Recapping Costa Rica 2024




Words by Drew Rohde |  Photos by Cole Gregg

When it comes to mountain bike trips, there’s a few ways to go and as someone who’s been traveling to ride and race mountain bikes for the better part of 25 years, I’ve done just about every type of MTB trip you could think of. For some, dirtbagging is the way to go. For others, arriving at a resort and spending a week riding the same mountain is a dream. When it comes to World Tread Adventures mountain bike trips, their goal is to give their customers an all-inclusive experience where no thinking, researching or surprises will arise and detract from your days away from home. They figure, you spend enough time on the computer or in front of a screen at work, so the last thing you want to do is to feel like they need to research activities, restaurants, or find the best trails to ride in their limited vacation time. “We do all the work, planning and logistics for you, so all you have to do is wake up, eat, ride, enjoy some time by the pool, and repeat.” I recently got back from 7 memorable days in Costa Rica, and while arguments could be made that I could have saved a couple hundred bucks by doing it on my own, I am confident that the positives outweighed the savings. The relationships and memories made with new friends combined with the lack of stress I had all week (as my only requirement was to show up to the table or van at a certain time) was well worth the price of admission.

Our crew arrived on the same day with flights just a couple of hours apart, so the first few guys hung at the airport eating some fresh fruit and telling stories as we waited for the final few guys to arrive from Los Angeles. Once we all shook hands and loaded up, it was time for a roughly 1.5-hour drive to Buen Camino, our home for the next seven days.

As soon as we stepped out of the van, we saw the waters of the crystal blue pool and the main building of the resort with an incredible view of the pool and mountains beyond. On the wrap-around deck was an enticing lineup of freshly cut fruit, a variety of beverages and some more smiling faces. As we snacked and hydrated by the pool, the World Adventure crew was busy at work taking our bags to our respective cabins and unloading our bikes bags to begin the bike-build process.

Those who were motivated built their bikes between sips of fresh fruit smoothies and changed up for first runs on Buen Camino’s on-site trails. Others who wanted a more mellow afternoon simply switched into their bathing suits and relaxed in the pool. It was the perfect start to a week of living the Pura Vida.

Recapped: Costa Rica 2024

For the remainder of the trip, our crew – from all walks of life and of a wide variety of skillsets – grew closer together as friends and riders. It was really awesome to be a part of a group of people who went from not knowing each other at all, to hugging and consoling one of our new friends who’s dog unexpectedly passed away while on the trip. As sad as it was, it was an awesome moment to see how the bond of riding together with fellow mountain bikers can create lasting bonds and lifelong friendships, memories and connections that are worth more than just slaying the best singletrack in the world.

2024 Costa Rica Trip Recap

As someone who has been fortunate enough to travel to some of the best riding destinations around, I’ve learned that at a certain point, riding the best trails isn’t always the most rewarding part if you’re not with good people to share those high fives and excitement with. Trips like this are a prime example of how pretty good trails with good people can mean an absolutely spectacular time, and that is likely my biggest sales pitch for why a group trip is worth considering.

Of course, as with anything, some folks may not want to spend their limited days off waiting on a group, not being in control of the pace or how and when it’s time to go places. For those people, I’d agree that maybe group travel isn’t what you’re looking for, as it would be a bummer to show up and realize you’re not just on your own personal trip, but instead on a group trip with group’s needs in mind. If you’re cool with that however, I’d say the learning experiences, the sharing of trails, meals, stories, time on the road and emotions as you all pump each other up to hit a new feature or jump outside your comfort zone is part of what makes mountain biking with other mountain bikers so damn awesome!

We had such a great time that we’re already planning our next trip for February 21-28th 2025, and actually had quite a few spots sell out before we even left Costa Rica. So, if you’d like to join that trip, or schedule your own at a more convenient time, hit up the folks at World Tread Adventures and let ‘em know Loam Wolf sent you, or you’d like to join the Loam Wolf trip ASAP.

World Tread has also just announced that for a limited time they’ll also be doing a $500 down and equalized payment program for those who want to save a spot but not stress about having to make a single payment.

To learn more or reserve a spot on a Loam Wolf, or other MTB trip to Costa Rica, email

Or head to World Tread Adventure’s website and learn more about their other trip offerings. 


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