Feedback Sports T-Handle Tool Kit Review

Feedback Sports T-Handle Tool Kit REVIEW


Words & Photos by Travis Reill

A quality set of bike-specific tools is a must-have if you plan on doing some at-home mountain bike maintenance. If you hope to turn your garage into a makeshift bike shop, you may want more than just your multi-tool. While the T-Handle Kit from Feedback Sports may be an excellent addition to your garage, it could be even better suited to living in your truck.


• 7-piece, steel tool set
• T-handle hex wrench sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6
• T-25 T-handle torx wrench
• Zippered, TPU-coated case with internal mesh pocket


  • Convenient and well-organized case

  • Extra room in the case for other tools

  • Bicycle specific

  • Compact size


  • No 8mm wrench

  • Needs better labeling


The Feedback Sports T-Handle Tool Kit comes in a compact 8”x6.75”x1.75” carrying case that is TPU-coated, adding extra durability and water resilience. I knocked mine off the hood of my truck without realizing it. It landed in a puddle and sat for a minute or so before I found it. No water penetrated the case or the welded zippers.

Inside the case are individual sleeves for each wrench, organized from largest to smallest. The largest hex wrench, size 6, is just over 5 inches long and nearly 4 inches across at the T-handle. Sizes 5, 4, 3, 2.5, and 2 gradually reduce in size, with the size 2 hex wrench coming in at 4 inches long and 2.5 inches at the “T.”

The T25 torx wrench falls in the middle, with a length of just under 5 inches and a little over 3 inches across the “T.”

The sleeve holding the wrenches can be propped up and velcroed into place, allowing easier access. On the opposite side of the case is an elastic mesh pocket that takes up nearly the entirety of the case’s lid. In fact, the case has quite a bit of room for extra tools you may need.

When zipped up, the case can be carried with a convenient handle on its spine.

Feedback Sports T-Handle Tool Kit


The wrenches in the Feedback Sports Tool Kit are strong, durable, and the perfect length. Flipping the tool around and holding on to the long end provided extra torque on a bolt when needed.

For trickier bolts, the long end of the wrench was the perfect length. I have one particularly difficult-to-reach linkage bolt on a Revel Rail that likes to come loose. The bolt behind the chain ring requires a long enough wrench to reach it. With the size 6 hex, I can reach between two chainring teeth and get plenty of leverage with the T-handle.

At first look, I thought the T-handles would be uncomfortable, imagining that a plastic coating would help. However, I had no problems with the wrenches being uncomfortable in my hands while using them.

Regarding mountain bike wrenches, only two items are lacking from the Feedback Sports T-Handle Kit. The first one is the T10 torx wrench. My main reason for bringing this up is your brakes may have a T10 torx bolt.

The SRAM Code Stealth brakes and TRP have a T10 torx bolt. I found the size 2 hex wrench will work on the SRAM brakes if you’re careful, but not with the TRP bolt (at least, not on the TRP brakes I have in my garage.)

Shimano doesn’t have a dog in this fight, as they use a 2.5 hex wrench. With all that said, having that T10 torx wrench would be nice for help with bleeding or adjusting brakes, but is unneeded for the consumer who runs Shimano brakes. Since the T10 isn’t universal across brakes, I can understand why they left it out.

Feedback Sports T-Handle Tool Kit

An 8mm hex wrench was also left out, which is pretty universal across bikes, as derailleur hangers and pedals take an 8mm. This would be a very welcome addition to the kit, especially since the case has the room to accept it.

One of the notable aspects of the Feedback Sports T-Handle Kit is the extra room in the case for additional tools. The mesh pocket is a great place to hold smaller parts, like rotor bolts or chain links. There is plenty of other space for larger items in there as well. I added an 8mm wrench, chain lube, and multi-tool to mine. Basically, this Feedback kit became the tool kit for my truck.

In my “garage bike shop,” I found the case to be more of a nuisance than a help. I ended up removing the wrenches from the case for easier access. I felt like using the tool kit at home was a waste of a good case.

However, that case sitting on my truck’s hood seemed a much better use for this tool kit. And by filling it with other necessary items, I can have a complete toolset for trailhead repairs stored under the passenger’s seat.

The only other thing I felt was lacking was size labeling—both on the wrenches and the sleeves housing them. To be clear, the wrenches themselves do have labels, but I would have liked darker letters on the wrenches. Silver letters on a chrome wrench are challenging to see. I would have also preferred size labels on the sleeves inside of the case to make keeping them organized that little bit easier.

At $140 RRP, the Feedback Sports T-Handle Tool Set is certainly not cheap, but they feel like they may be the last Allen Keys you ever need to buy, and are a pleasure to use. So for the most discerning of bike home mechanics, they may be a great buy.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Feedback Sports’ T-Handle Kit can be your go-to wrench set for your garage or the tool kit you keep in your vehicle for the trailhead bike shop. Adding a few items, you can tackle almost anything on your bike. For those things the T-Handle Kit can’t do, you should probably go to your local bike shop anyway. 

Price: $140


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