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Yannis Pélé On An Epic Journey

CHRONOS –  “Urbex awakens questions and curiosity.
Who has never wondered what was the past of these many abandoned places?
“Chronos” in ancient Greek, is a personification of time.
Through this new video, let yourself be carried away for a space-time journey through those places full of stories & History.
Stagings will allow us to discover certain stories of the sites like if they were frozen in time, despite the eras crossed.
Combining this urban aspect with the beauty of the landscapes is providing an interesting contrast. The human capacity to build such buildings, in such unusual places is crazy… And what about this excess of the constructions size which continue to increase.
Those discoveries opened our eyes even more to the evolution of human over time, the way in which humanity was constructed and the needs of each civilization.
This also leads us to reflect on our relationship with time: everything speeds up, impatience becomes almost innate, we all want to go faster and faster, sometimes too much.
Let your imagination wander and enjoy! »


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