Monserat MTB Tech Hoodie Review



Words by Robert Johnston  |  Photos by Adam Lievesley 

Monserat is a German mountain bike apparel company who are focused on providing casual looking but functional items with a key focus on producing sustainably and minimizing their impact on the earth. They kindly sent out a sample of their range, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying putting to the test this late Winter into early Spring. We’ll kick off with their Windproof MTB Tech Hoodie, which is one of my favorite apparel items I’ve tested in the last year.


• Made In Europe
• 84% Recycled Fabric
• Wind Resistant Option Available
• Casual Look Tech Hoodie


  • Casual Looks

  • Very Comfortable

  • Great Cut

  • Effective Temperature Management


  • Fabric Creases Easy

Monserat MTB Tech Hoodie Review


The Monserat MTB Tech Hoodie takes their signature casual looks and packs it into a very comfortable item for cooler days. Made in Poland, Europe, out of 84% recycled plastic, the MTB Tech Hoodie is available either with or without a windproof panel in the chest made from 90% recycled plastic. The outer fabric is a smooth and soft synthetic material, with the inside featuring a lightly brushed fleece lining for warmth and comfort without sacrificing breathability.

There’s a hood designed to fit over a trail helmet, with an adjustable elastic toggle to cinch it down and keep it in place. On the front is an unzipped Kangaroo pouch pocket, letting you store items or keep your hands warm when you’re not on the bike.

The Monserat MTB Tech Hoodie is available in a choice of six colorways in unisex sizes S-XXL. The standard version retails for €99.95 and the Windproof version is €114.95, directly from the Monserat webstore.

Monserat MTB Tech Hoodie Review


I often flip between wanting to look casual and dare I say it, “cool”, and wanting to be a suitably equipped mountain biker. Finding items that truly blend the two can be tricky, but in the case of this Monserat Hoodie, it really hits that tech-casual spot well. It’s super comfortable thanks to the brushed inner lining and its generous stretch, with the XL I opted to go for giving me the desired slightly baggy fit that allows for easy layering below.

Monserat’s MTB Tech Hoodie came at a good time for me, where Scotland’s weather had taken a cold but relatively dry turn that left me comfortable leaving the house without a waterproof – a rare occasion during winter. I run hot and seem to sweat regardless of external factors, which leaves me very susceptible to getting a chill on when temperatures drop towards – or below – freezing. The MTB Tech Hoodie with Windproof front panel let me push hard on the climbs in these lower temperatures, safe in the knowledge that I’d be able to maintain my body temperature when I dropped into the descents.

The over-helmet hood is just about big enough to work thanks to its stretch, with the toggle doing a solid job of keeping it in place. The kangaroo pouch pocket on the front is a good size to store a set of gloves or to keep your hands warm in between laps, but I’d love to see some form of a zippered pocket to stow a lift pass or keep your items more secure. That said, due to the slightly baggy fit and the stretchy material, I suppose any bulky items would end up creating some sag.

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The Monserat MTB Tech Hoodie has had a tough few months of testing in the Scottish Winter. There hasn’t been a ride without some serious mud landing on it; I’ve had more than my fair share of brushes off trees and foliage, and there’s been a hip pack catching mud and rubbing against the rear of it throughout testing. Much to my relief – since I find myself wearing this hoodie off the bike as much as on it – it’s holding up pretty damn well. There is a little patch of material that didn’t particularly like the coarse bushes on the edge of one of the trails I rode, with a slight bobbling of the material as a consequence. But otherwise, there’s little to indicate it’s seen countless mountain bike rides in an abusive environment. Monserat says you should only ever wash it at a cool 30DegC for environmental and longevity reasons. This proved to be sufficient to clean it up well enough every time, with no lasting smells developing.

On the few instances I was caught in a rain shower without a waterproof to throw over the top, the MTB Tech Hoodie did quickly begin to soak up a bit of moisture, but it never bagged out, got overly heavy, or began to lose its windproofing. It dries fairly quickly too, thanks to its synthetic fabrics. The only point of note is that it can crease very easily, and you won’t be wanting to iron it on anything other than cool, so it pays to take care when washing to ensure it’s not left bunched up wet for any period of time.

The Wolf’s Last Word

I really like the Monserat MTB Tech Hoodie. It’s comfortable and stylish but doesn’t sacrifice performance as a result. The Windproof model tested kept me comfortable on countless rides in less-than-ideal winter weather conditions. Add to this that it’s manufactured from mostly recycled materials and produced in Europe, cutting down on transport and ensuring fair working conditions, and it’s an item I can safely recommend.

Price: €114.95


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