Fox Racing DropFrame Pro Helmet


Words by Drew Rohde | Photos by Max Rhulen


The new Fox Dropframe Pro mountain bike helmet is the latest generation 3/4-enduro-style helmet.  Released for 2024, the latest Fox Dropframe Pro helmet carries over some of the design elements that have made it a favorite for so many, but also brings several key new features that riders have been hoping to see added to this lid. We’ve been riding the new Dropframe Pro since Sea Otter, and have teased it in a few of our YouTube videos this year, always with some comments and questions asking just what model it was. Well, today those eagle-eyed viewers will have their suspicions answered. Let’s dive in.

As with all of our Dissected Features, this is not intended to be a long term review or endorsement of a product but is instead a chance for our viewers and readers to get a deep dive look into some of the newest tech and products in the mountain bike space. We thank Fox Racing for the opportunity to create this feature and getting you some valuable beta on this new three-quarter shell helmet.


Available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large, the new Fox Dropframe Pro has a similar profile and look, however upon closer inspection some big changes can be found. Fox designers molded the helmet around a new head form, making if fit more like the Proframe full face helmet. Further improving the fit and comfort is the addition of a BOA Fit System. The micro-dial allows for fine tuning of the helmet’s fit for a variety of head shapes quickly while also allowing for a looser fit on the climbs and a cinching up before the descent.

Another fit and comfort feature is the three varying thickness pad sets that come with the helmet. Fox ships the helmet with a medium-sized cheek pad and helmet liner pad and ships a thick and thin set in a bag. Riders can adjust the thickness of the pads easily to ensure the helmet offers a secure fit for different shaped faces and heads. The back cradle also has four points of adjustment, so you can move the cradle up and down to find the most comfortable place to cradle your skull.

Fox Racing DropFrame Pro Helmet

Moving beyond fit and comfort, Fox’s new Dropframe Pro helmet now has a three-position adjustable visor. Something many riders were hoping to see. The new visor has very secure clicks into and out of each position. Fox also ships the helmet with their adhesive, visor-mounted action camera mount. We’re big fans of this mount and used it often.

Also improved on the new Dropframe Pro is the ventilation. The intake ports have a new shape, are wider and larger, which means more airflow all around.

Other features found on the Fox Dropframe Pro include a MIPS low-friction liner, a Fidlock magnetic closure system and Ionic+ anti-microbial liner and cheek pads. The pads are easily removable and can be washed if you desire. The helmet meets the NTA-8776 EBike helmet certification, so whether you’re an eMTB shredder, aggressive enduro rider or just want a mountain bike helmet that offers a bit more coverage and protection, the Fox Dropframe Pro is designed to offer peace of mind and protection.

Fox Racing DropFrame Pro Helmet


This is not intended to be our long-term review of the Fox Dropframe Pro, because even though we’ve had the helmet for eight months now, Fox only had size large media samples, and I’m a size medium. This meant I wore the helmet, but never really felt at home since it was a bit too big for me. Our size medium has just arrived in time for this video and feature, and I can safely say I am very happy with the fit and feel of the medium. It’s got a slimmer profile, fits much more securely, and doesn’t wiggle around. I have a 57cm head and wear a medium in Fox’s Speedframe and Proframe helmets, so I’m glad to see this helmet fits inline with other Fox MTB helmets.

What I can say so far however, is that the helmet breathes relatively well for a fuller coverage mountain bike helmet. I like that it keeps my ears warm in the colder months and while I wore it during the hot summer months, it wasn’t too hot. Granted, riders who are looking at a helmet like this already know they’re going to be making a sacrifice in heat and ventilation for the tradeoff of more protection and coverage.

Whether you like to wear goggles or glasses, the Fox Dropframe Pro seems to be a notable improvement over the outgoing generation, and we’ll be putting miles in the new medium-sized test lid for a long term review.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Do you think this niche of helmet is in a grey zone or do you like the idea of more protection without going to a pedal-friendly full face like the Proframe?

Fox Racing DropFrame Pro Helmet