Introducing RNDM

New Eyewear Company Hits The Market

I have always dreamed of starting my own company within the mountain biking industry. A few years back, I began exploring the possibility of creating something, but I had no clear direction on what exactly to do. I had a file on my computer titled “Random Company,” full of designs for various mountain biking  gear and apparel. Over the years, it became increasingly clear that I was interested in the goggle and eyewear space. This “Random Company” document evolved into a goggle design sketchbook.

My fascination with goggles and eyewear stemmed partly from not having an eyewear sponsor for the last few years. This gave me the opportunity to try out nearly every goggle and set of riding glasses on the market. I knew I could make a significant contribution here, as I knew precisely what I was looking for in goggles and riding glasses, especially as someone who loves riding all disciplines—from downhill and BMX biking to anything in between. The idea of being able to offer a high-performing, yet stylish product while supporting fellow athletes truly inspired me to dive in.

This is my way of giving back to the mountain biking industry by creating a platform to support some incredible riders (and hopefully more to come soon!), and to invest in unique video projects that push the boundaries of mountain biking.

It’s been a crazy learning experience starting a goggle and eyewear business, and I am so stoked to finally share the RNDM brand with you all!

Learn more about RNDM and follow them at the below links:


RNDM Brand Hits The Market


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