Push Industries SVEight Rear Shock



When it comes to coil suspension, no other suspension company is more committed to the #oncoil movement than PUSH. Today we’re excited to announce our expanded line of coil shocks offering increased options for riders when it comes to upgrading their rear suspension to PUSH.

THE CONCEPT | Build a precision, lightweight, high-performance coil shock with class leading durability. Offer it in a package that allows the broadest aftermarket compatibility of both MTB and E-MTB bikes. Make the external adjustment positive and easy to use. And possibly the greatest challenge, manufacture it here at home in Colorado. SV8 mission accomplished!

CHASSIS | The new SV8 features a single valve architecture with 28 clicks of each High and Low Speed Compression damping as well as 18 clicks of Low Speed Rebound damping all via tool-free external dials. The shock is packaged in a way to minimize weight and maximize frame clearance on most modern mountain bike frames. SV8 coil shocks feature standardized mounting eyelets compatible with both DU bushing and 5pc hardware mounting kits, as well as spring retainers compatible with PUSH Hypercoil springs as well as aftermarket springs utilizing a 35mm (1.38”) inside diameter.

Push Industries SVEight Rear Shock

DAMPING OPTIMIZED | No lever, no problem. Each SV8 features our new bridged piston design and compression characteristic which aids in isolating rider induced movements without compromising bump performance. Riders also benefit from the SV8’s easy-to-use tool-free external adjusters, for fine tuning the exact performance to meet both their pedaling efficiency and bump eating needs.

HYDRAULIC BOTTOM OUT | Never experience a harsh bottom out again. Over the final 15% of wheel travel, our secondary HBO piston increases compression damping to quickly decelerate the shock providing seamlessly smooth end travel.

USER ADJUSTABLE STROKE | One Shock, 3 different strokes. With our travel chip system, shock stroke can be easily adjusted in 2.5mm increments to ensure the exact match to your bike’s specifications. In addition, these travel chips offer increased flexibility if taking the shock to a different bike.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION | Today’s mountain bike market is more diverse than ever. With the different linkage designs, mounting systems, and various E-MTB applications it takes a robust product to accommodate them all. We designed the SV8 to feature our high-strength steel shaft and oversized shaft eyelet to accommodate exactly those needs.

Push Industries SVEight Rear Shock

HOMEGROWN | Manufactured here matters. Creating high quality products manufactured right here under the roof of our Colorado facility by skilled individuals adds a level of detail that simply cannot be matched. The result: Quality, Durability, and Performance.

WARRANTY RESET | A revolutionary suspension warranty first introduced with our ELEVENSIX rear shock, our Warranty Reset ensures that after every annual service performed by one of our Factory Authorized Service Centers, you get a full factory warranty reset for another year of use. In addition, all PUSH rear shocks feature a fully transferable warranty.

• MSRP: $865.00 USD, Damper Only
• Manufactured in-house in Colorado
• Assembled in-house in Colorado
• Available in Standard Eyelet and Trunnion Mount
• Metric sizes only
• Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft for Yoke Mount and E-MTB compatibility
• 3 Port Bridged Progressive Damping Piston
• Independent Hydraulic Bottom Out Piston
• Standard 15mm (0.594”) eyelets which accept standard 12.7mm (0.5”) DU bushings and 5pc hardware
• Low-Pressure Reservoir System (95psi)
• 25 Clicks of External Low-Speed Compression Adjustment
• 25 Clicks of External High-Speed Compression Adjustment
• 18 Clicks of External Low Speed Rebound Adjustment
• Motorex 3D Response Technology Shock Oil

To learn more, visit Pushindustries.com


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