A little over a year ago, we traveled to Lindon, Utah, to visit Fezzari Bicycle company and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. In the time since then, the brand has undergone a pretty major change on the surface: the brand formerly known as Fezzari is now simply, Ari. As a brand/business owner, it can’t be an easy decision to change a logo that has gotten your brand to where it is, let alone change an entire brand name and all the things that go with it.

We wanted to head back to Utah and visit the crew at Ari Bicycles to see if anything besides the name and logo had changed. We were pleased to see many familiar faces and the same family-focused energy was there, to offer consumers the best service possible while also delivering products that will put smiles on faces.

Come along as we head Behind the Brand with Ari Bicycles, and see what this change was about. And of course, what it means for brands; customers new and old, and how the decision has affected everyone from employees to the founder and CEO himself.

Behind the Brand: Ari Bicycles Revisited
Behind the Brand: Ari Bicycles Revisited

Ari Bicycles offer a growing line of bicycles from road and gravel to mountain bike and eBikes as well. We’ve reviewed several of their off-road bikes in the past, including the award-winning Timp Peak, the Wire Peak and the La Sal Peak bikes.

To check out more of their lineup, head to and check out their impressively priced models and customization capabilities.


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