Fizik Terra Aidon X5 eMTB Saddle Review


Words by Robert Johnston  |  Photos by Sam Howard

With the insurgence of Electric Mountain Bikes have slowly come an increasing number of components and products designed specifically to cater to their different demands. As machines that are used to climb a lot – often on steep and technical terrain – eBikes place larger demands on their saddles. The focus is not only on comfort and efficiency, but provisions need to be made to enable the rider to control the bike with the saddle too. Fizik’s Terra Aidon X5 aims to offer the perfect balance of comfort and control for eMTB, and the result is undoubtedly one of my favorite saddles on the market, but it isn’t perfect.


• eMTB-Optimized Design
• 145mm or 160mm Width
• S-Alloy Rail
Price: $109.99 (X1) – $189.99 (X1)


  • Comfortable

  • Supportive

  • Aids Control


  • Handle Could Be Better

  • Quite High Price To Entry

About The Fizik Terra Aidon X5 Saddle

Fizik designed the Terra Aidon saddle lineup to offer the best performance for E-Mountain Biking. With a short 255mm length and shapely design, the Terra Aidon is designed to allow the rider to influence the handling of the bike more easily. There’s a smooth increase in width from the nose to the wings at the rear of the saddle, helping to facilitate controlled movement fore and aft on the saddle. The rearward portion of the saddle has a pronounced kick, offering improved support for a more relaxed seating experience on steep climbs. The edges of the Fizik Terra Aidon are rounded for comfort and to minimize snagging.

Fizik Terra Aidon X5 eMTB Saddle Review

To cushion against the higher forces often found on an eMTB, a Type-2 proprietary foam is used with increased thickness around the “sit bones”. The center is given an ergonomic cut-out to offer pressure relief for more sensitive areas. The base is made from a tuned “ridecompliant” fiber reinforced nylon shell, with flex points designed into the wings to aid comfort and reduce vibrations. This is affixed to the seatpost with the closed-loop Mobius rail system, said to improve stiffness and responsiveness.

Fizik offers the Terra Aidon in a choice of three levels: X1, X3 and X5 (tested). These share the same general construction, but differ in the rail material and therefore the weight. The $189.99 X1 uses Carbon rails and tips the scales at 205g. The X3 features Kium rails and comes in at $159.99 with a weight of 249g. Finally, the X5 we tested retails for $109.99 and weighs 265g due to its S-Alloy rail. Fizik offers all of these in a choice of 145mm or 160mm widths, to suit the anatomy of a wide range of riders.

Fizik Terra Aidon X5 eMTB Saddle Review


Saddles are extremely personal, so what works for me may not work for you. I’d highly recommend finding a way to sit on a saddle before purchasing to ensure it fits your anatomy well – many good bike shops will be able to help with this. Alternatively, try to convince your buddy to buy one first so they can make the mistake instead of you.

For my butt, the Fizik Terra Aidon X5 in 145mm width ranks fairly well in terms of comfort from the shape. Add the cushy and thicker than average padding to this, and it’s a comfortable place to sit. This padding and the slight flex built into the base make a notable difference to the forces transmitted through the saddle, improving the ability to remain seated through rough stuff. For an eBike this is an important trait to have, helping you keep the bike stable when climbing through the chunk.

The shape of the Terra Aidon also aids when climbing steep terrain, and reduces the amount of core strength you need to use to stay on the saddle. The cover material is very smooth, which is beneficial when trying to move around the saddle in the dry. However, when things turn very muddy it can become extremely slippery. This is where the shape comes in handy again, helping to prevent you sliding off the back.

Fizik Terra Aidon X5 eMTB Saddle Review

On the descents, the shape of this Fizik saddle allows for easy movement around the bike. Padding around the edges reduces the likelihood of getting hurt on the more extreme movements, appreciated both up and down. Its short overall length also gives less to hang up on, especially beneficial in steeper descents when you’re hanging off the back of the bike.

My only two minor complaints with the Terra Aidon X5 saddle are the ergonomics of its handle, and the fairly high price to entry. Having a handle on the rear of the saddle is much appreciated for the more technical push sections that often come from a failed climb on an eBike, but it’s not the easiest nor comfiest to use. As for the price…you get what you pay for, but I’d love to see a sub-$100 option to allow eBikers on a budget to obtain the same levels of purpose-made comfort.

The Wolf’s Last Word

With smart design features throughout and a high level of comfort as a result, the Fizik Terra Aidon X5 saddle is a solid choice, at least for my derrière. There’s little for me to complain about, so if it works for your anatomy then it’s likely to be a killer option for eMTB.

Price: $109.99


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