Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL Lightweight eMTB Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup




Photos by Max Rhulen & Dusten Ryen
Video by Brian Niles / Treeline Cinematic

When it came time to review the Scott Lumen eRIDE 900, our crew was equal parts excited and nervous. With a crazy high price tag, one-piece carbon fiber wheels and the most “XC” geometry and travel of the group, we were anxious to see what our testers would feel on the trail. The SL eMTB World is constantly growing, and the spectrum of offerings for riders from all disciplines is awesome to see, even if it’s a category we’re not finely in-tune with. Queue the XC-focused Scott Lumen eRIDE. Most of the eBikes we review are geared more towards aggressive, downhill-biased riders who want to get more laps and elevation, whereas the Scott Lumen is essentially a pedal-focused, lightweight electrified version of the Spark trail platform. Regardless of the category, the Lumen eRIDE 900 is a real head turner thanks to its hidden rear shock and neatly integrated TQ HPR50 drive unit and 360Wh battery. Impressively the Scott Lumen 900 weighs just 34.7lbs. Let’s dig into what makes this bike so unique and what we thought of it on the trail.


• 130mm Integrated Suspension Technology Suspension
• 29” Wheels
• TQ HPR50 Motor
• 360Wh Battery
• Adjustable Head Tube Angle
• HTA 65.5
• STA 77.2 (effective)
• REACH 476 (Large, High)

Price: $6,999 – $15,999

2023 SL EMTB SHOOTOUT SERIES – The Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL was one of the eight eMTBs we tested in our inaugural lightweight eBike group test. We’ve seen a rapid and impressive growth in this category and after fielding so many requests and comments in our well established, annual full-power EMTB SHOOTOUT series, it only seemed natural to give this category the attention it deserves.

This group review was made possible thanks to the amazing support of Schwalbe Tires and their brilliant new Tacky Chan tires, which we outfitted each and every bike with for a consistent test platform.

We’d also like to thank Ninja MTB and Glade Optics.

Our crew did plenty of testing around Central Oregon before heading down to one of our favorite places to ride, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Thanks for the hospitality Discover Klamath and the beautiful Running Y Resort.

2023 eMTB SL Group Review: Logo List


The Scott Lumen eRIDE is a lightweight eBike version of their Spark trail bike, with 130mm travel on both ends and a TQ HPR50 motor that delivers 50Nm torque to the rear wheel. With a lightweight carbon fiber frame using their Integrated Suspension Technology to hide the rear shock from sight, the Lumen eRIDE is one of the more visually interesting bikes in this shootout, so let’s dive into the details.

DRIVE UNIT AND ELECTRONICS | The Scott Lumen is one of two bikes in this shootout to use the TQ HPR50 drive system. This features the lightest motor on test at just 4.07lbs (1.85kg), which can produce 50Nm Torque and up to 300W power. The motor uses a very cool Harmonic Pin Ring system (hence the HPR name) to deliver a very quiet operation. TQ supplies a 360Wh battery to power the system, bringing overall weight to 8.59lbs (3.9kg), and there’s an optional 160Wh Range Extender that can supply extra juice to support longer rides, bringing total battery capacity up to 520Wh.

TQ uses a neatly integrated top tube display to show vital information and form the control center. It’ll connect with your phone via Bluetooth or a cycle computer via ANT+, and there’s a remote on the bar to offer quick selection of each power mode or to activate walk mode. The TQ system offers three power modes: ECO, MID and HIGH; letting you tailor the level of support to your preference of range or power.

Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL Lightweight eMTB Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

FRAME AND FEATURES | The Scott Lumen eRIDE 900 is made with their top-tier HMX Carbon Fiber, giving the lightest frame and builds as low as a claimed 34.2lbs (15.5kgs). It has a host of interesting features, with the obvious being the hidden rear shock thanks to its Integrated Suspension Technology system. This rear shock can still be accessed through a removable hatch in the downtube, facilitating adjustments to pressure and rebound and letting you change the cable for the TwinLoc system. The cables are routed through the headset with the Syncros Cable Integration system, reducing clutter on the bar to an absolute minimum and preventing rattle. The headset can be replaced with the included angle-adjusting cups to tailor the headtube angle by 0.6 degrees in either direction. The layout of the suspension allows for two water bottle mounts to be present inside the front triangle, which lets riders double up on hydration or carry both a water bottle and the range extender. The bottle cage on the downtube can be replaced by an included quick release plate, letting riders quickly swap out the bottle cage for the range extender and obtain a secure attachment.

SUSPENSION | The Lumen eRIDE’s Integrated Suspension Technology rear end sees the rear shock hidden within its HMX Carbon Fiber frame. This shock is driven by a link internally to deliver the 130mm of rear travel, with a flex stay in place to cut down on the amount of hardware and minimize overall weight. The Lumen receives the classic TwinLoc treatment as you might be used to seeing on Scott bikes, with a handlebar-mounted lever giving remote lockout capabilities for the fork and shock simultaneously. This system offers Lockout, Traction or Descend modes to let you tailor the feeling of the bike to the trail ahead and unlocks some extra efficiency and range for the longest days in the saddle. The NUDE 5T shock produced by Fox for Scott offers this TwinLoc functionality, with simultaneous compression and travel adjustment. The Traction mode reduces rear travel down to 90mm, increasing efficiency but retaining some movement to obtain grip on the terrain, whereas the Lockout mode effectively prevents the suspension from moving at all to really maximize efficiency and range.

Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL Lightweight eMTB Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

GEOMETRY | The Scott Lumen eRIDE has geometry very similar to their Spark XC/trail bike, which is aggressive for a bike in this space but still very much on the agile side of things compared with the more aggressive bikes in this test. The exception to that rule is in the 450mm chainstay length – longest on test – which aids in steep terrain climbing abilities and also allows the rather steep head tube angled XC bike to feel comfortable at higher speeds.

BUILD SPECS | Scott offers a range of models beginning with the $6,999 Lumen 910 and topping out at our staggeringly expensive Lumen 900 SL at $15,999. For that $16k, you do get an impressive build kit which lets the weight stay down at the equally impressive 34.7lbs. Suspension duties are handled by the TwinLoc-equipped Fox 34 Float Factory Fit4 fork and custom Fox NUDE 5T Factory EVOL shock, and they are matched by the Fox Transfer dropper post. The drivetrain is a SRAM XX1 Eagle affair, with an FSA carbon crankset in 175mm length. Braking duties are provided by Shimano with their XTR 4-piston brakes and a pair of 180mm Centerlock rotors. The cockpit is an integrated unit by Scott’s in-house component brand, Syncros, with their Fraser iC SL DC Carbon bar and stem combo to match the clean aesthetic and minimize weight.

One of the standout products and an undeniable contributor to the 900 SL’s weight and price tag, are the Syncros Silverton SL2-30 wheels. Works of art for sure, but these one-piece wheels feature a carbon rim, spokes and hub shell that are molded together. DT Swiss hub internals offer reliable services, and they’re equipped with SRAM TyreWiz units to keep an eye on tire pressures. Speaking of tires, as standard the Scott Lumen eRIDE 920 SL is provided with a pair of Schwalbe Wicked Will Super Race tires, but for this shootout we equipped all bikes with a set of big and burly Tacky Chans, which made this svelte and sexy XC machine look a little more menacing.

Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL Lightweight eMTB Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup


SETUP | Being that the Scott Lumen SL is so far outside the normal riding position for our test team, we had no choice but to adapt and ride this bike the way it ships. We left the one-piece bar/stem installed and kept the headset cups in the steep position to really embrace the spirit of XC. We’re not fans of one-piece cockpits but it seems more and more brands keep releasing them, so we made do. Scott’s bar/stem does have some adjustability compared to other fixed units but we ended up leaving them and focusing more on changing out the grips, which were a bit slippery.

One area that was a bit finicky was the rear shock. Being that it’s hidden under a cover and in a tight spot, it took a little more time to change air pressures, but specifically we found the rebound knob was a bit difficult to engage and discernably feel how big or small or adjustments we were making to the damping.

ELECTRONICS & INTEGRATION | Scott has done a splendid job keeping the Lumen as streamlined and stealthy as possible. In fact it’s probably the least eBike-looking bike we’ve seen, or picked up! The screen in the top tube sits flush and the small TQ remote is easy to use. We also like the quick disconnect bottle cage feature for either the range extender battery or water bottle. And for those who want to use their phone to get into the apps and modify tunes, customize power delivery and check other stats, the Scott and TQ products work well.

Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL Lightweight eMTB Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

MOTOR POWER & RANGE | We’ve learned a lot over the years of testing eBikes and having put together five eMTB Shootouts. One of the things we’ve learned is just how much range and perceived power can vary. Everything from soil compaction to clipless vs flat pedals, tire tread and compounds and overall weight. We bring this up because the Lumen 900 SL is the lightest bike and our testers noticed a bit more range and a slightly sportier feel from the TQ drive unit, especially with the OE spec’d tires compared to the grippy and soft Tacky Chans we installed. But, compared to the 43lb Trek Fuel EXe, which has the same drive unit and battery, ridden by the same rider on the same loop, the Scott would return with anywhere from 5-8% more battery.

Aside from the weight and efficiency gains by the TwinLoc-equipped Lumen, the TQ drive unit is very quiet, only slightly louder than the Fazua Ride 60. It’s also a bit less powerful than the Fazua, delivering 50Nm of torque, which you could feel on the steeper climbs.

CLIMBING | Being that the Scott Lumen is aimed at XC riders, it’s no surprise that it’s the sportiest climber and regularly put down some fast times. Only the Giant and it’s monstrous 85Nm of torque could battle the Scott on general XC, short-track style loops. It does put the rider in a more aggressive, over-the-bars feel, which helps on climbs and while getting aero, but also means a little sketchiness on the downhills. More on that below.

Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL Lightweight eMTB Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

DESCENDING | Sporting a 65.5-degree head tube angle with a long and dropped stem, the Lumen is not built with shred-tastic downhill trails in mind. It’s designed to offer a fast, efficient and lively ride for cross country and trail riders looking to make up time on the flats and climbs. Make no mistake though, we still punished this bike on the trails and sent it off plenty of head-high lips with 15-20 foot gaps and we’re all here to tell the tale. With the bike in the slacker head tube position and some burlier tires, the Lumen is capable of being ridden in a fun and aggressive manner for a 130mm bike, it’s just that we’re not so sure a 130mm eBike is a niche we’d be looking at.

FINISH AND VALUE | Next to the Forestal, the Scott Lumen 900 SL is probably the most impressive-looking bike. The one-piece carbon wheels demand appreciation and the subtle raw carbon and translucent blood red paint with little hints of flake beg you to look closer. We wanted to polish this bike often to keep enjoying the aesthetic vibe. If you’re spending 16-grand on a bike, it better make you excited just looking at it. This bike is one we’d happily hang in the entryway of our theoretical mansion under some decorative lighting.

Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL Lightweight eMTB Review | 2023 eMTB SL Roundup

The Wolf’s Last Word

We’d love to hear our reader’s feedback on if they think the cross-country, short travel SL eMTB category is one that will grow. In our opinion one of the most anti-eBike groups are those very fit and proud XC riders who feel they’ve “earned” it, and so we don’t see them jumping ship and picking up a performance XC-E machine…But maybe we’re wrong!

Genre-assumptions aside, the Scott Lumen eRIDE is a pretty awesome bike for a specific audience. If you regularly ride in knee pads, like pushing the limits on your downhill skills or want to hit steeper trails and bigger jumps, this is not the bike for you. Instead check out the Scott Ransom eRIDE or even the Patron, which are both bikes we love! If however, you are a speed-seeking trail rider who wants to climb, spin and power your way around the more XC-minded trails in your area, this bike rips. It’s fast, fun, lively and executed well. It’s just not the right tool for us.


Either the performance minded XC rider or a general trail rider who wants to have a lightweight, fast, nimble and mountain bike-feeling eBike.

Price: $15,999 (900 SL)
Weight: 34.7lbs


Frame: HMX Carbon | 130mm
Fork: Fox Factory 34 Float Fit4 | 130mm
Shock: Fox Factory NUDE 5T EVOL | 165x45mm

Motor: TQ HPR50 | 300W | 50Nm | 1.8kg
Battery: TQ Internal | 360Wh | Integrated | 1.83kg
Display: TQ HPR
Remote: TQ System LED

Brakes: Shimano XTR M9120 | 180F/180R rotors
Handlebar/Stem: Syncros Fraser iC SL DC Carbon | 20mm Rise | 760 W
Headset: Syncros Angle Adjust & Cable Routing
Seatpost: Fox Transfer Factory | S: 125mm, M: 140mm, L: 150mm, XL: 175mm
Saddle: Syncros Tofino Regular 1.0

Wheelset: Syncros Silverton SL2-30 CL full Carbon
Front tire: Schwalbe Wicked Will EVO | 29″ x 2.4″
Rear tire: Schwalbe Wicked Will EVO | 29″ x 2.4″

Cassette: SRAM XX1 XG1299 | 10-52T
Cranks: FSA Carbon | 175mm
Shifter: SRAM Eagle AXS Rocker | 12s
Derailleur: SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS | 12s

We Dig

One Piece Wheels
Stealthy looks
Fast and efficient
Active and lively ride

We Don’t

Not the right tool for DH-biased riders


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