iXS Trigger X Helmet in Action


Words by Robert Johnston
Photos by Roo Fowler For Mountain Bike Connection Winter 2024

The ¾ or Full Cut mountain bike helmet market continues to gain popularity, with more brands entering the space and the offerings getting increasingly refined. Today, IXS enters the space with their new Trigger X helmet. Packing increased coverage and safety features whilst satisfying IXS’s desire for style, I was excited to see how their new offering would perform.


• Over-Ear Protective “SLAPGUARDS”
• Adjustable Visor
• ErgoFit Ultra Fit System
• Fidlock Magnetic Buckle


  • Great Fit

  • Sleek Looks

  • Can Still Hear


  • SLAPGUARDS Can Creak


The Trigger X is targeted at style-conscious Enduro and Dirt Jump mountain bikers who don’t want to skimp on protection. It’s no secret that the ¾ style helmets began life as a fashion statement, but these days the increased protection offered by their more comprehensive head coverage and the slight increase in fit stability are welcomed by many.

iXS Trigger X Helmet Review

The shell of the Trigger X is manufactured in a double-inmold style, with the “SLAPGUARDS” ear-protectors being attached to the main shell in a way that allows them to flex slightly outwards to accommodate different head shapes and facilitate easier fitment and removal. These around-ear protectors are open in the center, ensuring hearing is not impeded, and two different pad thicknesses are included to allow for the fit to be tailored further. Ventilation channels are built into the shell, with 17 ports in total.

Inside the shell is the now common Mips system to improve safety. IXS’s ErgoFit Ultra fit system allows for tuning of the fit, with a height-adjustable cradle and fit adjustment built into both the temple area and the dial at the rear. An adjustable visor is designed to accommodate goggles below for the climbs, and a rubber pad on the rear is included to help to keep goggle straps secure. Rounding out the features is a Fidlock magnetic buckle for easy fastening and release.

The iXS Trigger X is being offered in three colors (White, Racing Red or Black) in sizes S-L, fitting 53cm-62cm heads. A size Medium tips the scales at a respectable 575g. Regardless of the option selected, the retail price is €239 (appx $260).

iXS Trigger X Helmet Review


IXS was previewing their Trigger X helmet at the Mountain Bike Connection Winter 2024 event. This let me get the lowdown on its features and try on a couple of different sizes to ensure I got the perfect fit. That said, this wasn’t completely necessary, since the size Medium that I would have expected to need turned out to be a good fit. An incredibly good fit, at that. The thinner pads inside the SLAPGUARDS left my head in a very comfortable place, with zero hint of pressure hot spots. Because there are two different adjustment points of the circumference, you can achieve a slightly different overall shape of the retention system to tailor it to a more round or oval head. It’s not a huge difference, but will help many to get a slightly more comfortable fit. Overall, the Trigger X helmet is a stand out in terms of fit for my head, but as always we’d recommend trying it on before you buy if possible.

So far I’ve managed to log around five rides in the Trigger X, in temperatures ranging from 3℃ (37℉) to 10℃ (50℉). My first impressions indicate it moves air through reasonably well. It certainly avoids being quite as stuffy inside as some of the bulkier helmets in this category. I’ll come back to update this review in the summer once I’ve logged some time in the heat and can get a proper assessment of the ventilation on offer, as well as the padding’s resistance to building up a stench.

IXS’s decision to leave the area around the ears open is very much appreciated. It allows for some slightly improved airflow, but most importantly lets you retain most of your hearing. This helped me to feel confident when pushing hard, retaining sound as a sense to help gauge speed. These SLAPGUARDS creaked for me initially, but after a few rides the noise disappeared much to my relief.

I’ve tried the Trigger X with goggles and glasses, and both worked well with no issues with fouling. Goggles stow under the peak very easily and proved to stay put well. Glasses aren’t quite so stow-friendly, but would stay put locked into the peak for less chaotic climbs.

The Mips system in this helmet is built into the padding as opposed to being a separate layer, so avoids excess bulk or any creaking. It doesn’t feel to slip quite as easily as older systems, so the helmet feels more solid on the head. I’m sure that’s achieved without reducing the effectiveness of the system, as I know Mips does their fair share of research and testing. Thankfully I’ve avoided putting my head to the ground to find out, so for now all I can do is speculate that the secure fit and low profile of this (in my opinion) excellent looking full cut mountain bike helmet are going to contribute to good safety standards should you put them to the test.

The Wolf’s Last Word

I really like the IXS Trigger X helmet. The fit is great for my head, it’s comfortable and I’m a big fan of its sleek looks. It’s certainly a helmet worth considering if you’re shopping in this category, or simply looking for your next open face mountain bike helmet.

Price: €239
Website: ixs.com


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