SQ Lab One10 Winter Glove Review



Review by Robert Johnston

Winter riding can make for some difficult decisions when it comes to dressing up, especially with balancing heat and dexterity for your hands. If you’re like me, you may struggle to ride with any degree of aggression if your bar feel is hampered by too thick of a glove. Underdress though, and some frozen cold hands can make for even greater of a problem. Finding a glove that can strike that fine balance and keep you riding happily through the winter is a tough task, but I’m pleased to report that the SQlab ONE10 gloves have been hitting the sweet spot for me.


• Waterproof AX Suede Palm
• Optional Waterproof Rain Cover
• Sizes: XS-XL in Slim Or Wide
• MSRP €69.95


  • Rain Cover Adaptability

  • Impressive Tactility For The Warmth

  • Smart Waterproofing

  • Fit options


  • Touchscreen compatibility

  • There’s Little to Dislike.


Claimed to be gloves “for every weather”, the SQlab ONE10 gloves are designed to offer protection from the elements thanks to some insulation and a waterproof palm and optional rain cover.

SQ Lab One10 Winter Glove Review

The main body of the ONE10 gloves is made from a Polyester and Spandex mix to help keep the heat in without being overly restrictive. The weatherproof party piece comes in the form of the waterproof rain cover, which is stowed in a pouch at the wrist and can be deployed onto the fingers to add extra protection from wind and rain. This rain cover contains the three outer fingers in one mitt and the braking finger in a separate section to allow for easy use of the brakes while minimizing the effort to deploy and stow.

The palm is made from a waterproof AX Suede, which is relatively thin in a bid to offer good bar feel to ensure unhindered control over the bike. This palm material extends over the fingertips, increasing protection and preventing seams from causing discomfort here, and there are grippy touchscreen-compatible sections on the tips of the thumb and forefinger. There’s a long Neoprene cuff extending up the forearm to provide extra protection against the cold, which is given a velcro fastening tab to tailor the fit.

In true SQlab fashion, the ONE10 gloves place a high value on ergonomics thanks to their fit system. Sizes XS-XL are offered in both Slim and Wide fits, to fit hands of all shapes and sizes.  SQlab offers a template to download and print online, or SQlab dealers offer a fit service in store to ensure

SQ Lab One10 Winter Glove Review


This is my first full winter with the SQlab ONE10 gloves. I received them at the tail end of last winter, but thankfully didn’t have to call upon them for more than a few rides, so they’d have to wait until this year to be put to the test. SQlab bills them for a fall to spring glove, but my hands typically run fairly hot, so they were reserved for the Scottish winter for me, once temperatures had dipped below the 6-degree Celsius (43F) mark. Once the conditions allowed for it, I started to run the ONE10 gloves for the majority of my rides, and my hands have been very comfortable as a result in temperatures down to -2C (28F).

SQlab’s fit system let me obtain a glove that felt great from the get-go. The long cuff is comfortable and the Velcro adjuster effective in cinching them down to a comfortable fit. Much to my surprise, the bar feel these gloves offer is close to that of a regular weather glove, though the extra material on the back does make you aware that you’re wearing a winter glove as you can feel the extra bulk – it’s not excessive though. Touchscreen compatibility was a bit hit and miss for me in colder conditions, but typically worked okay after some time riding.

Warmth levels are appreciated without the extra waterproof cover, but a little wind and some moisture is still able to get through. The waterproof cover can be quickly and easily deployed to add useful wind and water protection though, with it easily being pulled over the fingers. It adds a touch of restriction and can reduce your grip and control on the bars, so I found it best saved for the climbs and usually opted to stow it away just prior to the descent. There were times that I’d forget to stow it away, and didn’t find myself unable to descend, but I was more comfortable without it.

So long as I was mindful to use the waterproof cover during the wettest times of the ride, I was able to remain comfortable in that -2C to +6C window (28F to 43F), but occasionally a chill could develop if I let the gloves get a little more saturated down towards freezing point, as they’re not waterproof or totally windproof without the cover. Similarly, things got quite toasty for me above 6C, but other riders may have slightly higher thresholds for comfort.

Through half a winter of regular abuse, they’re holding up great and showing limited signs of wear, so I’m confident that the SQlab ONE10 gloves are in it for the long haul, and I’m going to enjoy the rest of my winter testing safe in the knowledge that I’ve found my new favorite winter gloves. The price may be a little on the high side, but the performance and quality more than justify it in my eyes.

The Wolf’s Last Word

The ability to adapt between a slightly weatherproof and highly weatherproof glove on the fly makes the SQlab ONE10 gloves very adaptable, and they offer some great comfort and quality to make them a pleasure to use. I’ve found my new favorite winter riding gloves, and I’m very happy about it.

Price: €69.95
Website: SQ-lab.com


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