Words & Photos by Sean Cochran

Prevelo recently launched the first and only 16” kids dirt jumper on the market, the BRAVO TWO.  We were quick to ask the question, “do kids between the ages of 4 ½ to 7 years old really need a dirt jumper?”  After our recent test of the Prevelo ZULU TWO left us impressed with the build quality, carefully curated spec and over all performance, we were eager to get our fearless 5-year-old tester aboard the all-new BRAVO TWO.

FRAME AND FEATURES: The BRAVO TWO follows the same design and build philosophy as the ZULU TWO we recently test.  You can read more here.

The BRAVO TWO is the smallest of the three different size and spec options offered in the BRAVO range of kid’s dirt jumpers.  Each BRAVO model is built with the same custom 6061 Aluminum tubes connect by strong oversized welds paired with a suspension fork to create a strong, but lightweight package. Riders transfer power via custom length HEIR 2-piece direct mount cranks featuring an ultra-narrow Q-factor to ensure small riders a more comfortable and efficient ride. A half-link chain paired with the micro-adjust rear dropouts allow for precise chain tension adjustment. Reliable and quick engaging Novatec hubs combined with lightweight and durable WTB i27rims wrapped in Kenda Booster oversized tires complete the wheel and tire package. An adjustable reach TEKTRO hydraulic disc brake out back handles the braking.

Prevelo Bravo Two Profile Shot

BRAVO TWO: Like the ZULU TWO our tester tried previously, the 16” model BRAVO TWO seemed to be the best option for his height and age.

16” wheels, the HEIR 16 60mm travel suspension fork, smaller diameter grips and a slightly steeper head tube angle of 69* are the only items that differentiate the BRAVO TWO from the larger sizes available.

OPTIONS: With the suspension fork coming as standard spec, the options are more limited for the BRAVO series of bikes than some of the other bikes in the Prevelo lineup.

The options include:

  • HEIR Footport Alloy pedals featuring safety domed pins keeping shin scrapes at bay. Available in multiple color options.
  • Rider name lettering printed and installed prior to shipping.

OUT OF THE BOX: The professional build quality, level of care and ease of build straight out of the box on the BRAVO TWO is no different than the rest of the bikes in the Prevelo lineup. After pulling the bike from the box all that was needed to get the bike rolling was a quick mount of the pedals and handlebars.

Prevelo Bravo Two Action


Once we got past the sticker shock of nearly one thousand dollars for a kids dirt jumper, we realized Prevelo has yet again put together a sweet bike. Our tester immediately loved the color and the fact that he had a dirt jumper, his favorite thing to ride at the skills center. It’s clear the designers of this bike thought of every detail. The Rowdy Red paint scheme with sand-colored accents and gold chain, ooze style and do not play into the typical bright colored, gimmicky kids colorways we’re used to seeing.

The parts spec is top notch for a kid’s bike, and we would like to see some of the parts carried over to the ZULU TWO that we tested previously. The wheel and tire package is an improvement compared to the ZULU TWO and why not add the sweet gold chain while you’re at it.

Once we went beyond admiring the aesthetic of the bike, it was time to get a ride or two in and there were a few notable observations immediately. First, the riding position for our young rider took some getting used to. Younger children tend to rely on the safety of riding in a seated position rather than standing all the time. The pivotal seat and lower saddle position put our tester in an awkward position to pedal the bike when seated. One unexpected benefit of the riding position is it led to a teaching opportunity for our rider on proper riding position and encouraged him to stand up and ride in a balanced position.

Second, at 69* head angle is still more slack than many comparable kids bikes on the market, but the bike was very easy to control for our tester.  Once he navigated the nuances of the new riding position, it was clear his ability to maneuver the bike around the pump track and over obstacles quickly improved.

After spending considerable time and truly enjoying the Prevelo ZULU TWO it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing the two bikes, but the two bikes are truly unique.  That left us wondering if we combined the best features of each, would it create a quiver killer kids bike? Would the suspension fork and upgrade wheel/tire package on the BRAVO TWO improve the ZULU TWO’s trail worthiness? Would a longer seat post combined with the ease of handling make the BRAVO TWO a perfect kids bike for the skills park and groomed trails?

Due to our limited time on the BRAVO TWO we cannot make a fair assessment of the bike, but it left us intrigued and with more questions than answers.  Our tester is excited to continue putting it the paces at our local skills park.  Check back later for a long-term review.

The Wolf’s First Impression

The Prevelo BRAVO TWO is the first and only kids 16” dirt jumper on the market. As with most Prevelo bikes, it features a well-built frame, solid ride qualities and a nicely curated spec. Our first rides led to great teaching lessons for our tester that vastly improved his riding in a short amount of time. Due to our limited testing thus far, we cannot give a definitive answer on if this is a niche that needs to be filled, but it’s clear to see the bike has some advantages that we look forward to continuing to test. Check back soon for a full review.

Price: $999
Weight: 16.9 lbs

We Dig

Overall spec
Build Quality

We Don’t

Could be to purpose driven for a kids bike.


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