Chris King DropSet Griplock Headset Release



In the 10 years since being awarded a patent for their GripLock headset technology, Chris King has released headsets for a wide variety of bikes, from road and gravel to XC and trail. Now they are bringing this innovative tech to a new generation of downhill mountain bikes by adding the DropSet 6 to their headset line up. The DropSet 6 is a new fitment of the DropSet family, using IS41/IS41 bearings to fit the straight head tube and steer tube combinations found on many contemporary downhill bikes.

King’s GripLock technology protects a fork’s steerer tube from excessive preload and protects the headset bearings from excessive shock load created when riding. The system uses two isolated wedges to separate headset bearing adjustment from steerer tube location. GripLock solves the problem of loose headsets on long travel mountain bikes and also eliminates the chance of headset inflicted fatigue on the lightweight carbon steerer tubes found on modern road forks.

Chris King DropSet Griplock Headset Release

“GripLock represented a great leap forward for King headsets,” said General Manager Kirby Bedsaul, “because it allowed our bearings, the core technology that put us on the map, to shine brighter. Being able to isolate the bearings from extreme forces traveling through the fork steerer makes for a more secure ride, but it also requires less adjustment of the headset and protects the fork steerer, too.”
​Bedsaul continued, “The DropSet 6, like any of our headsets, can handle higher speeds and bigger hits than the average headset, while maintaining proper bearing preload. This technology is essential for downhillers who demand the best out of their equipment. That kind of confidence-inspiring equipment allows DH teams like the Santa Cruz Syndicate to perform at their very best – which was 16 podiums, including 3 wins, in the 2023 World Cup Season.”

DropSet 6 is available now in the full array of King’s 2024 colors. It will cost $176 with steel bearings, or $296 with an upgrade to ceramic bearings.


  • Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA
  • King Lifetime Warranty
  • Legendary made-in-house bearings
  • Patented GripLock retention design for dependable headset safety and adjustment (US Patent 8662517)
  • 41mm 45×45 upper and lower bearing
  • MSRP: Starting at $176.00

Available through Chris King retailers or at


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