OneUp Components 100cc EDC Pump With Tools Review



Review by Robert Johnston

One of the OneUp Components products I’ve spotted most on the trails over the years is their EDC Pump. It offers some unique practicality in its ability to store their EDC V2 Multi tool, as well as a selection of other tools in its central cavity. In fact, I’ve called upon this very pump as a trustworthy source of air for my tire countless times when a comparably lackluster pump is failing to cut it. So, long before OneUp sent me their 100cc EDC Pump with EDC V2 Tool and Tire Plug kit, I knew that the pump was a solid performer. Now I’m here to say that as a system it has the potential to save your ride in many ways, and though it’s not perfect it’s pretty damn good.

OneUp Components 100cc EDC Pump With Tools Review


100cc EDC PUMP

The basis of the EDC system here is the OneUp Components 100cc EDC pump. This is a 100cc tire pump, as you might have guessed, but the part that sets it apart from alternative offerings is its hollow core construction. In the middle of the CNC aluminum body is a cavity which is designed to be filled with their EDC Tool system, which cleverly utilizes this space to store some key tools within easy reach to add further day-saving powers to the pump.

The EDC pump tips the scales at 160g without the EDC system, which OneUp claims to be the best volume to weight ratio of any pump on the market, and its 100cc size should offer the pumping power to get larger volume tires up to pressure quicker. If you’d prefer a lighter and smaller solution, OneUp also offers a 70cc version which can still store the EDC Tool but loses further storage functionality. Both of these pumps use the same easy-on head design, which will work on Presta valves automatically and is designed to support the valve stem to prevent damage when pumping. By unscrewing the inflator head out of the main pump body using the 6mm allen key on the EDC tool, a CO2 canister can be used to give a quick and easy blast of air for times of need. Supplied with the EDC Pump is a bottle cage side-mount, letting you run the pump on the side of your bottle on the frame. OneUp also now offers a $19.50 inline pump mount designed for mounting the pump onto a dedicated frame tool mount, which offers a cleaner solution for bikes with real estate to fit its 254mm (10 inch) length. The OneUp Components EDC pump retails for $65/£64.50 as standard.

OneUp Components 100cc EDC Pump With Tools Review


Designed to utilize the space within the EDC Pump to the fullest, the $69.50 OneUp EDC Tool System comprises a plastic slide-in carrier with space to securely hold the OneUp EDC V2 Tool and the combined Tire Lever and Chain Breaker. The combination of these amounts to a 20-function toolset, offering up the popular hex keys from 2mm to 8mm; a T25 torx; a flat head screwdriver; the EDC top cap tool for those who use the steerer-mounted solution; a tire lever; a chain breaker; the major spoke key sizes; a valve core tool; and provisions to carry a spare brake rotor bolt and chain quick link. This tool carrier snaps into place inside the pump body with an O-ring, forming a watertight seal to keep any valuables inside relatively safe.

With the larger 100cc EDC Pump, there’s still space for the large storage capsule to sit neatly inside the guts, whereas the 70cc pump will fit the small capsule. These storage capsules screw into the bottom of the EDC Tool carrier and provide options to configure the space to suit your needs best. In the larger pump, you can opt to rock the large storage capsule on its own and pack the space with small items you deem necessary; add the $25 tire plug and bacon strips and fill the rest of the capsule as you please; add the quick link pliers for an extra $14.50 to pack out the capsule with specific tools or store a 20g CO2. The weights of these options vary, but you can expect the full pump and maxed-out OneUp toolset to tip the scales at around 300g.


As part of my job, I regularly get to test fresh bikes with components that I wouldn’t necessarily choose. This leads to tools being called upon for the typical minor setup tweaks; but also, for unexpected tool usage, from re-tightening loose hardware to puncture repairs. Carrying a hip pack used to be the only real solution, but thanks to a fully equipped OneUp EDC 100cc Pump, I’m now tending to ditch the pack for these initial rides as the OneUp setup has proved to have my back. I opted to run the large pump with the Tire Plug kit and fill the large storage capsule with the bacon strips; zip ties, and some rolled-up gorilla tape. I used the bottle cage side mount throughout testing, which is a reasonable execution but can protrude a little more than you may desire on skinny-tubed bikes. This didn’t cause many issues over the testing period aside from occasionally catching my leg on ultra-dynamic bike movements, but still I’d strongly suggest testing the inline mount on your bike to get the OneUp Pump out of harm’s way. The 100cc pump is not small, but certainly manageable and with plenty of punch for its size to make it acceptable.

As portable pumps go, the OneUp 100cc unit is a solid performer. There are certainly times that I’ve wished for a detachable head to prevent tugging on the valve stem, but because of how the OneUp pump is designed I haven’t encountered any issues with breaking the fragile part, only occasionally pushing the stem hard enough to let a little air past in the connection at the rim. Aside from this, the OneUp pump moves a healthy amount of air to get high volume mountain bike tires up to pressure before the sun sets and is suitably solid and ergonomic to leave little to complain about in the process.

The OneUp pump is good, but magic is found inside. The EDC Tool carrier is very well executed, and its push-fit design has proven to be a very secure solution that hasn’t produced so much as a peep throughout testing, nor popped out on a hard compression as I’d initially expected. Once removed, the initial process to remove the 10-function Multi Tool from the carrier was a little fiddly, but once you work out how best to flex the plastic body to allow the tools to pop in and out, it’s a straightforward and stress-free process.

The Multi Tool is not a large and ultra-ergonomic offering and can sometimes leave you lacking in leverage for the larger hex key bolts, but it does a solid job considering its size. The bits are of a reasonable quality and are so far yet to show any signs of wear or rust. The chain breaker and tire lever do a stellar job, effectively popping the bead on stiff tires and producing a surprisingly ergonomic experience when breaking chains. The tire plug kit proved to be effective and can be accessed in around 10 seconds, though I’d often find the bacon strips would get stuck down in the storage capsule and lead to some panicked fishing to try to get them out and the jabber loaded before the tire completely deflated. A simple solution to this minor issue was to stick a zip tie through the bacon strips packet, offering up a handle to pull them from deep in the guts of the capsule.

OneUp Components 100cc EDC Pump With Tools Review

Through months of punishment, I’ve failed to make the EDC Pump and Tool system give me a hint of rattle and have even managed to keep the rubber hook in one piece on the bottle cage mount through some crashes and countless smashes with my leg. And if you do manage to wear out the system, OneUp has spares for sale to restore them to their original function. It’s safe to say I’m a fan of what OneUp has done with their EDC range and can recommend it as a ride-saving solution.

The Wolf’s Last Word

A very well executed mobile tool setup to cleanly integrate tools into an efficient package, the OneUp EDC 100cc Pump with EDC V2 Tool and Tire Plugs make for a comprehensive on-the-go tool solution that remains quiet until you need to call it into action. The only drawback over lesser integrated solutions is the small size of the OneUp multi tool, which can lack leverage for the bigger bolts on your bike but does a reasonable job at nipping things up enough to get you home safely all the same.

EDC Pump – $65 /£64.50
EDC V2 Tool – $69.50 /£69.50
EDC Plug Kit – $25 /£24.50


We Dig

Cleanly integrated tools
Solid pump performance
Well made and maintenance friendly

We Don’t

Tool can lack leverage


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