EVS Tug Long Sleeve Winter Baselayer Review


Words & Photos by Sourpatch

There is nothing more important than a quality baselayer when the temperatures start to dip. Over the years, we’ve tested an array of baselayers ranging from light, sleeveless shirts, to heavier, thermal long-sleeves. Earlier this year, we received a pair of Tug Long Sleeve Winter baselayers from EVS and have been wearing them frequently now that the temps have cooled off.


• Dual-Layer Fabric
• 4-Way Stretch
• Moisture Wicking Materials
• Anti-Chafe Layer
• Race Collar Compatible


  • Brushed interior is ultra comfortable

  • Warm

  • Minimalistic Styling

  • Price


  • Neck label can be annoying


EVS offers the Tug Long Sleeve baselayer in two styles: one that will work for most of the year, and the winter version which we are reviewing here. Both styles utilize the same features, with the exception of the dual-layer fabric used on the winter version to add extra warmth. The EVS Tug L/S Winter baselayer uses a brushed interior for added warmth. Other highlights include fabric that offers four-way stretch for improved comfort, and moisture wicking characteristics to pull or sweat off the skin while riding. EVS also included elastic shoulder loops to attach any of EVS’s race collars too. An added benefit of baselayers, is that they also act as an anti-chafe layer, making wearing chest protectors and the like more comfortable. The EVS Tug Long Sleeve baselayers are available in sizes small to XXL, with MSRPs of $52.99 (standard) and $69.99 (winter).

EVS Tug Long Sleeve Winter Baselayer Review


Drew and I both received a Tug Long Sleeve Winter baselayer from EVS, and they have been our go-to baselayers for these colder PNW winter temperatures since they landed. The fit of the baselayer can only be described as a second skin. It has a tight, athletic fit, and thanks to the four-way stretch fabric it can mold to a variety of body types. I am 6’2 and 160 pounds wearing a size large, whereas Drew is 5’11 and 180 pounds wearing the same size.

The brushed interior of the shirt makes the Tug L/S one of the most comfortable baselayers in our gear bags. Temperatures in the high-40s, low-50s are where this baselayer excels. It provides enough warmth that we don’t need to pair it with a jacket, allowing us cover it with a jersey and enjoy our ride. In temperatures lower than that we will pair the baselayer with a vest or jacket, depending on if we are moto’ing or mountain biking.

There are not many negatives when it comes to the EVS Tug Long Sleeve Winter baselayer. My only gripe is with the large neck label, which is noticeably annoying when the shirt is first put on, but goes away once riding has commenced. As the only small gripe we have with this baselayer, it’s safe to say we think it’s an excellent performer overall.

EVS Tug Long Sleeve Winter Baselayer Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

When I asked Drew for his “Digs/Don’ts,” his excited reply was “Oh sh*t! I love that thing, there’s nothing I dislike about it.” It doesn’t get more straightforward than that, EVS has done a great job with this.

If you enjoy riding in the winter and want a baselayer that will keep you warm, the EVS Tug Long Sleeve Winter baselayer should be on your short list. It’s comfortable, performs well and does not hinder your range of movement. After a quick browse to see other options on the market, the EVS Tug is competitively priced at $70 and in my opinion, may even be undervalued a bit.

Price: $69.99
Sizes: S – XXL
Website: EVS-sports.com


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