Velocity Hucking Systems

VHS Releases V3.0 Chainstay Tape

The Silent Treatment

Today Velocity Hucking Systems, or VHS, is launching their V3.0 Chainstay Tape. Following feedback and extensive testing, VHS has updated their design for version 3.0 to improve performance; make installation easier, and improve durability once fitted.

The VHS V3.0 Chainstay Tape is designed to be fitted to a bike’s chainstay – either directly on the frame or over the top of an existing chainstay protector – and reduces the effects of chainslap. The silicone protector uses blocks with air bubbles that effectively cushion the chain and reduce the noise and vibrations produced.

To announce the launch of VHS V3.0, VHS owner Ferris Fairbairn opted to make the above video almost entirely using AI, which is certainly unique!

VHS 3.0 Chainstay Tape

VHS V3.0 Product Changes

• Wider Base (to wrap around the entire chain stay )
• Softer Silicone
• Thiner bumps thickness
• Angled bumps
• New adhesive (far more user friendly, experience)
• Kiss cut adhesive (peal sections off one at a time for easier installation)
• Even better box

VHS V3.0 Dimensions

• Length – 350mm
• Width – 140mm
• Height – 10mm

VHS 3.0 Chainstay Tape is available either through your local distributor/bike shop or directly from the VHS website, with international shipping available.

VHS 3.0 Chainstay Tape


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