Yoann Barelli joins Devinci


Photos by Liam Wallace

The French saying joie de vivre translates to “the exuberant enjoyment of life.” It would be hard to find better words to describe the spirit of Yoann Barelli. “Madman” or, simply, “crazy” could do the trick too. But, behind the hype and howling laughter, there’s a passionate rider dedicated to sharing his love for the sport. Devinci is proud to welcome Yoann to the family. Bienvenue Yo!

Yoann got his start as a pro enduro racer and was French national DH champion back in the day. His love for freeride, creativity and outgoing personality pulled him away from the racetrack and into the palm of our hands on social media. His high-stoke riding content is becoming more and more about pushing other riders to progress. Yoann’s Into the Gnar coaching programs and infamous Tour de Gnar put riders outside their comfort zones and into, well, the gnar.

Yoann Barelli joins Cycles Devinci

Off the bike, Yoann is a vocal environmentalist. He’s not afraid to pick up trash on the side of the road and he believes in riding bikes that have a lower impact. Yo will be riding aluminum Devinci mountain bikes that are made in Chicoutimi, Canada with local aluminum. Devinci is investing in further development of aluminum manufacturing, which is creating lower emissions compared to carbon. Yoann chooses the aluminum Devinci Chainsaw for day-to-day gnar.

“Devinci’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint by making bikes in Quebec resonates deeply with me. Preserving our natural playgrounds is a shared passion. And as a francophone company, Devinci’s connection to my French roots adds a special dimension to this journey. I’m super pumped to be part of the family and honored to ride the Chainsaw, a bike with a strong meaning and heritage to many riders and me. Joining Devinci is more than sponsorship, it’s a meaningful connection :) ” – Yoann Barelli

We’re stoked to have Yoann on board with us. And can’t wait for more riders to discover the exuberant, joyful madness of Barelli’s joie de vivre.

Yoann Barelli joins Cycles Devinci

On the surface, the rock of northern Quebec doesn’t seem like fertile soil for a bike brand. But look closer and see a community dedicated to the craft of welding bikes by hand. Witness a tight-knit riding scene steeped in hometown pride. See firsthand the expertise and influence of one of North America’s leading aluminum industries. Then take a step back. And you’ll realize that, while it looks different, this might be the most natural place for a bike brand on earth. You just have to trust the process. A land where passion is true, north and strong, and where expertise is unapologetically Canadian.


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