Dust Moto signs Carson Storch to the Team

Dust Moto Welcomes Carson Storch to the Team

Dust Moto, a new American moto brand, proudly announces a partnership with Carson Storch, a renowned Red Bull mountain bike freeride athlete. Carson spent his early years riding BMX bikes, racing motocross and snowboarding in the winter. This collaboration underscores Dust Moto’s commitment to opening dirt biking up to athletes of adjacent sports.

Carson, a native of Bend, Oregon, is celebrated for his dynamic approach to mountain biking and represents a significant segment of potential new riders—crossover athletes. His involvement with Dust Moto aims to showcase the Model_1 as a gateway to dirt biking, appealing to athletes from various disciplines looking for new challenges and excitement. Enhancing Accessibility in Motor Sports.

Dust Moto signs Carson Storch to the Team

Colin Godby, CEO of Dust Moto, explains, “Our partnership with Carson is pivotal as we work to attract more people to the sport. As mountain bikers ourselves, we’ve designed the Model_1 to bring the radness of moto to more people than ever before—whether through its quiet operation opening more riding opportunities, its low maintenance, or its reduced learning curve.”

Carson Storch added, “Very stoked to partner with Dust Moto, and demonstrate the versatility of the Model_1. This bike really opens up opportunities for backyard track ripping, and is a great bridge between Freeride mountain biking and Moto. I instantly felt so comfortable on the bike. Excited to help Dust grow as a brand and expand the horizons of dirt biking.”

Dust Moto Model 1

The Model_1: A Bike for Every Rider
Dust Moto’s Model_1 is crafted to be the ultimate play bike, perfect for sessions in the backyard or ripping single track and vet tracks. It is especially suited for riders looking to dive into dirt biking without the usual complexities associated with traditional motorcycles. Features like a swappable battery, impressive torque, and simplified maintenance make it an ideal choice for newcomers and seasoned riders alike.

About Dust Moto
Dust Moto is on a mission to become the leading American Moto Brand, bringing its unique brand of accessible performance to riders of all backgrounds. With the Model_1, Dust Moto is offering its unique version of the future of the sport. 

Discover more about Dust Moto’s vision and the revolutionary Model_1 at dustmoto.com and follow our journey at blog.dustmoto.com.


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