new Mountain Biking Collection, where the exhilaration of mountain biking merges with the power of Can-Am Off-Road machines.

At launch be prepared to explore the rugged landscapes of Utah, British Columbia, and Quebec, while transcending your traditional mountain bike trips. Conquer challenging terrains in Utah, delve into British Columbia’s wilderness, and discover one of Quebec’s hidden gems. With the use of Can-Am Off-Road vehicles, Uncharted Society’s Mountain Biking Collection unlocks remote destinations and elevates your mountain bike adventure to new heights.

Create memories that will last a lifetime on an unforgettable journey where freedom of exploration, thrilling biking experiences, and the perfect blend of outdoor activities awaits.

ncharted Society Unlocks A New Level Of Exploration With The Launch Of The Mountain Bike Collection

ATV & Jeep Tours – Washington, Utah

Explore the red rock wonderland in Washington, Utah with the perfect blend of off-roading and biking bliss. Take in the breathtaking views and the rugged terrain from the Can-Am side-by-sides before transitioning to a mountain bike to explore the stunning biking trails. This adventure offers a variety of trail options including challenging descents and winding paths. Spend a half or full day traversing this stunning landscape, relishing every moment of this outdoor escapade.

Toby Creek Adventures – Panorama, BC

For mountain biking enthusiasts seeking the ultimate playground, Toby Creek Adventures in Panorama, British Columbia, offers everything. Start this adventure in a Can-Am side-by-side which will take you to the region’s most exhilarating and challenging mountain bike trails. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, Panorama offers trails suitable for all skill levels. Ride bikes, soak up the breathtaking vistas and conquer massive berms and jumps. Based on experience, this adventure offers less advanced paths with alternative routes to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Toby Creek Adventures also welcomes electric bikes.

Imago Village – Saint-David, Quebec

Explore the incredible boreal forest wilderness in Québec on this Imago Village adventure. After gearing up on a rugged Can-Am Maverick, venture off-road through pristine lakes and alpine landscapes. After traversing the wilderness on the Can-Am side-by-side, transition to a mountain bike for the return to Imago Village. All levels of riders are welcome. With different routes available, this multi-hour adventure guarantees awe-inspiring views and encounters with the abundant wildlife of backcountry Canada.

Whether you are on a solo adventure or looking to plan a trip with friends and family, these experienced outfitters offer a special opportunity for those looking to travel building a unique itinerary with mountain biking right at the focus. Visit Uncharted Society to learn more about these new experiences and book an adventure for yourself.

ncharted Society Unlocks A New Level Of Exploration With The Launch Of The Mountain Bike Collection


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