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Inspiration for ‘STYLE V’ came from a culmination of cultures and some left-field interests, most specifically: late 90’s mountain bike magazines like ‘Dirt’ and ‘Grip’. Bob Scerbo BMX flicks. The Ryan Higgin’s series of skateboard videos ‘Sabotage’. 90’s New York hip hop, in-particular underground radio shows like ‘The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show’. Photographers Ricky Powell and Janette Beckman. The strict knee policy of BMX trail riders, and the bizarre nature of cult initiation tapes.

Video: Ryan Middleton In Shredder's STYLE V
We had a lot of fun dusting off the ol’ pan and zoom piece and getting create/weird with TV static:
Filming took place over 6 months (17th of June to 17th of December 2023) using a Panasonic AG-AC30 and a Sony VX2000 (thanks to Steel City Media for the lend!). Jack Clark joined us on a couple of occasions and snapped some photos, as well as putting together this sick cut of some of the action. The bulk of the editing was carried out over the first month of 2024, including the titles and static effects which were created by recording the footage using a VCR, then re-digitising the clips to create the most realistic VHS feel possible.
The STYLE pentalogy is a self-funded, independently produced series of videos created by Ryan Middleton and myself. The rest of the series can be viewed here.
Video: Ryan Middleton In Shredder's STYLE V


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