Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup



Photos by Max Rhulen & Dusten Ryen
Video by Brian Niles / Treeline Cinematic

After spending a brief stint aboard the Pivot Shuttle SL when it was first released, we knew it was a bike that fully deserved a spot in our first eBike Light Roundup. With the same Fazua Ride60 drive system as the Transition Relay, but with a much lighter and more trail-focused approach to its design, the Shuttle SL was sure to give the bikes at the more “SL” end of the SL spectrum a run for their money. Let us walk you through the key details before we share how it performed and stacked up against the competition in this hotly contested space.


• 132mm DW-Link Suspension
• 29” Wheels
• Fazua Ride60 Motor
• 430Wh Battery
• 2-pos Geometry Flip Chip
• HTA 65.5
• STA 76.5 (effective)
• REACH 482 (Large, High)

Price: $8,999 (Ride) – $13,199 (Pro WC)
Website: Pivotcycles.com

2023 SL EMTB SHOOTOUT SERIES – The Pivot Shuttle SL was one of the eight eMTBs we tested in our inaugural lightweight eBike group test. We’ve seen a rapid and impressive growth in this category and after fielding so many requests and comments in our well established, annual full-power EMTB SHOOTOUT series, it only seemed natural to give this category the attention it deserves.

This group review was made possible thanks to the amazing support of Schwalbe Tires and their brilliant new Tacky Chan tires, which we outfitted each and every bike with for a consistent test platform.

We’d also like to thank Ninja MTB and Glade Optics.

Our crew did plenty of testing around Central Oregon before heading down to one of our favorite places to ride, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Thanks for the hospitality Discover Klamath and the beautiful Running Y Resort.

2023 eMTB SL Group Review: Logo List


One of only two bikes in this year’s shootout using the Fazua Ride60 drive system, Pivot’s Shuttle SL packs 60Nm torque in a 39.6lb bike. It was an absolute featherweight up, down and all around the mountains we tested it on.

DRIVE UNIT AND ELECTRONICS | As you could guess, the Fazua Ride60 has 60Nm of torque and can output 450W of peak power. The drive unit is powered by an integrated 430Wh battery, offering a healthy capacity, and minimizing the weight due to its fixed design. Fazua plans to offer a 210Wh range extender to boost this capacity to 640Wh for the longer days in the saddle. However, that extender was supposed to have already been available at the time of this test so, you’ll likely have to deal with some more uncertainty and waiting. Speaking of Fazua delays and issues, we must address the grumblings we’ve heard about and read online. As can be the case with newer brands and products, development pains can be very real and Fazua has faced some issues from durability to firmware on early bikes that have opted to run this unit. It seems the drive unit and bike we got from Pivot are the latest and most up to date version, which they claim are “dialed” and should address many of the issues that plagued earlier drive units and brains. Both of our Fazua-equipped test bikes ran without fault for a number of months.

The Ride60 system is controlled by Fazua’s neat Ring Control handlebar remote. This is a 3-way switch that offers control of the power modes and enables the walk mode. Fazua’s system offers the selection between three power modes – Breeze, River and Rocket – and there is the ability to hit the controller when on the move to initiate “Boost” mode, which delivers the maximum 450W of power for a four second period, letting you clear a technical feature on the trail without burning excessive battery when the power isn’t required. There’s no display, instead an integrated top tube unit has LEDs which indicate the battery level and mode selected, and can pop out of the top tube to reveal a USB-C port to connect and charge a device. Users can connect to the Fazua app to access key information and to tailor each of the power modes to their liking.

Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

FRAME AND FEATURES | As with the rest of the Pivot lineup, the Shuttle SL uses a full Hollow Core carbon fiber frame to minimize the weight without sacrificing stiffness and strength, letting their lightest World Cup build tip the scales at an impressively light claimed 36.25lbs. The suspension layout ensures there’s plenty of space within the front triangle for a full-size water bottle; provisions are in place to fit a tool system to the underside of the top tube such as Pivot’s own Tool Dock; the cables are routed internally with Pivot’s Cable Port system to clamp them in place and prevent rattling; and there’s a flip chip on the upper shock mount to change the geometry between a high and low position. The rear end makes use of the Super Boost 157 spacing to maximize tire clearance without growing the rear end and increase stiffness; and the derailleur is mounted with SRAM’s UDH.

SUSPENSION | Pivot continues to use the DW-Link suspension system on their full suspension mountain bikes, with the rear end of the Shuttle SL given 132mm travel to tame the trail.  There’s a high degree of progression at 32% to make it air or coil shock compatible; around 105% Anti Squat in the climbing gears at sag which grows to 130% at the small end of the cassette, and 95% Anti Rise at sag.

Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR Geometry | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

GEOMETRY | The Shuttle SL has some very solid trail bike geometry, with the shortest rear end on test and some fairly well-rounded figures elsewhere, putting it at the shorter end of the wheelbases on test. We opted to run it in the “High” geometry setting for the majority of testing due to the improved ground clearance it offered in technical climbs. This gave it plenty of agility for tighter sections of trail, but it came at the price of some stability when things got fast and loose.

BUILD SPECS | Pivot offers their Shuttle SL in a range of builds beginning at the $8,999 Ride build and topping out at the $13,199 World Cup XTR build. We tested the second-from-top Team XTR build, which has a killer parts spec to match it’s $12,999 price tag. Suspension duties are handled by a Fox Factory 36 E-MTB 150mm fork and Factory Float X shock, and there’s a matching Factory Transfer dropper seatpost. The drivetrain is a mostly Shimano affair with the XTR 12-speed derailleur and shifter and the Rotor EKAPIC E-MTB cranks; and the brakes are 4-pot Shimano XTRs with a 203mm front and 180mm rear Galfer rotor.

The cockpit is provided by Pivot with their Team Low Rise Carbon handlebar clamped by their Team Enduro/Trail alloy stem. As with many Pivot builds, the wheelset is provided by Reynolds with their 309/289 XC rims on Industry Nine Hydra hubs, and as standard they are wrapped with a Maxxis Dissector EXO tire combo, but for this shootout we outfitted all bikes with Schwalbe’s awesome new Tacky Chan tire. It may be a bit overkill for some Shuttle SL riders but it certainly allowed us to push the limits of this capable and lightweight eMTB.

Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup


SETUP | Setting up the Shuttle SL was a straightforward affair. We downloaded the Fazua app to ensure we were up to date, able to check battery percentages and modify power delivery if we wanted to customize anything else.

Suspension setup out back is a breeze on all Pivot mountain bikes thanks to their incredibly simple, but clever sag-meter. Swapping between multiple riders can be a time-consuming endeavor but a simple hop and squish to be verified by the indicator line is all it takes aboard the Shuttle SL. The progression of the SL is high, but heavier or more aggressive riders may still ask for a little help from some reducers to prevent the end of that 132mm rear travel coming too frequently – something we’re already used to adding to our new bike routine.

ELECTRONICS & INTEGRATION | The Shuttle SL doesn’t have any standout goods or bads when it comes to integration or electronics. The system is simple, stripped down and works. There’s no clutter, or excessive buttons, but it also doesn’t give you a ton of information beyond five colored LED lights to indicate power mode and battery level in 20% increments. The app works well and so long as you don’t mind looking at the app to get more detailed info, you’re likely to be satisfied.

Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

MOTOR POWER & RANGE | Coming into this group review, our testers had not spent a ton of time on Fazua drive unit bikes, however both the Transition and Pivot feature the Ride 60 unit and 430Wh battery. The power coming out of this stealthy – both in sound and size – drive unit is impressive, and it stands out amidst the other true lightweight motor offerings. Only the Giant Trance Xs SyncDrive Pro with 85Nm felt faster and stronger, but with the penalty of almost a kilo of motor weight.

Range on the Fazua bikes was solid as the 430Wh battery offered more juice than the TQ-equipped 360Wh bikes. As far as a Watt Per Mile comparison, it seems the Fazua is also very competitive as our 10.5-mile range and power test loop put this bike near the top of the pack.

CLIMBING | Climbing the Shuttle SL was a treat thanks to the peppy drive unit, quick yet confident geometry and the low weight. One of the lightest eBikes in the group, the battery life and effort expelled on climbing was noticeably less than other larger, heavier bikes. The suspension platform remained compliant yet efficient, offering a nice blend.

Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

DESCENDING | This is where some of our testers started to split. Half of our testers loved descending the Shuttle SL and felt it was extremely capable and fun all around. The other half agreed that the bike was an absolute rocket ship and was scary fast right out of the gate. However, the steeper head tube angle, and low weight meant it was a bit easier to get nervous aboard the Shuttle SL on the burliest of trails. Of course, we fully concede the fact these trails would be much better suited to a 150mm or even 160mm bike, so take this feedback with a grain of salt. It’s just that the suspension is just so dang capable on the Shuttle SL that it can really lead you into some sketchy situations, and quickly!

If you’re not regularly spending time on trails where a full face and burly knee pads would be at home, the Shuttle SL will reward you with every move and spin of the wheels. Few bikes in our test fleet, electric or analog, have accelerated, handled, or moved as quickly and easily as the Shuttle SL does. It’s a truly impressive eMTB that is a playful dream when popping in and out of corners of pumping and popping smaller features on the edges of the trail.

FINISH AND VALUE | Pivot Cycles may not be the first brand you think of when you think “Value” however there’s no denying that they do present a solid product for a relatively competitive price. They do not offer entry-level builds and while that may take them out of many people’s “Value” dictionary, when you look at their spec’d models with XT, XTR and XX or X0-level componentry, they are not out of line with other premium products from brands like Trek, Specialized and the like.

Another undeniable fact is that Pivot bikes look absolutely dialed. Their fit and finish exude the premium image they keep, and it would make us proud to be Pivot owners, at least until we got it dirty. But thankfully there’s ceramic coating and frame protection wraps that help keep our toys clean nowadays. No matter how you clean or protect your bike, the Pivot Shuttle SL is a beautiful bike with great attention to detail that had all our testers impressed.

Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

The Wolf’s Last Word

We’ve been waiting to get the Pivot Shuttle SL out on the trail for quite some time since our first ride experience last year. The wait was worth it as the Shuttle SL is one of the most fun and capable eMTBs in our eBike Light roundup. Of course, that capability is definitely focused more on the XC to Trail end of the spectrum no matter how capable that 132mm of DW-Link rear suspension is. The steeper head tube angle will snap you back to reality if you start approaching terrain at speeds more appropriate for a 150mm or 160mm bike, which happened every single time we took this bike out. It’s just so hard to keep this bike wrangled in as it goes so fast without any effort, which would likely make it a great race machine for those looking at a competitive eMTB. We’d love to see a 160mm version of this bike in the future, but for now, trail riders will reap the benefits of shredding Pivot’s lightest and most playful eMTB. This is a very awesome bike and one we’d highly suggest to those in the market.


If you are a rider who is looking at a spritely and capable trail to light all-mountain eMTB, the Pivot Shuttle SL is an easy recommendation. It scores top marks in all categories when it comes to performance for a lightweight trail eBike. So long as you’re not looking for an enduro rig, the Shuttle SL is definitely worth throwing a leg over.

Price: $12,999 (Team XTR)
Weight: 39.6 lbs (large)
Website: Pivotcycles.com


Frame: Hollow Core Carbon | 132mm
Fork: Fox Factory 36 E-MTB Grip2 | 150mm
Shock: Fox Factory Float X 2-pos | 210x55mm

Motor: Fazua Ride60 | 450W | 60Nm | 1.96kg
Battery: Fazua Internal | 430Wh | Integrated | 2.2kg
Display: No Display
Remote: Fazua Ring Controller

Brakes: Shimano XTR M9120 203F/180R Galfer rotors
Handlebar: Phoenix Team Low Rise Carbon | 20mm Rise | 780 W
Stem: Phoenix Team Enduro/Trail | 50mm Length
Seatpost: Fox Transfer Factory | S: 150mm, M/L: 175mm, XL: 200mm
Saddle: Pivot WTB Volt

Rims: Reynolds Blacklabel 309/289 XC
Hubs: Industry Nine Hydra
Front tire: Maxxis Dissector | EXO | 29″ x 2.4″
Rear tire: Maxxis Dissector | EXO | 29″ x 2.4″

Cassette: Shimano XTR M9100 | 10-51T
Cranks: Rotor EKAPIC E-MTB | S/M: ??mm, L/XL: ??mm
Shifter: Shimano XTR M9100 | 12s
Derailleur: Shimano XTR M9100 | 12s

We Dig

Absolute rocket ship
Attention to detail
Ride quality
Performance all around
Fun to ride

We Don’t

It will lure you into trouble
They don’t have a longer travel version yet
Non-removable battery for some
Fazua range extender date keeps delaying


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