Alpinestars Nevada 2 Winter Kit Review



Words by Cole Gregg  |  Photos by Emma Wooldridge

When the brand name Alpinestars comes up I can’t help but be brought back to those first moto boots I had back in 2008. Fun fact: they are still in my garage! In 2023 I started seeing a lot more MTB Athletes sporting the AStar logo, and coming into 2024 this growth seems to be continuing. Looking across Alpinestars portfolio of gear, they have a subdued yet unique design that really draws my eye. I am not one for boisterous colors or logos. Sure, they have some gear for those that like to be a reflector going down the trail, but their gear typically has muted colors with minimal branding, which is something I really like.

Since I received a variety of gear to get down and dirty with over the winter, this review will focus on the ultra cold weather kit that included the Nevada 2 Thermal Jacket and Nevada 2 Thermal Pant. There will be subsequent reviews dropping for more of their lightweight winter kit.


  • Definitely keeps you warm

  • Plenty of Stretch

  • Subdued Branding


  • On the baggier fit side

  • Lack of DWR coating on the jacket

Alpinestars Nevada 2 Winter Kit Review


Nevada 2 Thermal Jacket | Let’s start out on top with the Nevada 2 Thermal Jacket. This jacket is a 3-layer shell with an inner fleece liner (non-removable), a windproof membrane and an outer soft shell. The outer shell portion is textured to help from ripping if and when you hit the dirt. There are stretch inserts under the arms that allow for maximum mobility behind the bars.

The Nevada 2 Jacket has a hood that is helmet compatible, with a shock cord keeping it snug when the weather takes a turn for the worst. There are two large zippered side pockets and a zipper chest pocket that easily fits an iPhone or snacks. Out back, there is a zipper vent on each side to help expel heat should you get toasty on the climbs. The waist is also adjustable with a shock cord, while the cuffs are Velcro. One nifty thing about this jacket is that the arms are pre-curved, which makes for a very comfortable jacket when charging hard – more on that later. Lastly, the back of the jacket is elongated to keep mud intrusion to a minimum.

Alpinestars Nevada 2 Winter Kit Review

Nevada 2 Thermal Pant | The Nevada 2 Thermal Pant has some of the same great attributes as the jacket, including the windproof membrane. The interior liner differs slightly with a thicker microfleece material. Down at the cuffs of the pants, there is a reinforced poly fabric panel to counteract this high wear zone when contacting the bike. The softshell outer material is treated with a DWR coating to keep light water splashes from getting through.

The Nevada 2 Pant has some nifty tricks up its leg. These pants offer a large zippered air vent on each side, allowing for plenty of ventilation. Down at the cuff there is both a very long zipper to access knee pads, and a snap closure to narrow down the cuffs profile helping keep mud on the outside. Should you be in between sizing like I was, there is a hook and loop waist strap for customized fitting and elastic on the back of the waistband keeping everything snug. The flat snap connections on the inside of the pant allow them to be compatible with Alpinestars inner short offerings.

Alpinestars Nevada 2 Winter Kit Review


First Thoughts | When first unboxing both the Nevada 2 Pant and Jacket, my fingertips were immediately greeted with the sensation of quality fabric. While the exterior shells were not ultra soft, they have that “built tough” feeling. For a material that felt so durable, I was shocked to find out how much stretch the material offered.

The blue color on the jacket is quite nice, with a slightly “earthy” tone to it that’s a little darker and less saturated than it shows in photos. Having ample pockets is something I find a lot of value in, even when most essentials live in my pack. The looks on this gear knocks it out of the park, minus a slightly baggy emphasis to the pants. Finally, I have something other than black to wear! I really like the subdued branding Alpinestars went with on this gear.

Fit | When it comes to sizing I would say that these two pieces run on the larger side. Not so much that they feel like the designers messed up, but just rather a bigger fit. In this case I feel that to be acceptable, as depending on the weather you may choose to layer up. I sure did when the temps were down in the teens.

Having wide shoulders and a narrow waste, finding gear that fits me perfectly is nearly impossible. The Nevada 2 Jacket really hit a sweet spot for me though. There was enough room to throw a fleece on underneath without it bunching up in the arms, but it was not so big that I felt like I was swimming in it. I think overall it does represent a size large well.

The Nevada 2 pants fit like a big medium. The adjustable waist worked well and never came undone. I think with these I could have sized down to a small, but personally I like to err on the side of too big and rely on the adjustments to snug up the fit. Just like the jacket, the pants have a baggier fit, but never interfered when riding.

Alpinestars Nevada 2 Winter Kit Review

Riding | For sure the most important aspect of gear is how it performs on the trail, especially when it comes to cold weather kits. The stretch of both the pants and jacket made for an extremely pleasant experience.

I rode this kit down to about 16 degrees F with comfort. I ran their Nevada Long Sleeve jersey as a base layer at this temp – more on that jersey in my next article. While it was cold coming straight from a warm house, I was toasty once I got to the trailhead and started moving upward. On my second lap, I was able to open the vents on the jacket while the vents on the pants stayed closed. Even at that 16 degree temp the pants alone were plenty warm. I was tempted to run a base layer, but was glad I decided not to as I 100% would have overheated.

I am thankful to have kept it rubber side down the entire winter, so I did not test how durable the softshell fabric was. I have full faith in this stuff when it comes to standing up to the test of time though, as it feels solid. You would expect so for gear in this price bracket.

One thing I think the jacket could for sure benefit from is a few rounds of DWR coating. If you get caught in the rain it soaks up quickly. While this is not an issue for the right conditions, being this is my subzero jacket, it is worth mentioning. I was caught in some snow and did not have the same issue with the jacket getting saturated.

When it comes to the pants, having zippered access to adjust your knee pads is awesome. My chicken legs require tending to knee pads mid ride, and my partner Emma hates when I drop trousers trailside! Having the vents means you can comfortably ride these pants even as the temps climb, which is a bonus. With the baggier fit I am happy to report there were no snags or impedance when riding.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Being this late in the season you may be able to scoop up a solid discount on Alpinestars Nevada 2 series. Even at full MSRP I think this kit holds it’s value well for those of us that are lucky enough to ride through the winter. Look at this as a multi-season purchase: while it might not always be the weather for this stuff, you sure are going to be glad you have it when the time comes.

Nevada 2 Pant – $174.99
Nevada 2 Jacket – $199.95



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