G-Form's new Gravity line of protection equipment




Words by Drew Rohde | Photos by Cole Gregg & Sean Leicht


The new gravity-focused protection products from G-Form, including the Mesa and Terra lines, seem to be a step in the right direction for more aggressive mountain bikers. G-Form Protection, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, has established itself as a leading innovator in protective gear. Initially focused on electronics packaging, the company has since become renowned for its SmartFlex proprietary technology, which enables the creation of protective gear that is well-fitting, flexible, and lightweight.

While G-Form’s origins lie in electronics protection, they have diversified their product line to cater to various activities, from military contracts to baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, and mountain biking to name a few. Their gear is designed to offer high levels of protection without sacrificing comfort or mobility, making it suitable for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts across different disciplines. One notable aspect of G-Form’s endeavors is their line of protective gear for the US military, which highlights the reliability and effectiveness of their products in demanding environments.

Overall, G-Form’s commitment to innovation and high-performance protection has solidified its position as a trusted brand in the realm of protective gear, with a diverse range of offerings tailored to meet the needs of athletes and professionals alike.

The New G-Form Gravity Line Features


RE-ZRO is new to the mountain bike protection line. Offered in partnership with G-Form they claim to offer the world’s first 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable solution. Depending on the product selected, you’ve got CE Level 1 or Level 2 protection while being flexible and highly ventilated. This innovation combines sustainability with effective impact absorption, catering to the needs of environmentally conscious riders seeking reliable protection.


G-Form’s Terra Knee and Elbow pads represent the initial offerings in the   updated line of gravity-oriented mountain bike protection. These pads prioritize sustainability by incorporating the RE-ZRO impact protection technology, which is both recyclable and biodegradable. The choice of the name “Terra,” which means earth or land, emphasizes their commitment to eco-friendliness.

Designed with the aggressive trail rider in mind, the Terra pads boast several features tailored to meet this riding style. The pre-curved RE-ZRO pads provide Level 1 protection, ensuring safety without compromising comfort or mobility. The mesh cut-out at the elbow or back of the leg prevents material from bunching up, while providing ventilation. Additionally, silicon grippers at each opening ensure that the pads stay securely in place.

G-Form Mesa Knee Pad Tech Check


G-Form’s Mesa knee and elbow pads represent the next step in G-Form’s line of gravity-oriented mountain bike protection, offering enhanced Level 2 protection for riders tackling challenging terrain. Like the Terra pads, Mesa prioritizes sustainability by incorporating the recyclable and biodegradable RE-ZRO impact technology. What sets the Mesa pads apart is their advanced 4-layer protection system, designed to maximize safety without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Starting from the outside, these layers consist of:

  1. A flexible hard shell
  2. Tear-resistant Dura-Tx fabric
  3. RE-ZRO pad
  4. Soft inner foam layer

In addition to the 4-layer protection system, the Mesa knee and elbow pads have several other features designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and performance.

  • Adjustable hook and loop straps
  • Locking zipper on knee guard
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Technical mesh back


Completing G-Form’s Gravity MTB line powered by RE-ZRO is the MX Spike Chest and Back Protector Shirt. Offering CE Level 1 protection for the chest and Level 2 for the back, it caters to both moto and mountain bikers. The removable pads allow for customization, handy for those using a backpack or preferring no chest protection. Additional features include a full-length zipper, elastic shoulder straps for neck brace compatibility, and larger straps for a snug fit. The ventilated RE-ZRO pads are flexible, removable, and washable, while a perforated layer enhances comfort and breathability under the guards.


Upon visual inspection, the new G-Form products look like a nice step towards what we believe more aggressive and fashion-minded mountain bikers are looking for. The craftsmanship, stitching and ease of removing the pads from the sleeves for washing are all impressive and lean towards them being durable and consumer-friendly products.

The fit on the pads seems to be accurate compared to other medium and large-sized pads that we’ve tested. We look forward to wearing all of the new pads over the coming months for a long-term review, in which we’ll report back on our findings of comfort, protection and durability.

For more information, visit G-Form.com