Trail Tales explores the “Vermont Sugar Trails” on Rise

Rise is the star of the latest Trail Tales that delves into the state of Vermont to learn the history behind its trails.

This episode comes with a free gift, as the purchase of the episode model comes with a free Range Extender.

Vermont offers an unparalleled autumn landscape thanks to the vibrant colors of its tranquil maple forests, just before the arrival of the harsh winter. In addition to its landscapes, the area is famous for the production of syrup extracted from its forests.

Trail Tales delves into this community, discovering how the people who make maple syrup respectfully coexist in Vermont’s imposing landscapes, as well as riders and other groups of nature lovers such as hikers.

It is not only nature that unites them, as they all share paths and trails that they maintain to practice their respective activities. This is a great way to share the natural treasure based on mutual respect and care for the environment.

In “Vermont Sugar Trails”, the protagonists have chosen Rise to ride the imposing trails of the area. The ideal choice for those flow trails like the ones featured in this chapter of Trail Tales, where the help of an MTB engine is perfectly complemented by the sensations of a mechanical MTB.


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