Nukeproof Bikes

The Nukeproof Digger

Unnecessary But Awesome

Although drop bar bikes don’t feature much in our lives here at The Loam Wolf, we enjoyed this fun little video by Nukeproof featuring their Digger gravel machine getting ripped, and thought you might enjoy it too!

Nukeproof Digger action

Here’s what Nukeproof has to say:

Some of the best things in life are unnecessary…but totally awesome. Scalp massages? Check. Whipped cream in hot chocolate? Check. The Nukeproof Digger? Check. Gravel bikes blur the lines between alt-road, old-school mountain bike, and supreme shred machines, but we like to think of them as just another awesome way to get around. So, grab your drops, smash some corners, climb some big ol’ mountains, and don’t forget your candy! Whether commuting to work, ripping local singletrack, or seeking out new adventures on the road less traveled, the Digger is here for it all.

We sent the Digger Factory out with Keith Robert and Satchel Cronk to show us a few things that are unnecessary but awesome (especially on a drop-bar bike)… including mega corner roosts, some high-speed jumps, proper techy riding, and one absolutely epic skid.

The Digger is available in three different spec levels to ensure a bike for all riders. Like all other Nukeproof bikes they’re built to ride hard and ride fast, so you can get rowdy any time!

Nukeproof Digger action


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