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First Impressions & Photos by Cole Gregg

The new SDG Tellis V2 is coming to market boasting the widest range of travel on the market. Not only that, but it is designed to be incredibly robust, and costs just $199!

SDG has been a small but dedicated team since 1993. You may know them from their comfortable saddles, I-Beam technology and some of the most affordable yet durable dropper posts on the market.

The Tellis V1 started development in 2016 with a 2018 launch date. Their goal at the time was to have a simple ultra reliable post that could live on your bike for seasons to come. Since 2018, the market has evolved and brought in new standard requirements when it comes to technical and functional features. Like the riders using the products, the brands themselves are always demanding more, and for 2024 the new Tellis V2 seeks to bring riders an even better dropper post at a very reasonable price tag.

Editor’s Note: Tech Check Features are made with the help of partnering brands to share the latest news and technology about products. These are not our official reviews as we don’t have enough time in the products to have thoroughly vetted them for recommendation. We look forward to putting a lot more miles in these products and will be reporting back with our honest and objective input in the near future.

SDG Tellis V2 Base


Structural Upgrades | For the Tellis V2, SDG bumped the stanchion up to 26mm to boost stiffness and allow for larger internals. It continues to utilize self-lubricating IGUS bushings and a Trelleborg main seal. An upgrade for durability sake is the mixed Polycarbonate and copper keyways, improving both overall strength and reducing the dreaded dropper wobble.

The V2 has received a reduction in stack height by 10mm, and a further 5mm on the actuator. While 15mm may not seem like much, it can really open new options for riders with specific frame clearance requirements. That means longer droppers for everyone!

SDG Tellis V2 Wintek Cartridge

The Wintek Cartridge | SDG has fitted Wintek’s cartridge to ensure reliability. With over 300 thousand units produced and only a 0.2% fail rate, you can ride confidently knowing you won’t get stuck monkey pedaling up a climb. Wintek holds each cartridge for 30 days after production to ensure everything is sealed up before sending it out for assembly at SDG. They are also offering a limited lifetime warranty on the cartridge should you be one of the few .2% affected by failure.

SDG Tellis V2 Seat Clamp

New Saddle Clamp | As someone that hates faffing with my saddle position, the new side-access bolts are a real treat. No more 1/8th turns to find the right angle! I have to commend the engineers for that one, it’s truly awesome.

Travel Reduction Options | Not all legs are the same, so having travel reduction shim options in 5mm, 10mm and 20mm lengths allows you to find your perfect fit without sacrifice.

User-Friendly Servicing | The SDG Tellis V2 has been designed in a way that allows you to fully service the dropper at home with no special tools required. SDG will have videos detailing each step on their YouTube channel, making it easy for all.

SDG Tellis V2 Dropper Post Tech Check

Low Temperature Performance | When was the last time you rode in sub-zero temperatures? I sure as heck have not, but if you’re a Winter Warrior then fear not as the V2 Tellis has been tested down to -5º F!

More Travel Options | The SDG Tellis V2 dropper has the widest range of travel options on the market thanks to the reduction shims. For all the youngsters out there you can opt for the 75mm post, and insert the 20mm reducer to achieve a mere 55mm of drop. On the daddy long leg side of the spectrum, the post is optioned with up to 230mm of drop.

Additionally, there are 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 170mm and 200mm options. All travel options come in 30.9mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm diameters. For a 200mm dropper length, you are looking at a weight of 641G for the 31.6 model.


We only received the new SDG Tellis V2 dropper in time to get it fitted up and log a quick initial ride during the filming of our Tech Check video feature, but it’s been enough time to develop some first impressions on SDG’s new seatpost.

Out of the box, the SDG Tellis V2 is not the most “snappy” feeling dropper, nor does it have the lowest force to drop. We’re expecting this to improve considerably as we log more miles on this new post, and attribute the slightly sticky feeling to its good weather sealing that’s bound to yield improvements to the durability. Lever force is low to actuate the mechanism though, one of our favorite traits that’s been retained from the Tellis V1.

Return speed on this new dropper post is by no means the fastest on the market out-the-box, but again we expect this to improve as the seals break in and everything frees up a little. One thing that is notable is how little play this has side-to-side, feeling extra solid and giving no hint of rattle.

Overall the SDG Tellis V2 aims to keep providing the durability that it’s renowned for, with key innovations added that make the most of a product we all are thankful to have. Tack on the industry leading Wintek cartridge, side-access bolts and travel reduction shims, and there is little left to be desired. For me and my long legs the biggest win is the increase to 230mm of drop, letting me get that saddle fully out the way on the steeps. We look forward to logging many laps on this new dropper post to see how the durability claims fare and how its performance stacks up once bedded in.

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