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A Sign Of Things To Come

We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon on the Privateer prototype 161 V2 a while back, when things were still a bit rough around the edges. We weren’t allowed to take any photos or ask too many questions, but it’s safe to say their new machine carries a bit of a different trail feel that is likely to please riders looking to spend a race day pushing the bike and themselves to the limits. More planted and comfortable than the V1, the V2 feels like a bike that will be a little more forgiving, and an easy bike to ride is a fast bike when you’re fatigued.

Here’s what Privateer have to say:

If you have been following social media, race news or the latest spy shots and leaked images of the Privateer Prototype, then it will have been hard to miss that we’ve been working on something new.

Since the start of the 2023 racing season, Fergus Ryan, Katy Curd and Joe Connell (get well soon, mate) have been riding new prototypes to help us with the development of new enduro and trail bikes, bikes that we’ve been riding and testing in secret for the past few seasons.

We’re still not ready to spill all the beans and divulge all of the exciting features our engineers have been pouring over, but we felt it was about time we at least made our Privateer prototype official and showed you all what it can do under Fergus Ryan, with the help of videographer Will Brock.

This is all we can share for now, but we look forward to reading through your comments to see if you manage to make some accurate predictions about the future of Privateer Bikes.

Privateer Prototype Detail

Follow our development story!

Before you start clearing space in your garage, it’s important to remember that this is still a prototype, and we’re still in the development phase of the Privateer Prototype. Our team of engineers, designers and pro-riders are still hard at work fine-tuning every detail to meet our high performance and durability standards.

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Privateer Prototype Action


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